Coloware Wants To Customize Your BlackBerry Tour!

Colorware Your BlackBerry Tour!
By Bla1ze on 8 Aug 2009 01:41 pm EDT

Colorware has finally launched their services for the BlackBerry Tour. You can now pick and choose your custom colors on their site and get your sexy new Tour customized just the way you want it. At this time, rapid service is not yet available so you will have to do without your Tour for a few weeks while it's off getting pimped up but for this type of customization some may see it as worth it. Also, just a side note for any Canadians out there thinking of this, the "Send Mine In" service is only available in the US. Be prepared to drop some coin though as a customized Colorware Tour will set ya back a minimum of $129 and onward from there pending on options chosen.

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Coloware Wants To Customize Your BlackBerry Tour!


I love colorware. Other than how much it costs to get it done. I sent my storm in and had it done. I love how it's a scratch proof color coating they put on there. I just got home from sending my Tour :-) in.

Pretty cool website, looks very professional, maybe on my next phone I will do this since mine is already beat up. The price is the only thing that I don't like about it.

it looks pretty awsome but idk if i can drop 129 just to change the color of my blackberry.. there straight colors also its not like its a specific design

I might be wrong but I'm guessing that sending your phone off to a third party to have it torn down, painted and reassembled MIGHT void your warranty/insurance. Of course the same thing holds true for replacing your own parts with different color bezels, face and mid-plates, etc. It looks like they take over your MFG's warranty once you send it in but it only covers MFG warranty standard stuff (say good bye to insurance) Also, that's $129 minimum for a solid color. Color combinations or premium colors like pearls are $150 and up.

I absolutely loved the idea of personalizing your phone, making it unique! Its like doing it with your car.

The colors look amazing and the quality of the job is top notch, from what I read.

Thank you so much for the link CB!

And what happens when you need to replace your phone for faulty hardware? I take it you have to get it 're pimped'

Ha! As a Canadian (a group who are admittedly notoriously cheap) I can say let 'em keep it. Sorry, but that is WAY too much money to drop on a colour change! I hope they find success to the south because they wont to the north.

Colorware gives you a 1 year warranty. They are very professional. I had my curve done and dropped it. I sent the faceplate back to them and they repainted it for me FREE ....worth the price but I like the black on my tour so I am passing this time on the Colorware spa

Think I'll stick with the 9.95 gel skin which changes the color AND protects it for much less. Oh, and doesn't this void warranty replacement programs? No thanks.

good lord have you seen their prices. i dont care how custom it is i do not see a point in paying them 150 bucks to send them my phone to be painted lol.

It is a great idea, so great that I decided to do it my self. I used Vinyl used for making signs and laid it on the areas that I wanted to cover and trimmed off the excess.
It may not be scratch proof but it will take a hit and it can be replaced quickly.

What if your phone breaks and you have to send it in for warranty? I doubt it will be covered. Not to mention the cost is outrageous.

What if your phone breaks and you have to send it in for warranty? I doubt it will be covered. Not to mention the cost is outrageous.

If you are paying an outrageous price to get your blackberry colored....

1) You must have money spilling out of your pockets
2) A very lonely nerd with no friends

Once the system is working more efficiently, I'd love to hear more but being without for weeks? Well, that's another contest!