Colorware All Set To Make Your BlackBerry Bold 9700 Sexier!

Colorware All Set To Make Your BlackBerry Bold 9700 Sexier!
By Bla1ze on 29 Nov 2009 12:26 pm EST

It was only a matter of time for those who might have been waiting for this. Colorware now has available on their site, the option to fully customize your BlackBerry Bold 9700 to any specs you do so wish. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 has lots of pieces that can be colored, right down to the BlackBerry logo on the back itself. The above pic is my creation which I'll certainly be ordering. Prices are as per any other BlackBerry device starting at $159 and going all the way up to $849 if you want to purchase your 9700 directly from Colorware.

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Colorware All Set To Make Your BlackBerry Bold 9700 Sexier!


...but this has to be the most pointless, wasteful and - yes - UGLIEST thing I've seen people do to a BlackBerry. Especially the 9700.

*calls the authorities*

am i the only one that thinks their prices are absolutely rediculous! its discusting that they charge so much and so unfair!!

The prices are absolutely ABSURD ! Drop the prices to $49 and I will buy one. The sellers of this product should be ashamed of themselves and of their INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE, GREED. What a RIPOFF ! Please people, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

If you would even spend $50 putting this corny shit on your phone, making it look like a Fisher Price 'My First BlackBerry' - I'm slapping it out of your hands when I see you in the street.

I wouldn't spend 50 cents, let alone 50 bucks or more on this kid stuff. I love your comment! Really cracking me up. roflmfao Black is beautiful. yup. uh-huh. yup.

3: Problems with Colourware

1: US only shipping
2: Price
3: No self assemble option.

I'm in Canada, I would love to swap out my BB colours I could Brand the BB to go with my company colours, but in reality I would only pay $50 for it, I can understand a cost of $150+ when they do the installation as assuming they pay the staff as little as $20per hour to do the work, I'd assume labour for the job would cost the company 2-3 hours from start to finish. I would not WANT to lose my BB for 2-3 weeks for this to be done, anyone willing to pay this kinda money would be an addict, so seriously who wants to lose the BB for 3 weeks, I would gladly try and do it myself with some quality assembly instructions, even a video.

Do you pick your options on your new car? or do you just take the stock colour that is provided at the dealer.

I know when I look at a New Car I am looking at the colour I want, and the feature sets I want, if only phones allowed you to do that as easily when ordering them, but unfortunately with the Blackberry, they all look alike, the model differences on the outside are minimal, features like this would be nice to have at the OEM level.

they do it with the pearl.

I pick out options for my car- and although thru dealer they are over priced- they aren't as much as I paid for the car

Just my opinion... lol. Company branding and all that - sure, whatever. If you want a color-coded phone to match your mood - or choice of underwear - get a phone geared more towards outer-customization, like Motorola or Sidekick, or one of the baby-Berries, geared towards the general user. Don't have what is supposed to be the company's flagship device looking like a caked-on lipstick-wearing e-whore. At least go for a non-permanent type of thing.


Nah, do what U want. Just seems dumb to me. And please don't compare a phone to a $20K+ purchase (like a car) and the options that come along with it. Apples to apples, people...

I do agree with the Car to BB being a little over the top.

as for your opinion, I am not aware of a Sidekick, or Motorola that can give the options required as a heavy business user.

When sitting around a meeting table with 10-20 blackberrys put down, having a sharp looking BB would be something to make you stand out, it is like having a special business card, (Lego execs by the way have the BEST business cards) something to open up a conversation, heck even my ugly otterbox on my curve has had people ask about my blackberry, they were more interested in my 8330 in an otterbox then my 9630 that was out less then 2 weeks, like it or not, even in the business world your BB is a tool, it is something people can remember you by, and a classy body recolour could be just the memorable thing you need for the guy to remember you at the next meeting.

