ColorWare BlackBerry Curve 8900 Now Available

ColorWare for the BlackBerry Curve 8900
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jan 2009 01:34 pm EST

** Update: Sounds like by the end of February Colorware will be painting between the keys on the keyboard too!! **

We just got an email on the good ole CrackBerry tip line letting us know that BlackBerry Curve 8900 owners can now give their devices that oh sooo special custom ColorWare treatment.

As we all know, the ColorWare solution isn't exactly what you'd call cheap, but if having a truly personalized device ranks high on your priority list then it's tough to beat! I'm a HUGE fan of my all-white BlackBerry Curve 8320. I was planning on giving my 8900 the same all-white treatment, but I'm a little sad with how it would turn out. As you can see in the picture above, you're stuck with black control buttons and unlike the Curve 83xx devices, ColorWare isn't painting between the keys on this model. You can follow the link below to jump on over to ColorWare and play in their design studio. If you strike any awesome color combos, be sure to drop the suggestion in the comments!

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have you never seen jay-z's white curve? If Jay-Z did it, trust me it's not "ugly" haha, but seriously I think all white would look pretty sick if it included the keyboard too.


Yea, Jay-z's was the 1st gen curve.

It looks much different painted than the 8900.


But that all white looks interesting.


I tried all red with the top and sides turned black... it would look reall cool if that little piece between the screen and the keys could turn black too... try it out and let me know if i'm on to something

Dark Cobra

Gotta admit that unless the keyboard is also in white it looks a bit odd. I agree with others that if it was all white it would be really nice!


I think me no likey


people really pay that much for this stuff???


that white is very pretty. i like :)


who actually likes black and white combo. It kind of reminds me of the Storm Troopers from Star Wars.


...oh, nevermind.

putting the 8900 in the all black suit makes it look very spiffy.


Why did they have to put the 8900 in white? It's a great device, but that makes it look mighty ugly. Check out my YouTube video comparing it to the Bold and Storm at


Now that looks pretty sharp I think but I would not pay that much for it..

Mark Whiter

I have ordered one i get it next week. It's a super looking peice os technology. Can't wait to get my new toy hahaha.


For the price they want to paint this thing, you could get a skin, a half way decent bluetooth headset, and a crapload of blackberry apps. Does anyone besides Kevin (and Mr. Whiter apparently) actually fall for this? :)

Timmy B

Kevin, my wife hates my blackberry... but I could convince her to get one if she could get it in pink! I went to the colourware site and they only do it for Americans! Where can we Canadians get some colour blackberry love?


Ooooh that looks terrible. The original look is much better!


I haven't been around this site for very long (or so I thought) but obviously long enough to have fully expected to see a photo of the newest Blackberry colorware painted white. Way to go Kevin! How many blackberries do you have dressed up like a bride now?


You have to go to the Colorware web site and check it our ther are some awesome colors available.


You have got to be kidding me. $100 plus plus plus bucks to change a color. Don't get me wrong this would look sick, but it is tooooo much money. I can't justify that just to make it LOOK better. My 8900 will keep it's original sexiness, unless they want me to demo. $50 yes, $175 ahhh... no!


let it snow let it snow all the way here in bama !!!!!!