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How to color code messages with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

How to color code messages with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1
By James Richardson on 3 Mar 2014 06:16 pm EST

Color coding messages in the BlackBerry Hub isn't totally new with OS 10.2.1, but it may well be one of those features that as a BlackBerry 10 user you weren't aware of. What's nice about this feature is that it isn't just your email accounts (if you have more than one) that you can have colors assigned. All your native apps such as BBM and SMS are included as well, but so are any others that have Hub integration - so the likes of Facebook and Twitter can get a touch of color in your Hub. 

Being able to color code your messages in BlackBerry 10 isn't just about making things pretty. It makes it easier to visually triage your messages. If you know that you've set your Twitter mentions to blue and orange to yellow and BBM to purple it's easy to swipe through and get an idea of what you've missed. Each Hub notification gets a colored line on the left hand side to correspond with the color you've selected for that type of notification.

When it comes to setting things up you have a choice of using green, blue, orange, pink or purple. By default none of the notifications have colors selected, so to get things up and running you'll need to do it manually.

Here's how: 

  • Jump into your Hub and tap the overflow menu (three dots)
  • Select settings
  • Select Hub Management and then just choose the accounts you wish to color code

As you can see, it's super easy to do and while it doesn't really add a huge amount of function, you can at a quick glance view the accounts that are most important to you. I for example have several email accounts on my BlackBerry, but it's only the Mobile Nations one that I have colored - so if I dive into the Hub I can easily see which emails I need to read first. It's all about personal choices - something that BlackBerry 10 has become rather good at.


Iggy City

I see you like your whites hot. ;)

Edit: now it looks normal...


Funny, and yes this is a nice feature

Posted via CB10


Just found this today... before the post haha! definitely adds some additional slickness to the hub and saves a SECOND or 2 ;)

Posted via CB10


Hmm :/

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

Thanks,never knew about colors,keep Up the great work!!


Cool never knew about this. This is awesome!

Posted via CB10


Wish there were more colors though

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 - Q5


More colors and the color bar at the side was a bit bigger

Posted via CB10


Need way more colors.

Posted via CB10


Thicker color bar, please!

Posted via CB10


I agree

Posted via CB10

Dave XII

Indeed it's hard to see. Nice feature but useless as of now...Hope they will improve to i.e. background coloring

Posted via CB10


Yes I would prefer background colouring too.

Posted via CB10


Thankksss soo didn't know this well as stated above...

Posted via CB10


This is a nice feature, but the color line needs to be wider.

Posted via CB10


Yeah sick feature... think I saw it before, but forgot about it. There should be more colours (instead of the neon colours)... e.g. red, blue, black, etc. (the neon colours are fine like orange, blue, green...).


I spell colour with an u and pronounce z Zed10 eh! ;)

Posted via CB10


This is yhe Brit way...

Posted via CB10


This is how the Brits spell and pronounce it.

Posted via CB10

Halifax Guy

True Canadians spell and pronounce words correctly, unlike our American cousins. ;-)

Posted via CB10


Limited in colour but nice

Posted via CB10


Sweet didn't know this feature.

Posted via CB using my Q10


Sweet, nice one. Just got main emails colour-coded plus missed calls, ready to go on my cheap and cheerful Q5...

Posted via CB10


Useless feature.. I get a little colored bar on the left hand side... big whoop..
How about outlining the box in color?
How about "dark mode?" for the hub....


Never knew this. Makes it look prettier. Needs more colors though

Posted via CB10


I just found this feature out someone from BlackBerry company showed it to me

Posted via CB10


I have it too on my VzW Z30.

The opener made reference to it not exactly being new to 10.2.1 so that notation was made, but I'm betting some of my VzW Z30/Q10 peeps don't know they have this also.

Posted via CB10


Needs more colors.

Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.


Since there are limited colours I would like to see the pinch to filter have the ability to filter by colour. Use case is if you blow through all the colours, but you have more than one account in orange, which marks the most important accounts. I suppose you could accomplish this via the priority hub as well.

