ColorWare now ready to customize your BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2013 04:30 pm EDT

Coming shortly after the BlackBerry Q10 was announced to be customizable, ColorWare has now let us know they're ready to add some color to your BlackBerry Z10 as well. Given how the device is built, there is really only two pieces that need color added to them being, the frame and the battery door so conversion is a fairly pretty simple process. You'll have over 45 colors to choose from and you can mix and match them up if you do so wish. 

The hardest part might be choosing which styling to go with solid, glossy, matte, or metallic. If you're looking to have your Z10 stand out though, it'll set you back around $800. For that money, you get GSM factory unlocked BlackBerry Z10 with the full on customization treatment and ColorWare states they should start shipping in two to three weeks. That's slightly better than the Q10 that costs $1100 when customized.

Learn more at ColorWare

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ColorWare now ready to customize your BlackBerry Z10


why dont we wait until housing is available for the z10 instead so we don't have to spend like 800 dollars

Posted via CB10

Get a skin from PhantomSkinz. The way my Z10 looks, i think it looks better than if it came in white :)

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Well if you shop enough you can buy 2 z10s. Man I want it to be like when the Nokia 3310 came up with the easy swap housing

Mwahahahaha it's the Z10

The hardest part won't be picking the colour, it'll be paying more than the phone is worth just to change the colour.

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600 for the device and 200 for the customization. I can see it, just not en masse. Personally, a metallic turquoise would be nice if someone wants to spot me...

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" For that money, you get a GSM factory unlocked BlackBerry Z10 with the full on customization treatment"

Phone + painting. I read that they don't let you send your phone in anymore. You have to buy from them. But it's only 100-$200 dollars extra if you think about, off contract in the US.

Typed via BB Z10. Can your touchscreen type faster than this?

Well, I can understand RB26 asking that question. The article title is misleading. You are buying a new phone actually. Therefore, you are not customizing the color of "your" Z10 unless you are shelling out the $800 to own a colorful vesrion.

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Too late for me. But I would've liked a custom Red and Chrome colored Z10 @ US launch.

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Tried to find information from the web to no avail. Anyone knows which model is it - STL-2 or -3? I know it will work with any GSM, but I am wondering about its LTE bands.

Thinking of getting this to replace my wife IP4S.


Beautiful! I love how they do that customization. Always looks so nice. Good to see they're doing both Q10 and Z10 now.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden.

At first i thought this ruin the sanctity of my LE Z10, but then I remembered that I have 0053 written on the side of my gun, where as you have "replica" written on the side of yours.

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If I were able to send in my phone and pay 200 - 250 I'd probably do it... give us the opportunity and you'll probably receive more orders

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

$200/250...plzz these ppl r losing their minds posting tht crap! who has tht kind of money!!!$200 range is still too much!

Posted by ©B* Courtney Z10

its cool but the price is dumb. come out with a set i can install myself for $30 now we are talking

8 hundy?! I was excited when I opened the post but now my leather dbrand skin is looking even sweeter.

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R u crazy!!!! $800 ...crackberry should b kicked fuh posting this sh*t....tht cost more than a new z10...WTF!!!!

Posted by ©B* Courtney Z10

If you want to customize your phone for $20 check out Dbrand.

They are 3M stickers and come in different colors and textures.

The cut out fits bang on and it is super easy to stick them on.

If you get tired you can peal them off and it won't leave behind that sticky goo afterwards.

I am happy with my results and sure it's not painted but for $20 it's that much better when you think about sending $800!

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Agree 100%! I have a brushed metal dbrand skin on my Z10. Looks great and was $20.00 plus a few bucks shipping. Fit is amazing and pretty easy to apply.

Not for 800 he'll ill paint it myself. I have to load my own I'D why not do my own customizing too. Damn you VZW and your Also the BBRY rep at VZW said sometime this summer the 10.1 is out. I asked why not now as the Q10 has 10.1 NIE no response from him.

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You can buy or black or white covers at*

Then you can try to paint one yourself... the covers are $23

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Probably too late and too much for those of us who have Z's already, but I could easily imagine the young kids in like Dubai (the ones who drive around in Lamborghini's and other exotic cars) doing this kind of stuff.

I just checked ebay for a China made housing so I can change it myself......................No luck! Damn. lol

<3333 colorware. but they used to have an option where you could send in your phone, and theyd colorware it. did they stop doing this??

They could probably make some really good coin offering to sell back covers alone. Might have opted for full treatment if I didn't already own a Z10.

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I don't get who would pay $800 for customize the Z ... Z10 looks good in black... Some people may like to have a unique style but for that price, that's steep. $50 is most I would pay for a bit of uniqueness...