Color LED Messages goes on sale for a limited time

By Alicia Erlich on 5 Nov 2013 05:59 am EST

As a BlackBerry owner, that flashing LED light compels me to grab for my smartphone each and every day. We all love seeing it blink and flash, alerting us of a new notification. I'm no exception and probably glance down at my device at work more than I should the minute it goes off. This was especially true when I was on BBOS and used various apps to assign different colors to my accounts.

That's where Color LED Messages comes into play. It allows users to customize the LED color of incoming calls, SMS, email, contacts, and social accounts (i.e. Facebook and Twitter). 

Included in this app are other useful features as well, such as bedside mode, screen and password lock sounds, automatic sync messages, and daily timer profile just to name a few.

For a limited time, the developer has placed this effective utility application on sale for $0.99. With all of its different capabilities, if you've been holding off on getting it then now is the time to pick it up. Please note that in order to work properly, Color LED must remain open as active frame.

For a closer look, be sure to head on over and read our full review. You can find it in BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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Color LED Messages goes on sale for a limited time


Just like every other notifications app for BlackBerry 10 right now.

Headless support will not be available officially until OS 10.2.1, and there is no such thing as an official, carrier-supported version of 10.2.1 yet, anywhere in the world.

One has to wonder/hope: Once a headless version of this app is released, will it be a free upgrade, or will we be throwing away a dollar if we buy it now and upgrade later? I myself have no interest in any such notification app until it is headless, so I guess I'll wait and pay more later, not being in the mood to gamble on the free upgrade. A bird in the hand and all that...

Headless are long running apps that remain functioning in the background and without an active frame.

Posted via CB10

Lack of headless apps had to be hurting devs who make apps like these? I love having custom LED notifications and would pay for the privilege, but until they can run in the background I'm just not interested. And now we are told headless apps won't run until 10.2.1

CB10 on my Z10

I hope you're running a leaked unofficial 10.2.1 OS then, because Blackberry is blocking any headless apps from being used on anything prior to 10.2.1 now, since 10.1 and prior don't support headless at all, and 10.2.0's headless support is broken.

But the active window of these apps show good info. Like battery percentage and memories used in this case.

I really want this app but for me keeping an active frame open is like walking by a mess in my house and not picking it up.

I will get this app and pay no problem as soon as it's headless

I'm more surprised that BlackBerry didn't fix this in 10.2,led notification is BlackBerry. At least to bbos standards so there is still room for developers to customize and improve.

Posted via CB10

Why is this still not something you can change from settings...? people have always wanted this option, why would they not include it in their brand new line up of phones??

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On BBOS (prior OS), we had to wait until BBOS 7 (Bold 9900) to get the LED notifications backed on the OS (no need of 3rd party app to customize it).
I hope Blackberry will not take the same amount of time to get that setting in on BB10! :)

"That's where Color LED Messages comes into play. It allows users to customize the LED color of incoming calls... "

Are you sure of that? Even BeBuzz cannot customize incoming calls for my different contacts.....

According to their BBWorld description, yes this app can customize the LED for each contact or of each app, etc. But like several have pointed out it must be running in the background at all times to work, it does have an option to turn off while your phone is in bedside mode. Nice write-up Alicia, guess I will go give it a spin for myself now, thanks for the head(less) up on this great looking app and what is there to lose at only $.99 anyway.

Yep, it works, just set my most frequent callers with different color combos for each one separately. Worth $.99 for sure, now to go set different app colors.

Also has nice little battery meter with percentage left and available memory meter visible when running for what that's worth. BeBuzz will probably have a paid upgrade "Pro" version coming out someday. ;)

I'm agree with it, headless apps are good. Imagine if active frame reached 8 open, some apps must be closed. Just liked DeBuzz pro useless if close it

Posted via CB10

I have disco led. Great idea, but useless non headless. You need to turn off general led notification in order for it to work. So if you accidentally close the active frame you get no led notifications. See the problem here? BlackBerry need to get their shit together and support developers

Posted from BlackBerry Z10

Is it sure that when 10.1.2 comes out then headless will work?

Send From My Sexy BlackBerry Q10 ......

I totally understand the fact that everyone wants these apps to be headless, and I was a holdout on buying any of these apps until they became headless, but when the free trial of BeBuzz came out a few weeks ago I thought I'd give it a shot.

I found that leaving the app open all the time is really not that bad, and the informational display is not ugly or useless, so I've gotten used to it now. Still hoping for headless eventually, but I'm fine with how it is now. Give it a try.

It is useless for me, as it does not see my work email account. Hub++ at least let me choose my work account mail and set rules. This app only see my Gmail account.

I'll take color txt, sorry no color LED for me when I see my led flashing I check my phone anyway :]x

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Good for you, here's a cookie.

There is no such thing as a notification customizer for BlackBerry 10 that has headless support yet, because there is no official OS version that supports headless properly. BlackBerry is not going to officially support headless until OS 10.2.1, which isn't released yet.

Hope you have lots of patience.

Personally I have been using both Hub++ and BeBuzz as active-frames on different devices and it's no big deal.

Any of you guys think about maybe buying it on sale for when it does go headless. Buy it now on sale or wait 6 months for 10.2.1 and buy it at full price.

Pretty sure that's the point of the sale.

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Be Buzz Pro got me, not another until headless apps are available, as well as the official 10.2

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