I would rather see someone do this with their blackberry, then see people put their Blackberry into a ugly coloured silicon skin,

All this said

I still am not getting one because of Cost/Time away from my phone/wrong country

I understand that, and can agree... However if you look on the site, and the pieces they change - I don't know. Just looks tacky, and takes all of the 'business classiness' out of the equation. Again, just my opinion. Unless you're going to change the keyboard and chrome trim therein, any other color scheme really looks awful. This blog author's version is the most decent of the ones I've seen.

Now that is something we can agree on, the designed for the 9700 are not that slick

the body of the 9700 does not lend its self to this modification as well as the tour does.

which is what I would be changing out if I could

A while back in a video I saw the Kevin's BlackBerry Bold 9000 had a custom battery door with the CrackBerry symbol and his name and I was wondering if a company does this or he just got it special somewhere. Anyone know?

I think the company that makes those battery doors are called coveroo or something like a search in the cb forums and im sure you will find plenty of info.

Wow, lots of hate for Colorware in here suddenly. usually people like it. lol.

I think some of the colors on their site are awesome, and the results that people have posted are incredibly sleek looking.

Do I think their prices are insanely ridiculous? Yes, that's why I've never done it before. I don't mind parting with my phone TOO terribly much, if it's just for a short couple of days. But, I can't afford this crazy shit. Not worth it, sorry.

If I were rich I'd definitely take their offer though.

I like colorware a lot! blackberries are amazing, except there isnt much customization, I'm hoping you guys throw a colorware contest for the 9700!

I like colorware a lot! blackberries are amazing, except there isnt much customization, I'm hoping you guys throw a colorware contest for the 9700!

1) I refuse to make my phone look like a stupid Fisher Price toy.
2) I refuse to dent my bank account on this.
3) I refuse to have the body of my phone cost more than the technology inside.
4) I refuse to insult RIM in such a manner.

and last, but definately not least!!

5) I REFUSE to give up my Blackberry to hack whores for ANY length of time!

I think that looks amazing and that is the best color ever! Is it expensive? Yes, but you get what you pay for. It's not like they just take a rattle can and spray your phone with Krylon. If you don't want to use a cover and want some individuality, this is a great way to get it. That said, I probably wouldn't do it anyway because I like to use a cover and I can just get that in a color or series of colors that I like.

what are some alternatives to colorware? I am in canada and I don't want to send in my device.. I have a Tour and I want it to be all white or something. Any options?

Dude, who are you? You're really confused here, and you're going to completely mislead any people who come here not knowing anything about ColorWare and what they do (kind of like yourself?).

Colorware cannot "brick" your phone...they don't even turn your phone on as far I know, sir. We're talking about a company that takes your phone and professionally (and beautifully, might I add) paints your phone specifically where you want it to be painted, and with specifically the color(s) you tell them to. Then they send the phone back to you, looking brand new and amazing. The only flaw with all of this is the insane, absurd pricing. They will NOT *BRICK* your phone.

The other option is to (even more expensively) buy your very own custom-painted Blackberry directly from them, instead of sending one you already own in to them.

I didn't say they brick you phone.

You get it back from them, phone works fine.
You do an os upgrade or drop your phone in water. Granted it is your own fault. You then get an insurance replacement.

Now you are out the money you just spent to have your phone painted, which I would do if I had the $$$.

With a standard case, etc. you just pop it off and put it on the new device.

Hope that clarifies any confusion.

Oh, sh*t, now I understand what you were talking about. Sorry about that. What you said now is completely logical and makes sense. :)

... they charge what people are willing to pay. Because they know there are people out there that want to have their phone or laptop looked at and commented about.

Sure the paint jobs can be sexy, flashy and even fisher price like, but in the end, it's only the folks that want the "look" that are going to pay for it. And judging for the last Colorware contest CB had, there were plenty of folks that wanted it. ;)

Any one Knows a company as good as colorware but reasonable prices and does international shipping ?? ...who is reputed too...

the prices are just ridiculous. too pricey for me. i don't think its worth me getting any colorware for those prices..

but hey, if its a good product and its your product, go a ahead and slap on whatever price you think your product is worth. thats just how it goes.