Comcast reported to be considering their own mobile service provider business

Comcast reported to be considering their own mobile service provider business
By Andrew Martonik on 8 Apr 2014 06:37 pm EDT

Comcast may branch out from cable and landline internet, moving into the wireless service arena in the future. According to a report out of The Information, Comcast has been looking into the idea of creating a nationwide wireless phone network that relies primarily on Wifi with back-up service leased from already-established cellular carriers.

Instead of having to pursue purchasing large blocks of wireless spectrum and rights to traditional cellular towers, Comcast would leverage its currently-available network of Wifi hotspots to provide the majority of traffic for phones. Its Wifi network is growing with installations of public access points — over a million across various markets — in large cities and special residential routers that Comcast provides with a publicly-available signal in over eight million homes. But it naturally wouldn't be able to cover the entire country comprehensively — that's where other carriers come in.

The gap would purportedly be made up by leasing wireless service from a large carrier such as Verizon, which Comcast already has deals with the purchase wholesale access to its airwaves. A potential Comcast network-enabled phone would switch intelligently between its Wifi access points and the leased cell service, much like we've seen from the likes of Republic Wireless and others.

Current word has it that Comcast is still far off from ultimately implementing such a network, so it may be some time before we get to a place where we have yet another national wireless carrier in the U.S.

Source: The Information

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Comcast reported to be considering their own mobile service provider business


I kniw cable companies arent popular for obvious reasons...But Comcast is just nailing it with their Universal Studio theme parks maybe they'd be a aggressive option in the mobile service game.

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Do you work for Comcast? They were just named the worst company in America today, by Consumerist Magazine.

Im canadian. I dont use them...I just saying they're spending a lot of money and being aggressive in the theme park maybe they'd do the same in the mobile world.

Have u seen the money they're dropping on those theme parks as of late!?....Its a VERY aggressive strategy against Disney.

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It's not a matter of liking or hating a company, the issue is how does this move impact the communication market place. Overall, it starts to weaken the hand of the telecos and will put downward pressure on pricing structure. It's biggest impact are on T-Mobile and Sprint who have assumed that cell service would always be the primary driver of data delivery. This is why both companies have fought the expansion of Wifi on smartphones tooth and nail. Basically, they have lost which is why they are being bought out for far less than book value. The Big boys in the US market are less vulnerable because of more flexible pricing structures and great network coverage.

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Right now T-Mobile is the most interesting carrier and while wi-fi is cool a more expansive mobile infrastructure is more important atm.

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Like you said you're Canadian, so you wouldn't have much experience with it. a year ago today you would have been correct, their network was shit. all they had was 4G with about an average of 7mbps down speeds.. now their 4g averages at 15mbps and their LTE around 35 mbps? yeah they aren't garbage anymore. their coverage has gotten way better too compared to AT&T.

A nascent communications company in the USA carrying the full suite of bbry products? Who are in 4th place behind Windows for handset sales?.

That would be a neat trick alright. Can't see it. They will want to grow fast and that means a simple lineup of the most popular products.

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Yea, sounds more realistic to me. Then again, maybe Comcast Wireless can become a niche carrier by carrying only a niche device. Who am I kidding, they won't survive with current BlackBerry handset sales numbers.

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But their full line up on current ones is only like 3 phones!? I mean at least the Z10, Z30, q10. If I'm a company, I'm giving customers the most options possible. Maybe just lower quantity of inventory for less popular devices. Makes sense right?

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Something like that is doing Ziggo in the Netherlands. Now a company of UPC investment company...

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Shaw decided against that and decided to build shaw go instead to provide wifi hotspots everywhere.

I'm on it in Calgary, sure saves a lot of data and it's free (included in your home bill) for shaw customers to get wifi all around the city.


And Shaw go is not very user friendly if you're not a Shaw customer. When I log into a Bell or Telus provided network, I have no issue. However when Shaw provides the hotspot it's useless to me as I'm not a Shaw customer. It’s just a blatant attempt to lure customers by going against net neutrality.

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It’s not actually free since it counts against your data quota of the tier you are paying for.

It is great though as my Z30 just connects when it finds one. You don't always know that you are connected, it is so seamless.

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Comcast is the worst company I've ever dealt with. Bad, bad experience with them. I don't think they can compete if people have a choice. With cable their is no choice unless you go with dish or directv. Comcast doesn't have contracts and people go with them because of that and bundle internet. In my area there isn't any other internet provider who's speed comes close. They would have to revamp their approve to customer service in order for me to consider. Competition is good for the consumer however.

Wifi is internet, just wireless. Their internet service in terms of speed and reliability are great. The prices on the other hand are outrageous.

Oh damn, I need to pay my bill. Comcast is so damn expensive, though.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

Oh God......NO! I have CONcast as my Internet provider and their speeds are horrible. half the time I'm having trouble watching a fucking YouTube video and the other half I'm on the phone about service going out.

