Add a touch of color to your images with Colorize for BlackBerry 10

Looking to bring attention to your photographs without Photoshop? Colorize turns your images into black and white while you choose which area remains in full color.

By Alicia Erlich on 27 Apr 2013 03:48 pm EDT

If you even want to see how times change all you need to do is walk along a city street. Over the past seven years I’ve noticed a trend. Gone are the days of tourists using disposable and compact cameras to create lasting memories. Now smartphones are being used to capture that special moment everywhere I go.

That being said, the shutterbug in all of us aims for more than just the standard point and shoot. When sharing with friends and family, rather than spend time manipulating your images with Photoshop, we look for instant results using an application. That is where Colorize by Generation Media Group (a native application) comes into the play which focuses on a popular photography effect. By converting your photographs into black and white, it allows you to add back one or more of the original colors to create a new and dramatic image with little effort.

When you first install Colorize, the important thing to note is that you must accept the file permissions in order for it to function properly. If you deny these permission, it is unable to open your or load images from your gallery or media card. Another thing to remember is naming your image. As it will default to colorize.png, give each one a new name so as not to copy over an existing picture.

Once that is complete using the application is simple. The bottom bar displays each of the functions Colorize, Erase Color, Pan/Zoom, and Options, while the overflow menu lets you open, save, share, or reset image to clear all changes made. By default, all of your images are shown in black and white so that you all you need to do is tap the Colorize button and glide your finger gently across the area you wish to add back the pigmentation. Keep in mind the brush is drawn to the right of your fingertip and not centered.

While you are unable to change the type of brush used, you can vary the size with the slider bar. In conjunction with the pan/zoom option, you can narrow in on the finer details of your photograph. For example, in the video I chose to highlight the bright red of the subway car and only that color. The same goes for the images above where I only focused on the big screens in Times Square or the pink blossoms in the tree. Please be aware that as the resolution for the final product is low I stretched them to fit in this review. 

At the moment there are a couple of issues, such as the resolution currently saves in 640x368, 368x640, or at a lower ratio depending on the original image, and there is no way to change the orientation. For instance, the photos taken with my Z10 loaded as landscape although I had taken them in portrait mode. However, these will be addressed in future updates (i.e. Let you save at the original resolution). Also, there is a slight learning curve in remembering to toggle between the different functions at the bottom. 

  • Instantly adds a focus color effect to your existing images 
  • Hassle free interface
  • Original image remains untouched
  • Quickly save and upload images to social networks while on the go
  • No lag/delay 
The Bad
  • Would prefer different types of brushes
  • No option to adjust image orientation
The Bottom Line

I admit I’ve amassed over a thousand images on my BlackBerry’s SD card to the point I don’t even take my digital camera with me anymore on special occasions. This is a great choice for those who want to accentuate their photos on the go to share with friends and family. The effect applies instantly with just a swipe of your finger and you’ll be amazed at how the final product looks even with the low resolution. You can find it in BlackBerry World for $0.99.

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Reader comments

Add a touch of color to your images with Colorize for BlackBerry 10


Great write up Alicia.

I've had this app for a couple weeks now too and I do enjoy it. That learning curve is very minimal. The part that really annoys me is the saving resolution. It's great knowing that the dev will be updating this.

Posted via CB10

Why your browser crash before it posted? Seriously. Blaming BlackBerry for your comment getting deleted? Are you playing with a full deck? A few fries short of a Happy Meal, are you?

Great write up Alicia!

I've had this app for a few weeks now and the learning curve is rather quick.

I can't wait for the resolution output to be updated!

Posted via CB10

Great app, nice post Alicia. Thank you for posting about the apps permissions since people do not seem to understand why apps need permission to access certain files.

Posted via BlackBerry z10

The first couple of paragraphs of this sound like the were written in the late 90's. I'm glad I kept reading though. Sounds great except the brush thing. I hope they update that. For 99 cents I'll give it a shot.

Posted via CB10

Id get this in the second, but the resolution is too poor. like look at the pics uploaded in this article!

Anyone know how Colorize compares to ColorUp??? ColorUp APPEARS too have more features.....

Posted via CB10

I've had this app for a few weeks now and I have to say that it is a great and very easy to use app but cannot upload edited images on twitter as display photo... contacted the dev and he is going to work on this issue as well as the resolution probz... no date of updates not given...

Posted via CB10

its greaat for instagram. I did a pic of a jeep in a river in the forest, left the jeep black and white, used tilt shift. posted it to instagram and got over 1000 hearts in 24 hours. Loving it!

It does take a major hit. I would suggest taking a screenshot to retain a higher resolution before saving the image, so this way, minimal editing is needed to remove any buttons or bars. I don't have a Z10 or Q10, but I'm passing on that knowledge which in turn helps others out too. :)