Colorware Now Ready For Your Storms!

Colorware-BlackBerry Storm
By Bla1ze on 8 Jan 2009 04:29 am EST

It was only a matter of time before this option became available and for some maybe it took too long. But yesterday's word that ColorWare should bring a smile to all you Storm owners faces if you are down with some serious customization of your device. ColorWare is now able to take your Storm to the next level by adding your selected splash of color, be it Cobalt Blue or Ferrari Red or as shown above, Crush Orange. Prices start at $129 and move up from there. It's pricey for sure, but if device personalization is a priority and you have the cash to shell out, it's a sweet solution. I'm really digging the Crush Orange and Carbon rendition pictured above. Now I just need a need a Storm... lol, anyone wanna hook me up?

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OK, I already colored mine, now I just ahve to find the money to pay for it! Oh yeah, Ferrari Red and Jet Black for me please! The only problem with this is if your phone dies or gets damaged and you have to have it replaced then you're SOL on the color thing.


I love the way it makes the storm look, But $129 just to add color that's crazy.


These faceplates are awesome!! i love the way they make the Storm look!!


$400 plus for a new painted body?? They must be nuts!! I'll get a bunch of Sharpies and a 6-pack and see what I can do instead. Jeesh!


It voids the warrantee. Prolly voids Asurion too. Nevermind being without my phone while its sent in and they color it.


I reported this last week..


Looks nice, but I don't know about the price, or being without my Storm for 2 to 3 weeks either!!!!


As everyone said whats witht he price? The phone cost $200 new and they want more than half to color it.. its not like a bluetooth where you can use it elsewhere or with a replacement phone


It looks sweet, but that is ENTIRELY too rich for my blood!


It's way too much money. Did you see on their site that you can buy a brand new Storm directly from them instead of sending one in? It's just a mere $900. Are you serious? And even sending it in, what you're telling me is that a few painted face plates are going to cost me twice what I originally paid for the entire phone? That's just obnoxious.


Looks so awesome, but theres no way I would pay that much for it


Guess its a good thing I saved my curve... storm in caution yellow! Wooot!


I have a Storm. But anyone want to hook me up with a ColorWare? $129????????????? That is outrageous! Colors are not worth THAT much lol.


grrrr ok we can have custom hardware to colorize our storm, but no themes and apps eh? I would much rather see more apps and new themes or maybe better cases. Thats my $0.02.


I understand the love and passion someone has for their BB and usually I am not one to comment on what floats someone boat, but this one seems a bit much. Come on, $149 plus to colorize a BB? I could see the ungodly $49 for a colorized replacement battery cover....
Crackberry always reminds me about form and function, not excess.


Dang they look kewl, but the prices are rediculous...


My fiance is obsessed with pink crap. every phone that comes out in pink she has to get! when i got her the storm she kept griping because it is not pink. now, this is going to give her a reason to have a pink phone!!

Barack Oberry

$129! Good lord that's a lot of money. Send me $9.95 and Ill put some Crayola on it.


Looks great.. but the price is totally out of wack! And, the warranty issue is not one to be fooled with.. especially if you have a carrier hardware insurance plan.

It would seem that a removable skin (decal) would be the better way to go. You can change the look for $20 or so, then if something happens to the devise, you simply take it off and send the phone in.. no harm, no foul! And.. no $149 + out of pocket for a phone that your carrier won't touch!


Damn that is sweet! Only thing that sucks is you lose you Berry for a while.




Its a bit pricy. I think the snap on faceplaces are just as nice, and availiable in different colors also.

Berry Pickin

Man....$149.00?? Here's what you do: go here..

Get you some cheap replacement plastic, a scotch brite pad, and a can of spray paint (for plastics) in your fav color, and go to town. The site has clips to walk you through replacing the covers, and since you have the OEM ones, you can switch back if it goes south. Krylon makes a very good plastic paint in a lot of colors that holds up pretty well. I striped the back cover on my 8310, and you can pretty much do whatever you can come up with. Got a bud that can air brush?? A little time and some clear and you are rocking!!!!


This looks cool but it's expensive and I wouldn't want to send my new storm in for 2-3 weeks.


so u pay $129.00 to get ur storm in a sick color and the the screen stops clicking .. what do you do then????


so u pay $129.00 to get ur storm in a sick color and the the screen stops clicking .. what do you do then????


That is a lot of coin for a few pieces of plastic. Not to mention as some have pointed out living without the utensil for 2-3 weeks is pretty well impossible.


I can go on EBAY and buy a blinged out case for only 19.99 and that's with FREE shipping.


You need to drop almost a G to get a new one sent to you or send yours in for 200. Then they say it can take a week to 10 days to do the painting of the parts, meanwhile you are without a phone unless you have a backup. oh and the best part.... warrantee voided.


Just buy coloured vinyl from a sign shop and do it yourself.. WAY CHEAPER. I wrap every phone I own and it always looks like it came that way.


Wow Over $120.00 if you send your blackberry to them to modify it or you can buy a new storm with the colors you want for over $800.00. I think I'll just stick with my beautiful black storm for now.


They have to be high for charging those prices .


The only reason they get away with charging those prices is because people have and will continue to pay for the services.
I think they do a nice job. It looks pretty damn sharp.


The only reason they get away with charging those prices is because people have and will continue to pay for the services.
I think they do a nice job. It looks pretty damn sharp.


Does anyone know if there is a Europe supplier or
any other kind of similar company here in Europe.


Freeze Gopher

Wow, now you can turn your Blackberry into a Blueberry!


Why is colorware so expensive?! I dont have $570 to paint my laptop or $200 to get my phone painted when I payed $150 for it!


Beware, this is pretty and pricy but it will void your manufacturer's warranty!


that is a lot of money.......u could do it


Whats wrong with good old black. I have always said good guys were black.


Awwwwwwh.... :'-(

That love for the 8900 Javalin yet.