Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 released by AVEA Turkey

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By Bla1ze on 25 May 2011 03:31 pm EDT

Just in case you thought AVEA was done, they weren't. They also went ahead and released the official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300. Same deal as before folks if AVEA is not your carrier. Just simply go ahead and remove that pesky vendor.xml file before you load any of these up. Thanks @rr_yy!

Download OS For the BlackBerry Bold 9700
Download OS For the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 released by AVEA Turkey


Downloading sooooooo slllllooooooowwwwww .....
Still more than an hour to go at around 19K .... WOW!!! I guess I'll go to work, hopefully be able to install the official .576 when i get home (just installed the leak 2 days ago ...) Hopefully this build fixes the missing icons issue, otherwise I'll have done all this work for nothing ...

I agree with @jakewu! !! What are the differences, if any?!

Anyway, I thought .448 didn't work too well for me. I'd only 4 apps and 3 themes installed and yet, I would get a application storage shortage message and requested for deletion of apps I didn't require, which was a problem since I didn't want to delete any of the SO FEW apps I had. In the first place, I'd tried to make sure I had apps I would really use. Back before the upgrade from my OS 5.0 to 6.0, I'd tonnes of themes and apps, and I didn't even know this "application storage shortage" message existed...

However, this issue was "solved" (not completely, hence in quotation marks. You'll see what I mean) after I downloaded; I could download 6 themes and 8-9 apps, thereabout before getting sucha message. Am I the only one facing these issues? I often read about some who've over 20 themes in your BB. I'd like to have more themes too without having to delete my apps. D;

Hopefully, will "better" this problem ?

Shrink the OS, so you have more free app memory....os6 takes up more memory than os5 in general, that's why you didn't have this problem on os5

I currently am running a leaked version with the same build numbers and am not happy with it. A few improvements moving from Homescreen to other screens laterally, but more prone to freezing and a slight degredation on the battery life. Hopefully this official release will be an improvement, if ever it finishes downloading.

I see no difference, but I am very pleased that no links will be dead this time around :D
Mirrors will always be refreshed, but the speed will be SLOW. Besides, i'm upgrading each time to get the latest patches, same thing with my Linux installations.

In 9700 the cursor is always stuck on the emoticon when you scrol up in BBM, it was really annoying and inhibiting.


i wish they could update the 8530, im sick of this, please, i need a update, every othere device gets update, why cant my phone, real annoyed, will there ever be an update for the 8530

broke my 9700 on Saturday and got a 9000 on Wed, can't say i'm too disappointed with the 9000 or OS5. can't wait for the 9900!!

all of my groups error. "Waiting to join..." >> "This group is being recovered. Please wait until one of the members removes you and allows you to re-join". but still CANNOT!!!!

I have T-Mobile and the curve 9300 and its running .448 out of the box. Does .546 have any semi-major updates? I'm really on edge because I heard if you download a OS not approved by your carrier and/or blackberry then your warranty is voided and you can't get costumer help amongst other things. Has anyone tried it on the 9300, did it work fine, and how does it differ from .448? Sonce I got .448 out of the box its running fine, but I wanna know about .546, and iif I don't like it, can I get .448 back?

.576 works perfectly for me on the 9700!

Was previously running .546 and I haven't seen much improvements so far, but this release seems to be a bit faster and smoother overall (or maybe that's just because I did an OS shrink with BB Boss, it has two to three times more free memory space now).
Still got no cursor in BBM, WhatsApp and the likes though, but scrolling through the Facebook app (with which I had problems on .546) is going smoothly now.
Will get back here if any memory or battery leak issues turn up.

So, no words on the battery life yet; it still seems to do awesome! Normally, my BB would be dead by now, but still got more than half of battery left.
Only one thing: My browser just got stuck, so I had to reboot (which goes, I think, very fast). Just hoping it won't happen again.

I have downloaded the file from the given link. i hope my phone doesnt get locked after the instaallation of the new OS.
can someone throw some light on this!

Just downloaded and installed .546 2 days back! and now .576 :(

Restoring etc. is such a pain. Anyways thanks a lot :D

have used it for a few months now... no noticeable improvements, you still get the memory leak and that pesky "page is too large to be downloaded" message when on the browser, and I've noticed some signal loss (although I'm not quite sure if that's because of the OS or my provider). All in all, like any OS 6.0, make sure you run this through HybridOS before installing and make sure you have Memory Booster installed on your device, otherwise I'd recommend you'd just keep with a 5.0 OS.