Coming Soon... Unify4Life AV|Shadow for the Storm!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Feb 2009 12:46 pm EST

I was wondering when we'd see the Unify4Life AV Shadow be available with a Storm-optimized app... the answer? Soon! The guys from U4L just let me know that it'll be available later this week. In the meantime, you can get a quick demo by watching the video above. The Storm as a remote control... sweet! Be sure to drop your thoughts in the comments. And if you're not familiar with Unify4Life's products, follow the links below to learn more!

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Coming Soon... Unify4Life AV|Shadow for the Storm!


I'm pretty excited for this, I haven't used their programs in the past but this could be very helpful since my phone never leaves my side and I can never find the remote.

Ive been waiting for this for awhile since I seen the CES U4L videos. I have 4 HDMI devices that I use and I'm always having to use different remotes for the different devices. I was going to get a universal remote but I wanted to wait and see if they were going to make an app for my storm. Now that I know its going to be here soon, I will be purchasing this app the day it comes out. Thanks for the info.

Great news.. but I'm looking forward to a Storm release of the Garage opener instead. Many great uses, and any more bluetooth "location aware" type applications would be greatly appreciated.

The AV|Shadow controls IR enabled devices. We are currently working on our Play|Shadow(TM) product and that will enable the control of the PS3 DVD player, and also turn the BlackBerry into a keypad for the Web Browsing experience on the PS3.

if this does all it says, I'll be first in line. Right now I have 3 remotes. One for the TV that I use to switch inputs, 1 for cable and power to tv and cable, and one for the surround sound for switching inputs and volume. If i can do all this with the storm, i'll be jacked.

I wonder if it can control game system while watching movies? I tend to use my ps3 for this... I'm guessing yes since it uses bluetooth controllers already.

Here's hoping it's easy to setup!

Hello just wanted to say happy birthday, I just started using your site few days ago and love it. Good job and looking forward to many years of you services. Bill

this looks kind of retarded... in other words you couldn't find anything to fill the screen space and didn't want a native app for the storm...

my screen clicks for a reason back to the drawing board

This system is terrible will not control my TV and and Unify4Life's tech support is abysmal at best. Save your money and buy a Logitech Harmony instead!!!

You'll thank me...

Why mimick the trackball? I'd rather click or the arrows up and down, opposed to the trackpad. That said...I'll probably pick it up as soon as it's available!

I'd like to use the Storm touch/click screen for controls, over a mock-trackball.

Although, from a programming standpoint, it was probably easier to adapt the software to recognize a "track pad" area, rather than redefine the whole program - which would've probably taken A LOT longer.

I'm interested - but not sure I need to spend $100 for the "convenience"

Curious though - are the controls specific to devices, like DirecTV? Tivo?

Hi... our goal was to enable (as we do with the trackball based BlackBerry's) one handed operation of the remote control.

You do not need to use the trackpad and can operate the product directly from the oval on the screen, however that is to large for most people to use with one hand and what are you going to do with the beer in your other hand, if you have to use two hands?

Mike @ Unify

The AV|Shadow(TM) can control up to 16 different IR based consumer electronics products in a room... TV, Set Top Box, Receiver, Apple TV.....

I hope that helps.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. You've answered my question. I really hope I win this, if I don't I'll still buy it.

I just can't wait anymore :)

This really is an interesting idea. Can't imagine what our phones will be used for next. I really do want to try it.

So this is the one remote that none of us can live with out. Now all that's missing is a complete break down of what will be needed to convert our TVs to be able to use this technology. I'm assuming it won't be easy and it will cost a bundle.

We supply the hardware you need.

First enter your AV equipment, email, and PIN list into your UnifyMyLife account on the web.

Simply place the AV|Shadow(TM) next to your TV and other consumer electronic equipment, aim it out into the room.

Your ready to go! You also need to know your cable provider and enter your postal/zip code to enable the best part of the system.... The UnifyGuide(TM) which will provide you with the worlds first interactive program guide.. you will never need to use the guide on your TV again.

I hope that helps.

I have got to get one of these. This is just like the logitech remote only you dont need another devise. Im sold.

Does anyone knows how do you connect all of your gadgets to the AV Shadow, and how many gadgets supports?? and where can I see the products it supports. Thanks

I posted a detailed description on what you need to do to enable our application, above.

We can control up to 16 devices in a single room. With 6000+ brands and over 1,000,000+ models.

This will make my life so much easier cuz i could never find my remotes.. When i do have them together theres like 7 different makes my coffee table look cluttered.. my storm i have it everywhere i go and wont have to buy batteries for the remotes...i cant wait i want one NOW!!!

Great idea! Since my BB is always with me, and the remote is usually lost... why not? How about adding more capabilities with other tech devices, remote operations via bluetooth... What about making the BB a game console controller for PS3, etc? I bet we see that in the future...

you mean I can get rid of my other 6 remotes that my wife can't even use anyways? sounds fantastic:) gimme gimme gimme

I'm pretty excited for this, I haven't used their programs in the past but this could be very helpful

That unify4life looks great! I am heading to their site now to check it out more. Looks like I have my birthday present wish pickedo ut. :)

An AV module and garage door opener both in one week ! Great news ! But, I cannot find any info on the software's memory usage/needed to install. Anyone know ?

I would love to win the av shadow it will go nice with my storm, my daugther started driving last year so i had to give up my garage opener and do it the old school way. walk around to the back and use a key, but its safer for her to have the garage opener than me.

this is the first time i have heard of this company but that is a pretty innovative way to set up a blackberry especially as a garage remote

I just joined the ranks of the BB owners! Toys! Love Toys! More toys and goodies please! I am A...D...D...I...C...T...E...D! Wohoooo! Hit me up, hook me up, CONNECT me to some mo' toys!

Thought about this years ago. Always thought it would be cool to be able to control things with my mobile. Technology is a great thing!!!