Posted via CB10


Thanks, didn't know about this.

Posted via CB10

canadian nick

Thanks James great feature I didn't know about. Love my Z30 even more today

Posted via CB10


I've mentioned in the forums before that the colors should match those offered in the calendar. It makes no sense that they don't!


This is a feature with great potential but is currently poorly executed on BB10 10.2.1

Posted via CB10

Shannon Stauffer

Thanks James! Didn't know about this feature either!

OS on Verizon Z10


I found this about a week ago. Nice and convenient.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


James great posts, it's a great feature !

Like your reviews

Posted via CB10


I did not know this feature existed.

Posted via CB10


I've always found the bar to be too thin, it would be great if the entire message line in the hub was the colour, and not just the side.

Posted via CB10


You read my mind :)

Posted via CB10


I was glad to see this feature but I do wish the colors were more prominent, than a colored line down side. I hope for bigger things to come!

Posted via CB10


I do this with my different accounts. The only thing I wish was for more color choices.


I too would like the entire header in color.


Omg didn't know about this...thanks a bunch! makes my Z30 so much better

Posted via CB10


Another one of many new features I didn't know. Smh. Thanks CB!

Loving My SexyBack Z10!


Thank you James for these great posts. Today I learned something new. Keep 'em comin'.


Color needs to run through the entire message. The side bar is too small for it to be useful.

Posted via CB10


Cool idea, but as others have already mentioned it could use a little tweaking. More colours, and a thicker bar to make them stick out better would really make this feature much more useful.

Posted via CB10


Need more colours!!!!!

By awesome z30! Never regret..

Prem WatsApp

Been using this for months now. Otherwise too much of a mess with personal and business email, all thrown together.

Glad a few more people get to know this now through this little "refresher" post. Thanks!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Only 5 colours, not nearly enough.

Posted via ZedTen

Winston Loh

Colour coding makes searching easier at a glance...


There are just 5 colours...

Posted via CB10


The colour doesn't work in my z10

Posted via CB10


Thanks for the tip. Had this set up before, reset my Q10 and forgot how to set the colours and now thanks to your post, have it set up again!

Posted via CB10


There should be more colors.

Posted via CB10

Mr Gill

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to do this. Thanks (btw you spelt colour wrong :D

Posted via my love powered Q10


Needs more colours like previously mentioned many times but is a great feature.

Posted via CB10


I agree need about 5 more colours.

Authored on the Q10


Relly useful. Thanks!

Posted via BlackBerry Q10

Aman Shah Alladin

Cool, just did it jz now to customize..olz do this in Apple, boo sure Samsung will copy, cz samsing is copy cattttt!!

Posted via CB10


This is super useful if you have multiple email accounts setup, as the Hub doesn't offer a different email icon for Gmail vs. Exchange, etc. (they should do that - webOS did that and it was extremely helpful) . In the interim, BlackBerry could offer more colors to tag accounts with.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10



It's these "little" things that pop up here on CB that makes me love CB more every day!

Posted via CB10


If they could match the colour selected with blinking light that would be brilliant!

Posted via CB10

Jamie Wolfendale

Looks cool. Could do with more colours though, or the ability to make contacts a particular colour.

It's the blood from broken hearts that write the words to every song


The color is so small ,I hardly notice it.

Posted via CB10


I have a BlackBerry q10 and I really want to know when will Verizon update the q10? Please help me,the waiting is killing me!!

Posted via CB10


How come it doesn't work on my Q10? It's saying I have the latest version. I'm with AT&T...

Posted via CB10


Great feature!!

Juacas posting via CB10

moutaz elhariri

I thought it will be full colored but nice job anyway

Posted via CB10


Just realized I could change order of the hub. I don't think I could do this with earlier versions. Thanks BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


More thickness or background coloured!!

Posted via CB10


It's amazing

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10