Comcast brings the XFINITY Mobile App to BlackBerry

By Jared DiPane on 22 Aug 2011 12:45 pm EDT


If you are a Comcast subscriber, and a BlackBerry user you will be very happy to know that they have brought the XFINITY application to the BlackBerry platform. The application allows Comcast subscribers to take the best features of their television, internet and home phone on the go with them while on the go and stay connected from anywhere. The application brings tons of features along with it, for example:

  • Access your Unified Inbox with emails and visual voicemail for your Comcast home phone service
  • Schedule recordings on your DVR so you never miss a show
  • View TV Listings, filter by Movies / Sports / HD / Kids, set up reminders that are integrated with your Blackberry Calendar
  • Forward home phone calls to your Blackberry or any other number
  • Sync your XFINITY Address Book with your Blackberry contacts
  • View On Demand movie trailers 
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Comcast brings the XFINITY Mobile App to BlackBerry


I have actually had times when I noticed something on-the-go and wanted to program my DVR, but wasn't home to use the box or near a browser to use the web app. Cool.

...and I'm first, LOL

UPDATE: MyDVR functions seem to work well.

BUG: The app asks to change application control permissions on every start.

BUG: No EXIT on main screen menu. Have to go into listing to find exit.

Can someone post an Ota link (non comcast) so I can see if it works with 9930/



Just attempted to download for BB9930 & it says device not supported & it won't allow me to download. Also the link you posted isn't showing as a complete link to either click on or copy & paste. It shows as a partial followed by several...... A non comcast OTA link would be great. Anyone know if this will work on a playbook and or if not will it be supported at some point?

Nice, I don't use Comcast but I hope this is a sign of things to come. We need more useful apps developed for the consumer side of BB.

Just set up recording "Da Bears Game" tonight from my Torch. If it works, this will be a very "Sweet App". I often set up my DVR from work.

Oh, BTW I have seen the Bold 9900, 9860 and Torch 9810 this past weekend - FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT FOR RIMM.

Hey, Kevin, where can we get "RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK" shirts???

wow, it even gets me my call logs for my land line and my emails for this account. this may just be my new favorite app.
HOWEVER, my wife's iphone alerts her the same time someone is trying to call the land line. that's the only difference i see so far.

So far I love it. I have this app on my iPod Touch (but that's always at my desk) and in my desktop browser, which is where I usually program my DVR), but I always have the BlackBerry with me, so this will come in very handy for setting the DVR to record whenever I'm away from home.

Minor gripes: Didn't carry over my favorite channels from the web version. Also, when I clicked on a notification bar item (OS 6 on a BB 9700), the BB froze. Had to do a reboot to bring it back. Not sure if this is recurring bug yet.

so the ui looks nice but i am having 1 problem. it is telling me i need to subscribe to RDVR service. it works on all my other devices like computer,androids and itouch. i work for comcast/xfinity so i am auto subscribed to everything.
a ticket has been opened and lets see if my own company can help me, lol

I have a BlackBerry Torch, and I downloaded the app. Now my Torch is stuck in an endless cycle of rebooting.

Deleted expletive goes here. Repeat.

what a crappy app.. besides the 4.4 MB footprint.. really??? for whats in it, thats ludicrous! But, really the only thing i can do is check my email and check tv listings. i can utilize 4.4 megabytes better by going to the web versions for those...cant watch on demand or anything..

dont have a DVR so that parts useless to me.

who has a landline anymore these days? just 40 bucks down the tube every month if you do. 2 years free now of a landline, and dont miss it one bit. 2 blackberry's in the family is plenty and cheaper.

installed all of 5 minutes and deleted....

Installed on my Torch with no problems. Set it up to record two shows from work yesterday with no issues. So far works great.

can you please post the link it used so I can try it on the 9810? the one above seems to be for non-touch devices and it loads but will not launch. Thanks!

Does not work for the 9780. I just tried and I got the message or " 9780 Not a supported device" , but it'll work on my partners older 9700. What's up with that?

I sure would like this to work on the playbook, not for the DVD part of movies but for my comcast email. What they have now for it sucks big time, almost impossible to send an attachment.