ColorWare Bold Parts Now Available - No Need to Mail In!

ColorWare BlackBerry Bold
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Oct 2008 04:31 pm EDT

ColorWare has just launched a new service for BlackBerry Bold owners (or soon to be owners!) that allows you to customize the look of your BlackBerry Bold without having to actually send the device in! FINALLY!! The process is simple:

  1. Visit ColorWare's BlackBerry Bold Design Studio page
  2. Create your customized Bold
    1. Back, bottom, and camera parts are available. To have your frame color customized, you will need to send in your device per usual.
  3. Once created, click the link for Parts Only.

From there, simply finish the checkout process and ColorWare will ship you out the custom painted parts along with step-by-step instructions that walk you through the installation process.

More good news - this service is availabe INTERNATIONALLY!! If you're a person who puts premium value on walking around with a customized smartphone, you will want to check out this new service from ColorWare. I call dibs on the CrackBerry Bold above! :-)

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Reader comments

ColorWare Bold Parts Now Available - No Need to Mail In!


I can't seem to find a way to NOT buy a replacement back. I like the back (and frankly their backs looks pretty flippin inflated price wise, so there is obvious a hidden base fee hiding in there) - it is the rest of the mod that interest me, and paying 100$ for a back I will never use just seems like a rip off.

If they had a decent shade of purple, I might find a way to convince myself it was worth it. As it is, I am hunting for a good purple silicon sleve now - you can't really see the mods inside of them anyways. (sadly, looking and failing... a nice royal purple should be a more popular option, but for some reason people want things like that awful neon orange)

Ok so if they didn't sell to International clients, there'd be nobody buying! Besides the sexy factor, are people still buying things like this in the current economic climate? Or are we looking down our noses at them yet?

well..since they are shipping the parts, you don't have to a bold owner yet to order. could be lots of sales coming from soon to be bold customers on att!

I think it's over inflated price, buying bulk those cases would not set them more than $5 from China including freight, another $5 for the process and another lets say $5 for their overheads. So you're looking at around $15 and even if they charge twice that @ $30, they'd be making a sweet profit, plus selling them as everyone would be buying it at that price EVEN in the current global economic climate. My 2 Pence. :D

The price of that specialty paint can be REALLY freaking expensive. Plus it has to be primed and applied properly and in a special environment or it will bubble up and ruin.

Special environment? -> Try: not outside, not dirty and dusty. It doesn't get any more special than that!

The painting is probably the same process as painting a car or toilet bowl. The only exception is likely when the part is moulded out of colored plastic and does not need paint. Your average happy meal toy proves that is also not an expensive process.

Instead of charging us 100$ for a back, they could be honest and charge 90$ for "painting services" (sounds better than "profit, profit, profit...") and 10$ for the part.

I do not object to the business, nor do I object to it making a fair profit.

I do, however, wonder if their profit margin even remotely approaches anything a customer would consider fair.

As a final thought:

Based on the selection, I have to think that most if not all orders are just pulled out of a box marked "orange" or "red" etc that are pre-fabbed in China, so I have my doubts they even do any real painting themselves.

sorry but the images on the site make the bold look tacky. The parts are too shiny, plastic looking. I'll stick to the oem look I think

Well. I think that original look is very nice, and since im one of the few using it here, its already eye catching itself. however is the price drops, i might give it a try.

I dunno why I still have to send the phone in if I just want a Bezel/Frame done. All because of that little black line under the screen, I was all for it till I saw that.. :(

When they start doing this for the STORM I will be customizing mine. The side of the storm is SO ugly & the back is Fu-GLY. I like that orange on the bold though!!!

In my opinion they really need to consider lowering their prices a little bit. With the economic situation we are in, most of us Crackberry Addicts are just scraping by with even getting the Bold. And then to go and spend two hundred dollars just to have it painted a different color, not so sure many are going to be willing to spend that right now! Anyways I'm really tired so I'm sorry if this is poorly written, but I just wanted to put in my opinion!!!


Im sorry but their prices to paint these parts is simply rediculous ..will not be recommended to my friends...

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Thanks for the info! I've been wanting to have my Bold personalized via ColorWare, as they seem to do wonderful things(I guess that should be a given considering their prices!), but I just can't seem to convince myself to part ways with my device for such an extended period of time. Now I can still get some nice work done--AND install it myself so I know for sure there won't be any mishaps (i.e. missing screws).

They have an option to pay for expedited design. I think it might be called Next Day or something like that. Before you place your order email them & ask. I know they offer it.

This is pretty sweet! I totally want one!

Does anyone know if swapping the back, bottom and frame will void the warranty? I know the frame does so, but what about the other parts??? I just dont want to take a risk if it will void my warranty

I am not a child. Don't hide the painting fee by forcing me to buy a piece of plastic coated with paint that I will just throw in the trash and send off to the landfill.

i only wanted the frame to make it black on my bold but that is for send in only.. and i cant be without my phone..