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Colored Curves: a Quick Look at the Ballet Pink and Royal Purple BlackBerry Curve 9360

Ballet Pink BlackBerry Curve 9360
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Feb 2012 11:25 am EST

Cruising through the BlackBerry experience during BlackBerry DevCon Europe, we came across these sweet colored Curves. The Ballet Pink and Royal Purple Curve 9360 haven't had much press, although they have been seen around a few times before. Nothing fancy going on with either of these, but we always like to see how cool devices look with a splash of color. If you're looking to pick either of these up you may have to wait just a bit until they hit more carriers (you should see them rollout soon in Europe).

Take a closer look at both in the video above and keep reading for more images. Sexy Curves and they Know it!

Ballet Pink BlackBerry Curve 9360

Ballet Pink BlackBerry Curve 9360

Ballet Pink BlackBerry Curve 9360

Royal Purple BlackBerry Curve 9360 

Royal Purple BlackBerry Curve 9360

Royal Purple BlackBerry Curve 9360

Royal Purple BlackBerry Curve 9360



Sweet now I have an excuse to buy a new blackberry for my wife, when she sees these new pink curves she is for sure going to want one. And I just love having an excuse to bring new berrys into the family!



Denise in Los Angeles

I get white usb cables from Amazon. Just ordered an extra one yesterday!

I want both the pink and purple one.


Wish it was a purple Bold!


Coming from a heterosexual male, that wouldnt look too bad, and i think it would sell!


Same here!!! I would buy it in a hearbeat!!!




Look, I know that they all come in white. But why is it that only the entry level Curves get a wide range of colours? I get the fact that the Curves sell more, and thus RIM makes back the money spent on retooling for things like the coloured keyboards and such. How about striking a balance like the red 9800? Overall the chassis seems to use the same parts as the more common black model, but things like the bezels and battery door are given a little personality. Why isn't RIM doing this for the new Bold and Torch lines (wouldn't 9850/60 be even easier seeing as it's basically all bezel)? Heck, they could maybe even colour the keyboards frets to match, while retaining the black keys.

I for one would love to rock and roll a more vibrantly coloured 9810. But the only choice is either going with white (which is still cool), or flat silver/nickel.

Oh yeah, and if RIM were to do this, it would be nice of them to either release them at the same time, OR let us know of their expected release dates. They shouldn't worry about losing sales here. If anything it might decrease chance of jumping ship when people know that if they wait an extra month or two, they can rock a cool colour to show off their BB love.


changing the color now... that should solve RIM's problem!


Wow so i am not the only ones with that same type headphones, but my headphones is in the color brown.


This is why I love the Curve series. The extra colours give you that much more of a choice to personalize your phone to your tastes. That's why I'm so reluctant to upgrade. I like white phones but I wish there were more colour choices with the 'higher end' BBs.


Love the pink! Can I have a 9810 in pink, please?


Ok, so I'll say it.

The Barney phone is too deep of a purple for me. If the purple was the same shading as the pink then that would make it a hot phone.

This colour purple is getting close to being of the same scale as that really hideous pink 9300 a few blogs back. Not as bad but getting there.

I agree that the top end phone should come with colour choices. Right out of the hack (curling term) the new bb10 phones should come in at least white and red as well as black. But tmho.


The purple one has been out in the uk on o2 since the new curves first launched!


Awww, I wish they make a Royale Purple and Ballet Pink for Bold 9900. It would be a great gift to girlfriends and wives on Valentines Day.


Blackberry gets some big ups for having the Skullcandy Aviator headphones on display!