Official OS for BlackBerry Torch released by Vodafone DE

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By Michelle Haag on 3 May 2011 04:55 pm EDT
In the midst of all the excitement coming from the BlackBerry World Conference, Vodafone DE has released OS for BlackBerry Torch owners. The last official OS we saw for this device was not long ago in the form of from Bell. As this new OS was never leaked, we're interested in knowing how it performs for you so if you choose to install it let us know in the comments or in the forum what changes you see. Thanks rroyy!

Download BlackBerry Torch OS from Vodafone DE
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Official OS for BlackBerry Torch released by Vodafone DE


Seriously? Does that device still exist?


with the Bold Touch coming up, WHO, just WHO needs a phone like that...

<3 BT!

(bt stands for Bold Touch in case).

Not only dose it exist, but it's thriving. I love mine, and would never consider going back to a smaller screen, or touch keyboard.

my phone is rebooting and i don't know if it's because it's a torch and i'm not used to (I had the bold 9700 not to long ago) but that was a very fast update. i think the whole updating time took about 5-10 minutes. just need to restore my files back to it.

Just installed it over an hour ago. No noticable difference from .534. Will come back if I find anything.

Ohhhh found something! 2 new features under message previews.

1. Mag. glass which opens a new bar at the top for a quick find ofmessages according to criteria, etc.

2. Filter icon too which can filter messages according to type.

Quite nifty!

pathetic eh coming on here boasting about the bold which isnt even out yet or prices released muppet !!
n a ways updated last night no major differences noticed however worthwhile on its own
i have a full size crackberry again !

i'm on a mac and in the netherlands and on vodafone, am i able to upgrade my torch with this ?
or do i need an official vodafone Netherlands carrier upgrade ?

surely you can do. Software-updates are not related to your provider. I'm telling big news, huh? ;-)

Kinda pissed right now installed this update earlier. I play music heavily from my phone and I notice that unless the screen is actually showing the now playing screen all the button controls don't work. The Play/Pause and volume controls (both for volume and track skips) DO NOT WORK! Tried rebooting to see if that changed anything but it didn't. That's pretty stupid thing to change if you ask me. Downgrading to .526 cuz I cannot manage without my music controls when I want em. Everything else seems fine though, this was the only problem I had with it

It shows facebook is already installed, but cannot find icon anywhere, also same for app world. and suddenly twitter started working here in K.S.A. OS Torch Carrier Mobily.

one thing i noticed, when im bridged to my playbook things like bbm and messages are running smoother and loading faster.

Of course, this version was packaged with an older version of BBM ( I think?) so it wiped out my BB BetaZone version of Just thought I would put that out there in case people are wondering what happened to their 'latest' version of BBM.

After opening App World, I was prompted to upgrade to the latest offish version (5.0.3.xx) and I am glad I did because the beta BBM6 was a buggy piece of shite.

Piece out my sistas.

man yall talk about like the bold touch or bold 9900 whatever its called is gonna be the greatest blackberry to come out.. even tho it is a nice looking phone with a great idea to it but in my opinion i think the screen is small for a touchscreen phone and watch when the torch 2 emerges then ppl are gonna go crazy for that... its just whatever phone that comes out ppl are gonna want... truthfully i could of hold on and waited for the bold 9900 to come out but i just ordered a white torch and waiting for it and is excited

What can i say, the torch is the best and its more reliable than any computers in the house. I run my whole business from it (quotes, invoices, accounting). I agree with what you've said and you will enjoy your Torch. Must admit, I'll be waiting for this one to run out of contract then the Torch 2.

thanks i see i am not the only one thats disagrees with it but then again it all depends on everyones individual interest.. the leaks info i see about the torch 2 doesnt really seem to be much different between the first generation torch cept that its a bit more powerful and new os but who knows... ppl that have the torch seem to be satisfied with the phone and i think i will be to but i know this phone will keep me happy for a while maybe couple years down the road and see what rim is gonna do with the new generation of blackberrys

I'm waiting on this one as well. I love my Torch and all that it does. And to have a version with a 1.2GHz processor onboard...Fire!!!

For me I have recently upgraded my Torch to OS made official by Bell Canada (and I have a Bell branded Torch) and it has been nothing but garbage.

- It is slower and laggy.
- It crashes regularly.
- it doesn't always capture pictures (which only started happening since I installed this OS).
- when I take a bunch of pictures with a full battery it will drain to below 10% in seconds.

I am hoping this OS will be better.

im downloading right now hope it works on my torch 9800 with no problems ((:
right now im on
hope the 6.1 comes out soon for the torch 9800
im in luv with upgrades LOL

This is what I get after installing

A fatal error has occurred while updating your device's software. Please try again.

Module incompatible. [J:0x00000011]

The update file "net_rim_crypto.cod" for application "BlackBerry Crypto Library" is not compatible with the version of the application that is installed on your device. Delete the application from your device, and then re-install the application. Warning: If you delete an application from your device, you also delete any device data that is associated with the application.

i have a mac and i am wondering how to download this software. when it asks open with... what do i open it with? thanks