Coming Up: More Talk Mobile launch party tickets available at Noon ET; Mobile Nations podcast at 2pm ET!

Talk Mobile Launch event!
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 May 2013 10:35 am EDT

Just a quick heads up so you can plan out your day...

More Talk Mobile NYC Launch Party tickets available at NOON ET: After formally announcing Talk Mobile 2013 yesterday, we put up the RSVP page for our June 6th Talk Mobile Launch Party in NYC. The tickets were flying off the shelf FAST, so we put a pause on it. And today, at 12 noon, we'll be releasing another wave of tickets. If you missed your chance at getting in on the party yesterday, don't miss it today. Make sure you're at at 12 noon and get in on it fast. We allow a max of 2 tickets per order, so plan around that. Also remember, if you're not in NYC and would like to attend, you can win a free trip to the event - all you need to do is jump over to and sign up for updates and you'll be entered to win (ends Friday at midnight PT).

More Info / RSVP for the Talk Mobile Launch Party

Mobile Nations Podcast at 2pm ET today: It's been a LONG time since the Editor in Chiefs of each of our Mobile Nations sites have jumped on a podcast together, but we're doing it today and you can join us live. It will be Phil, Rene, Daniel and myself catching up on all the craziness of the past few months and we'll give a preview of what to expect over the months ahead during Talk Mobile. You'll be able to watch at See you there!



Would it be possible for you guys to put a link in the post to add an appointment to my Z10 calendar? That would be pretty cool. Or hey maybe CrackBerry should make a Google calendar that we can all subscribe to.

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Kevin Michaluk

Here's a CrackBerry google calendar to subscribe to!

Tutorial on how to do it:

Great suggestion. We'll do a blog post on it soon and put it to use.


I really want to go to this, it is awesome of you guys to throw an event like this.

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Okay...sold out again. I feel that some people just RSVP for sh*ts and giggles and never go. Should I just show up anyways?


I'd say the first rule of ANY New York event is to arrive can never lose with that..

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I agree. You never know. You hear that Kevin?