ColorWare Introduces RapidReturn Service for the Curve!

Colorware RapidReturn!
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2008 11:22 am EDT

CrackBerry Addicts Rejoice!! ColorWare, the people who can give most of your electronic gadgets a kick-ass custom paint job, have now started a RapidReturn Service for people living in the USA wanting a custom-painted BlackBerry Curve FAST.

Pretty much EVERYONE wants to have a custom colored Curve. The only hiccup with the ColorWare service has been the withdrawal time - if you send in your device to get its paint on, you were left Berry-less for a few weeks. The RapidReturn service cuts the return time down on BlackBerry 8310 and 8320 Curves by a LOT. Pick your color scheme and place your order online - ColorWare will send you out a prepaid shipping box that same day. Put your device in the box and take it to your local FedEx drop or shipping location and then grab a cup coffee (well... a couple cups of coffee). ColorWare will have your device back to you in about two business days! I think it's about time I give my 8320 an ALL White paint job!!

The other option is to order a new custom colored 8310 or 8320 straight from ColorWare. It should ship within one business day! For more info, visit ColorWare's website >>

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What dont they do the 8330's??? We always get shorted

Worth it?

Yeah, but the price went up too. I thought $99 was already a bit pricy, now its $129. I like the way they look, but is it really worth it?


Is there a company like this one where you can get your balckberry *8330* painted ?


For the US only? That sucks a lot.


expensive for 3 pieces of plastic!


Yeah, lets pay more for a paint job then I payed for the phone itself. I think not.


Exactly, more the the color than the device no thanks.

Anonymous Toronto

I read that supposedly it will be possible to snap-off Bold covers. Ordering custom colour face-plates to be used interchangeably with the Bold would so rock.


no 8330? I dont understand?


Good thing they dont offer it for my 8330 cause thats expensive for paint