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Yes very hit and miss based on the time of day and how many other users in the neighborhood are using their Internet. Additional load on their network would be a problem.

Never mind their bait and switch business practices.... you have to really watch your bill with them. They love offering "introductory" offers and when it laps they switch to some crazy plan that is three times higher.

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Comcast isn't the best of cable/intetnet providers from what I hear but....more competition means better pricing for all of us.

And if blackberry leverages it right to be their exclusive phone product line, think of all the customers who would bundle tv/internet AND cellular service. The Q5 would be a great entry level phone for the service- sign up, get A free Q5 or Z10. Think of the benefit of a "family plan" where the family is told of the benefit of BBM, etc. offer the rest of the line too....
Mr.chen, opportunity awaits..

BlackBerry by choice, blackberry for life.

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If BlackBerry (the phones no one wants) is sold exclusively through the worst company in America, BlackBerry will succeed in it's death wish. I paid MORE for cell phones and Internet just to get AWAY From Comcast. They are horrible.

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It seems possible but I'm sure that if directv or any other satellite dish company my have a better chance at wireless service via satellite. Comcast is garbage in my opinion

I will not tell you again, it's a BlackBerry!

Even though they're shit of a company right now. More competition is alway better. They probably would do an aggressive plan to get the initial consumer base.

Good lord.... What, they want to be terrible at more stuff?? Comcast is right up there with Apple, as far as I'm concerned.

I read a lot of complaints about Comcast's internet service but I've got 50 meg connection with them and it's extremely fast. It goes down once every couple of months which is not ideal, but it's hardly epidemic. Xfinity is very good but over priced for the tat that's on it.

I only use Comcast because it's the best I can get from where I am. If I could get Verizon FIOS I would drop Comcast in a heartbeat

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True. I have no alternative here so I could be missing out on a better service. But I watch VUDU HDX without a hiccup and I just wanted to add a bit of balance to the bashing Comcast gets above!

I normally get 20 Mbps up and down. Best I've seen is 65 Mbps down with 45 Mpbs up. $35/month via microwave internet.

WiFi isn't wide spread AT ALL right now - so 99% of your calls would be from those leased providers - just sayin. I don't get why WiFi is such a big deal ... especially if you have unlimited calling.

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No thank you. And what happened to good ol' M&A? Did they (gasp!) learn from the rumors of Dish buying Sprint and TMO that went nowhere?

Bad form to reply to your own comments, I know...but after reading some comments, maybe it's not such a bad idea from the competition angle. If some other sucker wants to sign up for their service and it brings AT&T and TMO's rates down, I'm OK with it. Even if it doesn't, as long as my rates don't go up, I'm okay with it. More power to you, Comcast.

One of the best days of my life is when I fired these ass clowns. They are pathetic and will NEVER see another penny from me.

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Compact has an absolutely horrible reputation as a service provider here in the states. If they try to enter into mobile, they're in for a very rude awakening.

It's not like cable where they can say "Aww, your service has been out for a month and we keep failing to fix it? Well, what are you gonna do about it, it's us or nothing!".

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No thanks. I'll take the lesser of two evils and stick with AT&Thumbupmyass even though they seem to be pushing out BB10 updates right after they get done suckling the Apple teat and then cleaning their sock drawers. SMDH

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Comcast sucks.

Also this is not a new carrier. They are just an MVNO trying to rely on wifi to lower their expenses.

No different than Republic Wireless.

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Weird I was just writing an idea on the icanmakeitbetter blackberry site but never sent it because I thought it would be to drastic of a change for the whole industry but news like this make it more feasible.

What if you bought a phone with the data service included from the manufacturer, not a carrier. The manufacturer negotiates rates with all carriers. No more roaming fees. Think about it

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Long back on this forum I suggested, that BlackBerry should start it's own service to avoid carrier exploitation and blackmail.

I still think BlackBerry should seriously consider this.

What say you?

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At this point, they don't have the money for an out and out carrier, and probably not even for an MVNO.

Heard "a few" things about Comcast in the US.

Telstra's support used to be real bad, I have the feeling they've been starting to clean up their act recently. Now a support call actually gets you somewhere nearer to solving your problem or actually fixes it.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Reply to myself, sorry, but how does it actually work out for a cable company?

They know once LTE or even 5G is in full swing, ADSL / cable internet will be (mostly) toast some time in the future. They need to do something to stay relevant, but it smacks of desperation a bit.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

This might be helpful to some. I've had Comcast service for over 8 years and will continue to use their business since I'm very happy with their services.

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I just read an article over the weekend, that Google is looking to do the same thing. Especially as they also look to expand Google fiber.

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Oh goodness, I will drop my comcast cable if they do. This Time Warner merger is already bad enough.

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