Official OS for the BlackBerry 9780, 9800, 9100 and 9105 released by AVEA Turkey

BlackBerry 6
By Bla1ze on 25 May 2011 03:14 pm EDT

Although all of these OS' were previously leaked, it's pretty awesome that AVEA just unleashed them all at once for everyone who either may not have had a chance to grab them yet or prefers to stick to official OS releases from a carrier. OS is now available for the BlackBerryBold 9780, BlackBerry Torch 9800 and finally, the BlackBerry Pearl 3G (9100/9105). If you're not on AVEA just remember to delete the vendor.xml file before installing and you'll be good to go. Thanks @rr_yy!

Download OS For the BlackBerry Bold 9780
Download OS For the BlackBerry Torch 9800
Download OS For the BlackBerry Pearl 3G

Reader comments

Official OS for the BlackBerry 9780, 9800, 9100 and 9105 released by AVEA Turkey


I don't know about any of you but I've noticed a signficant change in battery life on the .570 for Torch. I had to revert back to .543 as I would say it gave me about 30% better battery life.

The browser is noticeably faster. But the only gripe I have is after a reboot, when you launch your application screen all the icons are missing. but all you have to do is go back to homescreen and run the app launcher again.

why are you very unsatisfied with the 546 OS version? I actually have it runing on a 9700 and is just fine.

mmm ok thanks for respond. Well as I said I have a friend with a 9700 runing that OS version and she doesn't have that issues but I don't know, maybe depend of the model... =S

act 2: ok I actually installed 546 on my 9780 and you were right, everything goes slowly and the email setup stop working so I had to upgrade to this one and everything is fine again =) thanks for your response

Has anyone else noticed that when you are listening to Music and you go back to the Music App and the "Now Playing" icon is pixleated, its been like that for every other OS upgrade, also when texting the Gradient backgroud behind the text bar doesn't line up?
Its just been bugging me and I wasn't sure if anyone else is having that problem on their 9780.

I didn't noticed the music app problem that you mention, but i have the text bar one and it's a little annoying... -.-"

I tried installing this for my 9800 and get an 'error reading setup initialization file'. Anyone else get this message?

I put .570 on my Torch last night, no problems, seems a little more responsive, but not much different than .546. Really like Facebook 2.0 I put on a few days ago!