BlackBerry App World Site Now Up

BlackBerry App World Announcement
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2009 06:51 pm EST

* Update: Well, the 10pm EST exciting announcement wasn't all that exciting (they announced that you can now sign up for announcements?!), but RIM has now put up their BlackBerry App World teaser site. Developers can sign up to begin submitting their apps for inclusion in the launch of App World if they haven't already and consumers can now register to stay notified of updates. To purchase from App World a PayPal account will be required, and RIM has tossed a page up on the site directing people to create their accounts. We'll let you know if any other App World details emerge... there's definitely still a few bits of info I'm waiting to see surface. Gotta love that BlackBerry logo within a circle in the image above though... somhow it looks very CrackBerry-esque!  *

Following up on our post earlier today announcing that RIM has given its application storefront the BlackBerry App World name, tonight at 10pm EST they're apparently going to make an exciting announcement...

We'll drop and discuss the details here in the blogs once we hear the big news. In the meantime, you can click the image above to jump on over to the announcement site.

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I hope its good

Doubt it's something to get majorly excited about although I would LOVE to be proven wrong :) (gemini lol)

Hopes they release the mew facebook app soon even though it lacks chat which could be kinda handy at times

You know there are other IM clients out that that have FB chat built into it...

I know i use Meebo at work..and I'm sure there's others out there as well..

As for the announcement....methinks they are going to "announce" a *gasp* date that we can actually get on it....

but hey, that's just wishful thinkin!

Honestly I'm excited. But I should know better not to be excited damnit!

I just like the wallpaper on that BlackBerry in the image above! Looks sweet. Puttin the RIM logo in a circle like this is almost a little CrackBerryish. :)

Re: Announcement. It won't be all good news..or well, at least it won't be received well by everyone. It's going to be interesting to see what the reactions are (both from developers and consumers).

if you happen to find that or come across that wallpaper somewhere, be sure to let us know!!!

yeah i totally want that on my pearl.

i wish i had photoshop skillz


love it.
Thanks man!

This is really sad. I tried setting up a pay pal account at one point...let's just say I had to close to credit card account I attached to it, my password was stolen and changed, and pay pal is impossible to reach. You must know you are completely inept when you make it so hard to contact the customer services. Please people stand up and let Blackberry know that they should provide an alternative and make it NOT a requirement of the App World Store Front to open a pay pal account! Kevin. Use your Jedi mindtricks to help us followers.

I Totally agree with you, the should change PayPal or have an alternative to it.

well, let's hope this is good!

Tell us a new Storm OS update is going to be out by the end of the week followed by the App World opening and I'll be excited.

The best announcement would be that they have come to their senses and have decided to DELAY opening this "App World" for a month so they can get saving applications to the SD card (or other internal memory) to work. I have a Storm and don't want people with the iphone to laugh at me, OK?? If they launch this thing and people have to remove apps just to download other apps it is going to be the biggest disaster ever. You just wait and see...

I think RIM should get the Storm optimized with another update instead of focusing on the app store. I'm not adding another app until they get this working better. Love my Storm but it could be so much better if they just took care of the lingering issues.

What we already know. They are going to announce that their is going to be an app store sometime soon. Thats it, they will have no other info other than App World coming March 2009, or maybe April 2009. But since we must know everything as soon as it is put out, we already know this.

It's not even out yet and it's old news.

doubt its something good so lets not get too excited

too many pecimists here

My friend who works for Verizon has confirmed that the app store is going online tonight at 10 PM.

.....for some reason i don't believe this, speculation around the water cooler. BUT, you never know.

Your friend that works at Verizon was wrong, sir.

Can't wait

hour and a half!!!

lest hope they announce a release date

March 23, my friends, is when we can buy apps. Tonight they launch the developer's package.

they have decided to make the storm os completely from the gound up and it's now touch friendly,consumer friendly, and graphically fun???

anyone anyone??

Thanks Kevin now i have something to stay awake for. Can you imagine the forums after this announcement?

Thanks Kevin now i have something to stay awake for. Can you imagine the forums after this announcement?

1 more hr, I wonder what it could be

1 more hr, I wonder what it could be

well maybe they could just announce that they've fixed the camera and now when you push the button it takes the picture :)

Release date is March 23, JimmyLisk is right

How did u get that date?

It's what's been passed to us. JimmyLisk was right, yes, but he was unclear. I'm not sure how he knows that date, but his post made it seem like you could buy progs tonight. No, but the developer kit will be released. We plan on launching officially on March 23.

I'm going to laugh if they're late for this. 51 minutes left.

Jeeeeeezzzz, I wonder what's in store for us now guys!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO FIND OUT WHAT RIM DOES FOR US NOW!

hope they fix how apps are saved, the way its set up now is retarded, I just switched to a bold and am at most dissapointed.

Watch the stuff be posted late. I bet u thats whats going to happen.

I'm not sure what the excitement is about with this app store thingy. If I need an app for something all I have to do is ask right here in the forums and I get not only an answer but usually a link on where to get it. Maybe I will see the benefit once it's up and going.

