Play UK now taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Bold 9900

Play UK
By Bla1ze on 5 Jul 2011 09:22 pm EDT

As the wait continues for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, it seems UK retailers are pretty much set to roll this thing out even before RIM is. We've seen Vodafone UK give us a walk-through, Amazon UK list a white BlackBerry Bold 9900 and now Play has the device listed for £519.99 sim-free (no contract) on pre-order. The date listed for release is August 12, but Play has been known to change launch dates on the fly -- sometimes, without letting those who have pre-ordered know. So, it's a wait and see scenario if you're planning on placing a pre-order. Thanks, Dave!

Check out the pre-order listing on Play

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Play UK now taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Bold 9900


But I don't blame them for taking advantage of all the hype for this phone. Good timing to start the preorders since no other carrier/ retailer has started doing the same. Smart but it all comes down to how much the customer would pay for this phone or wait a bit more till other vendors start selling it at a cheaper price.

despite rim being a canadian company... basically everyone is just waiting on US carriers to approve.. (not to ruin carrier relations).... as you can see from bell./telus/uk telcom company leaks.. its obvious they are not the problem, they are more than eager to get them out the door... just waiting for that damn at&t....

I went to level 3 inception and I planted an idea in my subconscious that I already have the Bold Touch. I also told Kevin Google was gonna buy BlackBerry. 50% ain't bad.

I guess you've never seen RIM's past release history -- most devices in the past 3 years have launched first in Canada. This goes back to the Bold 9000.

The firsts .. outweigh the simultaneous. Bold 9000, Pearl 9100, Curve 3G. 9700 was close enough to be simultaneous, 8520 was on T-Mo first and Torch 9800 was AT&T, and 9650 nobody cared about anyway.

What indication do you have it won't launch in Canada first? lol. Just because an ad for the UK exists means nothing really.

It's definately better than the usual 3 or so month delay we have before new phones are released in the UK after elsewhere, e.g. 9700

Do you think that they will have enough made to feed the Canadian Market?

How long does it take them to make 20 million of these babies?

i might as well ask this question while im here, i posted on in the forum this morning but there is no way im notified when someone replies to my post and its very hard for me to track it down and read the replies.

my question is, can i use the AT&T OS on my unlocked phone with Bell or do i need the bell one?

i have a Bell sim card and apps on my phone but when i load up my phone it says "AT&T"

the reason for this is ever since i loaded the latest 9700 os6 on my 9700 (Duh) my notification sounds are not working only the vibration so my phone is on vibrate on every profile, even my alarm which is the most important thing at this moment.

i have deleted the os and went to the precious os but nothing happened and im currently downloading the latest os to try it again

Can't wait for this phone to be released in the U.S. by T-mo. Hopefully RIM will learn from Apple's model of releasing devices shortly after they have been unveiled. This phone has been roaming around on video reviews for months and still no clear sign of an official release date. "This summer" to me is just as good as "sometime in the future" give us a clearly defined release date dammit :o)

They are saying that it 'Should be out' very late August ... but they are waiting for carrier certification. It is not RIM's fault.

I think the only reason why the Bold was announced so early was because of BBW. They couldnt announce all the new phones months before they were ready, on the other hand they couldnt have gone through BBW and not shown a single new phone.
The rest of the OS7 phones probably wont get announced till the carriers are ready to release them.

RIM's next reporting date is September 15th, 2011... aka "Dark Thursday" if they don't get this device in people's hands by then!

Someone in Plays marketing department said I have an idea that will increase our website traffic. Lets put out a preorder for the Bold Touch just to see how many hits we get. Well played sir.

I can vouch for Plays unreliable despatch/shipping dates.... very annoying!

Nevertheless, it seems those who have been eagerly awaiting the 9900 will soon have the phone in their clutches.

Come on, RIM. Sure, the 9900/9930 is a huge step forward for BlackBerry, but the price is just insane… and I thought the iPhone 4 was expensive at £519! £419 seems a bit more reasonable, though it's still expensive, considering the price of other devices out there.

"huge step forward for BlackBerry"

Isn't that a bit of an exaggeration? RIM isn't stepping forward, it's being dragged along by the competition.

650 Euros?!

Man, that´s crazy!
Now, I think twice....

You get a playbook für 450Euros over here.
But the pb has a lot more power and "more device".

wow here in holland o na 2 year contract ,about every phone you get is free. Except for the iphone, you pay about 200 euro

My first BlackBerry was a Pearl 8130 on a three year contract. Next, bought Curve 8330 at full retail price. After that, the Tour 9630 at full price. And, yet again, I paid full price for my 9700 last August. I thought I would do the same for the 9900, but not if it's $700. It's not THAT awesome. I also need to consider the extras - the case I'd want, screen protectors, extra battery w/external charger, charging pod (all of the things I have for my 9700.)

If the 9900 had a built-in laser pointer, that would be awesome.

Seriously, a laser pointer would be great, for presentations and the like, and for teasing your cats.

£120.00 too much in my opinion - £399.99 would be the high reasonable sim-free price when RIM would like to attract new BB users. Undoubtedly, there're many mobiles on the market with better features. This price seems to be made for draining the wallets of old-school-bb-fans while launching. The only hope's in fact that always have bigger prices than many other retailers. And they release new devices much later than others.

US $ 831. Like someone said earlier, it better not cost more than $199 with 2 year contract or else no one would buy it. With so many choices at the $199 or lower level, why would anyone pay through their nose just to get a Blackberry? I'm with Sprint and those cheap bastards offer only $150 off at 22 months which means I would have to pay $681 for the Bold 9930 which will not happen when for around $250 I could get a HTC EVO or the MOTO ATIX that will be released this month. Hope RIM is going to price this device sensitively and take into account competition and other factors which won't happen because they are incompetents when it comes to marketing (see the Playbook release fiasco, the Bold 9900/9930, 9850, Torch2).

@Dada - The high price on Play's website is because it is an unlocked, non-contracted phone. I'm guessing the US carriers will start somewhere between $199 and $299 for a on-contract 9900/9930. Hopefully RIM considers their decline in market share when setting a price for this phone....because overpricing it won't help in regaining that market share back.

I paid £360 for my white 9780 and I am not paying no more than £420 sim free.
Have a contract which is due to run out so will probably pick it up as an upgrade. £400 would be a great price but anything above that most people will look at other phones on the market.