BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming in white according to Amazon UK

BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Bla1ze on 3 Jul 2011 06:59 pm EDT

We've seen plenty of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 already but one question a lot of folks have been asking is whether or not it will be available in white. While we've yet to see a white version floating around, it wouldn't really come as a surprise if one became available and according to recently updated Amazon UK website, that's exactly what's going to happen October 15. We'll hold off on taking this as a 100% confirmation but given that it's listed as a pre-order and placed there by Amazon themselves -- we're guessing it'll turn up eventually.

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Source: Amazon UK

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming in white according to Amazon UK


oct 15th for the UK? shame it won't be coming any earlier if this date is to be believed especially with apple lining up a new phone. Samsung has their variant of their latest galaxy coming to the states really soon and RIM sure better hope they have this out earlier in CAN/USA.

At least it'll come in another 'colour'. If only they did same with the playbook since we saw original concepts in other colours than the standard black.

What I've always wanted to know is how come out of all the Bold models, the 9650 (my phone] was the only one N0T to have a white version ? I've always wanted a white BB & even went to T-Mobile and AT&T to buy one but always left disappointed b/c neither of the 2 carriers work where I live (I have Alltel] . I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for this phone though . As soon as Verizon gets it, I'm getting it !

If BlackBerry doesn't get the Bold 9900 out the door soon, it's in danger of entirely missing the Back-To-School crowd, with the further (negative) implications for marketshare, profits, etc.

Would you buy Bold 9780 if you *know* that the new Bold 9900 would be coming out in 1-2 months time? Same for me.

[Edit: Oops, just sat October 15th launch date for UK...
USA/Canada always sooner, then Europe, then Asia... so perhaps Bold 9900 Launch in end-August or Early-Sept for USA/Canada? My comments on Back-To-School still stands unfortunately...]

Also, October 15th if for the launch of the white version in the UK. Presumably, the black version would come out sooner. If you absolutely have to have one before school, you could always get a black one :)

and may I also add :)

Whilst most phones usually launch in north America before Europe, this is often not the case for blackberry. If this bold is like any other bold, we should see it in the UK before the US.

3rd party sellers always get it last anyway. UK or US. So amazon UK saying September, if that is correct, than that is basically confirming the UK will see it by at least august.

There is also still a possibility that vodafone UK may get it end of this month.

"If BlackBerry doesn't get the Bold 9900 out the door soon, it's in danger of entirely missing the Back-To-School crowd"

Totally agree, they may get a nice Christmas crowd but most of the kids who are gone to school already have their phones by then. and that's a big junk of people

If the new Curve does not go on sale before school starts then RIM is in trouble. I don't think a lot of students will be going for the Bold. Keep in mind that a big majority of students are still under their parents' plans and their parents buy them phones, which means parents will buy cheaper phones, and in this case the cheaper phone is the Curve.

I have four cousins who are in high school and have BlackBerry pphones and guess what BlackBerry they each have? Hint: it's not Bold 9780 or 9700.


October 15?
What the heck is wrong with RIM?!

Their workers and managers shouldn't write stupid letter to tell each other how stupid they are - they should work to bring it out in SUMMER!!!!!

I just want to see a 9900 of any kind out - I worry when I see no release date and just rumors.

Please get it out RIM!

OH!! With a rumor date on the White version not too distant in the future that could be just enough rumor for me to hold off buying a Blackone on launch day and waiting it out for the White one!

I always want a white one, but I'm NEVER EVER EVER patient enough to wait must be having a friggin' laugh; is that £549.99 I see as the price? I thought it would be at the ~£400 mark as said in previous threads. If it comes out at more than £425, I'm gonna wait till next year…

£549.99 can get me a decent gaming PC with better performance than any console.

White is for Pre-Order but Black is not? What does that indicate?

Why is the Black model not up for Pre Order if its to come before white? Confused....

Probably trying to see if they can get a baker's dozen worth of orders...because that's all the blackberry customers who will be left if they wait this long to release phones.

I saw now in that Black model for BB9900 is due to be released on September 15, 2011 and White in october 15. So, if is correct that in USA and Canada the release happens before, is correct to think that release in north america become in middle or end of august.
Ok... wait for..

Its just not smart marketing, to show off your flagship phone 5 months before your gonna release it. enables the competition to release there flagship stuff with possible better specs and 3rd party support ahead of time.

If apple releases there iphone 4S and Samsung releases there new phone before blackberry or the same month as blackberry finally releases this, there not gonna sell too many of these on contract.

They would be wise to release it before Apple has any type of conference showing off the next iphone.

Who cares? It's too expensive, too late and may be too little to get a decent market share -- even if it comes in a rainbow of designer colors.

I conduted a vague survey out of Curiosity with 20 people 12 females 8guys all bold users that would are upgrade eligible or would become fully upgrade eligible within the next 30 to 90 days regular consumers not corporate liable. I asked them 2 questiions only would they wait 60 to 90 days for the 9900? 6 guys said nope without hesitation lol all 12 females said ther wouldn't either. The second question was why most was because of the lack of the front facing camera and no 4G and lack of apps in the out blackberry app world. I showed each of them the specs prior to asking them would they still withh bb huh its sad really. I only did it for fun but it looks a bit grim for rim with the corporate liable switching to android and apple. 9900 the sooner the better

Well I wouldn't mind a 9900 but I'm not paying £549 for it. I'm sure it's just a placeholder price since the RRP hasn't been officially unveiled, but if it isn't somewhere close to £400 (preferably less) they can forget it.

us CDMA BB users would really enjoy the option of having a white or black blackberry. im on verizon for example and the only color option u have for phones blackberry or any other phone for that matter, its always gonna be black. soo dumb. i want a white blackberry bold 9930!