Some free apps maybe?

Some free apps maybe?

Maybe, but probably not but that still would be good :)

Hopefully they finally fix the problems with the 8350i!

cant wait

15 more min.

13 minutes to go!



you guys are acting like a bunch of school girls lol



4 Minutes

Tick Tock Tick Tock

4 minutes..


3 hahaha


kind of ironic how most people wish there was more time in a day. and if there was! you'd have to wait LONGER! lol

Lame a** name and that's from the heart.


Omg Omg Omg Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 mins!!


this should be up soon. like, now. ahah



it's still 10:00, you dumb idiot.



Its 10 but nothing on site


Still not updated yet @@


wtf nothing man!



woo +1 mins!


Not seeing anything yet.

how anti-climactic :D

haha...did you actually think they would be on time?

It should be up its 10:01!!!!!!

Liars! ! !

haha...did you actually think they would be on time?

Technical malfunction. Refresh.

haha...did you actually think they would be on time?

Refreshing like a mad

there a minute late where the hell is the announcement

Give them time to actually make whatever the announcement is and then type up the update on the blog. We'll find out soon enough.

RIM screwed us again lol

Refreshing like a mad

its 10:02

HAHA what if RIM cant load the stuff on the site cuz 6 million people are sitting here refreshing their page over and over

That would be funny!!!!

Refreshing like a mad

This is going great!!!!

Im here at exactly 8pm Mountain Time and nothing!! WTF!? I knew it was all bull....

F5! F5!! F5!!!

You idiots are just looking for a reason to complain. Late is like, 15 minutes. Not one minute, or two, or five. Jeez, calm down.

I just noticed there isnt a date...maybe j/k..still nothings

Crazy addicts lol

Its after 10EST wassup with that haha

and its now 10:05...

We're all just kidding man, relax! LOL

Good thing RIM isn't a woman...'cause she's LATE !

haha...late is never good!

it's not coming is it..

This is crap RIM. I need to be studying for a test, but I can't knowing there could be an announcement any minute. This is cruel...

If they are good for them.
We are just rats in a berry maze.

on its 10 05 wtf when are they doing this

I'm on CRACK!!!

I thought "late" was the norm for RIM!

wait for it wait for it wait for it

POW!!!! Right in the kisser

Late as usual...

i was wating for hours=[

Maybe they meant 10:00 AM, as in tomorrow morning?

Maybe they ment 10PM PST lol

Punctual as Ever RIM 7:07 PT = 10:07 ET The hell?!??


I see Kevin is F5'n it too!

The special announcement is RIM will be taking over Apple!!!

Where the hell is it ... Yo! Devs @ RIM ... Wake up and take that parking page off !! LOL

its up!



LIARS! - that's what she said!

I guess 10:00pm EST didnt mean eastern time I guess it meant estimated time lmao

I laughed really hard at this

If I were working at RIM in charge of this announcment, I would be laughing my ass off at all of us right now! LOL

its 10:07 and im going nuts!!!

This is marketing at it's very finest. Hundreds, nay thousands of eyes looking at their site, all waiting for.....

I know some of you are upset that a paypal account is required for app world

wheres the announcement its 10:10pm EST!!!

a little disappointing.... : (
10:09 and nothing...

I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

there 9 minutes late now.........

my neck is already in a noose lol

I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's up

its up...totally not "exciting" but nice to hear

time 7:10pm still nothing dam you rim lol

thats it announcing what we already knew super exciting

wow, all that for a COMING SOON announcement. lame.

Disappointing. I hate how you have to pay for it too w/ paypal. BOOOOOO.

Sign up for our e-mail list! WOOOO!




WTF was exciting about that? PayPal required?!

we all knew the app store was coming and there exciting news is the app store is comming, haha


That was a stupid announcement!

It looks like the Canadians have been infected by the Americans. Always late to any party (sarcasm)

WOW!!!! I was prepared to be amazed, and by God I was. LOL

i agree LAME...but oh well...still cool

F@#$ It's not compatible with the storm. I just wasted a half hour waiting for this to learn its not compatible with the storm. Thanks RIM!!!!

It says blackberry smartphones with a trackball OR surepress screen...

Yep now i just saw that so thanks anyway

Yep now i just saw that so thanks anyway

BlackBerry App World
System Requirements

* BlackBerry smartphone operating system 4.2
or higher
* BlackBerry smartphones with trackballs or SurePress™ touch screen

sure press touch screen = storm

This is something everyone knew, the least they could have done was announce a solid release date...

what a joke come on

Maybe they over slept?

Ahem, RIM do not make a 10pm announcement claim and then don't show up on time.

Are we there yet? come on RIM lets get a move on

Well, that's no news.......Got to find the positive...maybe it will be soon?

It's up!!!

announcement...? FAIL
what a waste and paypal?
BB needs to get on the ball.

Nothing too interesting. Just a page to sign up for updates and when things progress with their app world. I hope they get things going soon as that is the only downfall to the storm over the iphone.

Now time for bed!

this bites!

FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, BB I appreciate all the time you save me, but you just took a good chunk of it back while i was waiting for that "announcement." Yay! I am sure I will be reading about this gem tomorrow. It is going to be the it topic. Umm, seriously, yay!

Whats going on, come on Rim lets get it

I thought they were going to announce that the apps were going to be free...but oh well I guess its better than nothing

Wow, I am totally not excited by that exciting announcement.

They are a little late kinda like the Official OS we all have been waiting for

That was dumb... back to forum stalking. :)

Why all the hype? All they were launching was the "email me when ready" button. We knew what it was called and that it would come eventually. And we knew that we would have to pay for apps (it is a store). Now we know that they will have to be paid for via PayPal (kinda a bummer).

being taking lassons on how to F**** up a product announcemet from Microsoft.


The Site is up now weee!

RIM just updated tha website about tha apps store announcement, but there wasnt much to it.

RIM pulled a fast one on crackberry nation.

It's nothing no big deal, just hype

It's nothing no big deal, just hype

It's nothing no big deal, just hype

plus there site is very slow to register

I'm just amazed at all the excitement....well hope somethin good comes thr...;-)

OMFGZZZZ I NEED PAYPALZZ?!?!?!?!?!!?11/!?!/.1,?.!

grow up people you live in the modern age if you dont have paypal then return your blackberry and get a dumbphone

I was expecting like a date or something.

These guys are clowns. I have had every model since the 5810 and at one point service with every carrier. What gives? From the buggy software, the STORM? It is my opinion that they want to be in every soccer moms hand that they have forgotten their core base. Am I being to hard on them?

When is it going to come up???????? I mean, ALL I'M LOOKING AT ARE THE QUESTION MARKS ON THOSE BOXES! lol

The little link at the bottom that says "DOWNLOAD FREE APPS HERE" ?????? Check it out

Maybe they just wanted to see how much traffic would be generated on their website.

That's the best theory I've heard...

That's all we can do...wait

what a waste of time. Looks like Pay Pal is slowly taking over the world

RIM:Be first in line to submit applications you've designed for BlackBerry® smartphones to the new BlackBerry App World™. We're counting down to a spring launch and we're accepting submissions now.

That was a pretty lame "EXCITING" announcement..... Hurry up and wait some more

so the storm isn't even compatable? that's nice.

It says "SurePress™ touch screen" under requirements. That means the storm.

dont worry - the storm is compatible.

What an announcement!!! They announced....NOTHING!

an⋅nounce⋅ment   [uh-nouns-muhnt]
1. public or formal notice announcing something: The announcement appeared in the newspapers.
2. the act of announcing.
3. a short message or commercial, esp. a commercial spoken on radio or television.
4. a card or piece of formal stationery containing a formal declaration of an event, as a wedding.

They forgot option #5 for RIM "Big waste of Crackberriers time!"

This is true, but for the first time in a long time an new OS relase was the second thing on everyones mind

But unfortunately at this seems like we got a better chance at seein Jesus before that happens. :(

I cant believe they are using Paypal for this. It is pissing me off already.

They should have linked it with the carriers instead

should went thru the carriers....RIM just took 3 steps back

RIM just took 4 steps announcement....

Gosh. That was embarassing.

its all hype..good work on getting the crackberry addicts attention, I'm sure it will be storm compatible and will be out probably the latest by end of April. They need to get this out before apple's convention during the summer. If they don't blackberry sales will decline even further.. WE Want free apps

well i guess i won't be purchasing anything from their app store. i refuse to ever have another pay pal account.

Looks to me like it could be the new CDMA Bold? Anyone else think so?

I don't see what you're lookin at dawg. It looks like a regular 8900 to me????

I would like to know what happens if you don't have paypal or can't get it like

me for a reason does that mean your just SOL????

If so this is a fail for RIM because i would never use shady paypal.

Like most of ya'll have said, this was a complete waste of time seein we already knew this was coming. Me personally, I hope they can throw us a bone on a new device soon. I know they got some sexy stuff cookin up, and damn it i wanna know!!! Its the crack that keeps me comin back ha ha

I think we need to write RIM and ask them what happens to the many of people

who do not wish to get PAYPAL does it mean we will never be able to buy a paid

app? if so this is a huge fail and i would not keep my storm because of it i mean

i love it but F this.

I hate the fact that you got to have a PayPal account to be able to buy any software. PayPal are the biggest scammers in the world and they always give you the run around and not help you solve any problems, on the contrary, they cause more problems. IF ANYONE AT BLACKBERRY SEES THIS MESSAGE, HAVE ANOTHER CHECKOUT ALTERNATIVE! SCREW PAYPAL.

Asking developers to pay £200 to submit their applications is too much; nobody other than MSN and Facebook will afford to submit free applications, so we can wave goodbye to the hope of great, free games like on the iPhone.

What a let down.

What happened to the app store, IT was suppose to be up at 10 pm on March 4.........
Any ideas ?

im new to this i have a blackberry 7520 converted into a boostberry it works really well just wondering if you all would know of some good apps that would work on my phone like weather, sports, and news apps