Color ID - LED Status Light Customizer for Email, Incoming Calls and SMS

By ObiGeorge on 18 Nov 2009 01:43 pm EST
Color ID  Color ID

Color ID is an app that allows you to customize your device's LED alerts for SMS, incoming calls and email from specific contacts on your BlackBerry smartphone. Its interface is easy to use and lets you choose from 10 different colors, as well as using 2 colors per alert if you wish. These color combinations can be applied to multiple contacts and are synched to your BlackBerry's address book. Color ID is a great way to customize your BlackBerry and make good use your LED. The obvious comparison to BerryBuzz will be made, but the two have different features (ie. BerryBuzz isn't for specific contacts) that set them apart. There is also a lite version that allows you to customize 2 contacts. Color ID is available for $5.99 in CrackBerry App Store.

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Color ID - LED Status Light Customizer for Email, Incoming Calls and SMS


I've been using this application for a little while now! Personally I think it's great!! I also use BerryBuzz too because each app is what the other isn't. And from my experiences, they work well together! ColorID will overide BerryBuzz when a specific contacts emails, sms, or calls you.

I know there are several of these apps out that do pretty much the same thing, so my question is. What app would be best for me. The following are the only applications that I would like notifications for:

Incoming calls
SMS Text
Facebook notifications
Blackberry Messenger

I have the Sprint 9630 (Tour)


I use BerryBuzz. Her's my set up:

Incoming calls-Disco
SMS Text-Blue
Facebook notifications-White
Blackberry Messenger-Red

this is easily one of my top three apps......

Set up for the app is a pain on the Storm, would benefit greatly if it let you change to Landscape mode.

Free app works as stated though once you get it set up.

Just loaded this on my Tour, and before I could reboot I received a blank screen with "Reload Software: 552"


I use BerryBuzz and it is perfect, this app is too much. Use berrybuzz and just assign a ringtone to your special contacts. Save your money people.

I downloaded the free version, which I use with two of my friends I text the most. I had to turn off the LED on my BB curve 8330 for SMS and incoming calls and it seem to work just fine.

the free version only allowes you for 2 contacts, which I have one for my wife and the other one for my son. Not gonna spend the money because those are the 2 people I need to answer the phone when they call.

it doesn't work on Bold 9000 (

It disabled all LED notifications and set all my Profiles back to default.

as stated unlike BerryBuzz this does a "specific" email, call or sms. people are getting this confused with setting it for all

We're offering it for $0.99 right now on Mobihand network (including Crackberry of course)!

Lots of improvements in this version 1.1.7 including disco ball.

Just purchased it via BBAppStore, and I don't like it. Probably 90% of my text communication is via BBMessenger, and I, wrongly, assumed that ColorID would allow me to assign colors to specific PINs as well as email addresses/phone numbers. Disappointed. :(

Hi everyone,

I am about to purchase a LED app for my blackberry 9500, I have looked around and tried the free trials, and would like some feedback on which is the best app to get between the [B]BeBuzz[/B] and [B]BigTinCan[/B] or [B]Color ID[/B]?