Easily add new numbers to your contacts with Add to Existing Contacts (ATEC)

By Jared DiPane on 26 Jun 2011 03:49 pm EDT

Add to Existing Contacts 

One thing that has always bothered me was receiving a call from a friend that was not from the number I had stored for them, whether it was an alternate, or secondary number, and trying to add that to their existing contact card was quite a pain. Luckily, gone are the days of writing it down to edit the contact from another screen, or copying and pasting to add it, instead meet ATEC, or Add to Existing Contact. The folks at MRythm Technologies must have also felt our pain, and that is what inspired them to make the experience easier for all BlackBerry users, and for that we are very thankful.

The process is quite simple, after receiving a phone call from a number you wish to add, press the menu button then select Add to Existing Contact, and from there you can replace the old number you have stored, or add it in addition, and you can select what type of number it is as well, be it cell phone, work, home, etc. Just like that you have added an additional phone number to a contact of your address book, without ever having to leave your phone application. The application is available for $2.49, which is a small price to pay for the added convenience that this brings.

More information / download of Add to Existing Contacts

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Easily add new numbers to your contacts with Add to Existing Contacts (ATEC)


Why isn't this part of RIMM's OS build? I personally don't like that I have to pay to do something that should be part of RIMM's OS build.

When I get a new number for a contact, I press Menu and pick "Copy 5015551212", select and edit the contact and paste into the appropriate field. Quite painless, really.

(Although I do wish that the OS would add punctuation to make the numbers more readable...)

And to think, some other phone OSs didn't include Copy-and-Paste in their earlier revs...

My wife's 8 year old Samsung flip phone does this WITHOUT an app... I wonder why RIM doesn't have this option in their phones. Slowly but surely getting jaded by RIM.

My BlackBerry 7290 that I'm currently using has this same function *built*in* and no need for an app for alternative telephone numbers! Beat that!

******One nitpick, would be nice to be add up to THREE (3) Mobile numbers.
Those in Asia have multiple phone numbers now.
eg: 1) One primary mobile number SIM card.
2) The secondary mobile SIM card would have a cheaper plan for making/receiving cross-border long distance calls, this would have *TWO (2)* mobile numbers in Option 2. (ie: one local mobile#, and one roaming mobile# specific to the country you wish to roam in).

Therefore total of 3 mobile numbers, which is now becoming very common in Asia.

Usefull app for sure, but I still hope this 'must' feature would be in very future a part of OS by default!