The International Organization for Migration in Colombia jump on the BES10 bandwagon

By James Richardson on 22 Jul 2014 09:36 am EDT

More good news this week on the enterprise side of things for BlackBerry as the International Organization for Migration in Colombia have chosen BES10 as their platform of the future.

And who can really blame them? They are following a long line of corporate organizations that have committed to BlackBerry 10 for it's security features, as you will read below in the press release.

Why the mainstream media doesn't pick up on the news like this baffles me. They prefer to focus of the negatives when it comes to BlackBerry which can be rather frustrating for us BlackBerry addicts. Oh well, at least we can see that things are far from doom and gloom if yet another global group is jumping on the BES10 bandwagon.

How many devices the Colombia office will be rolling out is unclear, but it's good news allround. Fingers crossed that this will be a global commitment for the IOM.

Press Release

Bogota, Colombia – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX:BB), a world leader in mobile communications, today announced that the Colombian office of the International Organization for Migration (OIM), an international migration affairs group, has selected BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) as its mobile enterprise mobility platform of choice.

OIM Colombia, with global headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, is the first OIM country of the 155 member organization to implement the BES10 multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. The group's employees use BlackBerry® 10 smartphones connected to BES10 to ensure the highest level of productivity and security.

"We decided to implement BES10 in order to unify and centralize our device management at OIM Colombia, including BlackBerry smartphones and devices from other platforms, as part of our BYOD strategy. The ability to efficiently and securely manage our organization's mobile devices with such a robust solution – no matter what operating system they might be running –is why we've decided to continue to invest in BlackBerry," said David Fernando Jimenez Vargas, ITC Coordinator at OIM Colombia. "For our organization, BES10 is the best platform on the market, as it offers the best end-to-end security, the easiest integration with existing IT systems," added Jimenez Vargas. 

"More than 35,000 BES10 commercial and test servers have been installed globally. This is another indication of how our company is solidifying our presence in the EMM sector across the industry" said Nuncio di Mare, Enterprise Sales Manager for the Andean Region and the Caribbean. "By deploying a platform that supports BYOD corporate policies, OIM Colombia allows their employees to bring a personal device to work while at the same time, allowing IT Managers to implement IT policies in the device's corporate environment," said Di Mare. 

Customers are realizing the benefits and cost savings of the recently launched BlackBerry program, which provides free license migration and support for BlackBerry customers to move from BES5 and other MDM platforms to BES10.

Since the program launched on March 31, 2014, more than 1.2 million BES10 client access licenses have been issued to customers worldwide. The enterprises participating in the program represent a cross-section of industries from financial services and healthcare, to telecommunications and government organizations. Migrations to BES10 include customers using other MDM vendors such as AirWatch, MobileIron and Good Technology.

The BlackBerry EZ Pass migration program is designed to help customers take full advantage of the BES10 multi-platform solution by seamlessly migrating from BES5 and includes access to BlackBerry's technical support services.

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The International Organization for Migration in Colombia jump on the BES10 bandwagon


A request to Bla1ze. Can we have a separate section on the Crackberry page which only has details of organisations and their implementation of BB10 devices and BES10. This will also help us track and keep record. And an eye opener to the world.

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Good idea. Since crackberry usually comes up in the top 3 when looking up BlackBerry information.

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35,000+ servers and test servers. That has to be good revenue just from those licenses alone. I continue to believe BlackBerry will become profitable ahead of the target time frame provided by John Chen.

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"Why the mainstream media doesn't pick up on the news like this baffles me. They prefer to focus of the negatives when it comes to BlackBerry which can be rather frustrating for us BlackBerry addicts"

The mainstream media and BlackBerry competition have interlocking boards of directors so of course they only report bad news. They would like nothing more than to see BlackBerry die.

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BlackBerry should give free Bes10 to a few news companies, this might help improve the positive news for them.

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We need more good news for the Colombian market... bring the Z3 soon... And if it was yepes goal!!!

As a Colombian and a crackberry community fellow, I respectfully ask for the titled to be edited, spelling correctly the name of my country: Colombia. Thanks in advance.

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Funny that they still say "more than 1.2 million licences signed". Surely they've handed out more in the last month since the ER. Saving the numbers for another stunning ER in September?

Another good life of news I see hidden in there is "the first of 155 members to sign on to BES10." Tell your friends, Colombia!

Mainstream media wants the public to believe BlackBerry is bankrupt. Wall Street has anointed crabapple and droid and want their stock prices to go up.

Unfortunately the general public believes what the media puts out but business and government entities know better. Isn't that right banksters?

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"They prefer to focus of the negatives when it comes to BlackBerry "

You hit the BGR nail right on the head...

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I wanted to forward this story to the Colombian side of my family . However, they find it highly offensive when someone substitutes a u for an o when referencing their country. After seeing the title I know they won't bother reading the rest of the article. Please correct the spelling?

I'm hoping BlackBerry announces over 40,000 BES10/12 servers. It seems we've been stuck between 30,000 to 35,000 for months now.

Either way, good news. Keep them coming.

Posted on my Q5

I understand that we have analysts amongst us, so why doesn't one of them step up and blog on Seeking Alpha?
Lord knows that we are witnessing the Apple bears et. al. jamming the airwaves against us in this way.

BlackBerry will get back to its feet. Soon. Done my part in convincing some of my friends in Nigeria To join the BB10 Train.

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Why would the newspaper print good things about BlackBerry in North America. They would love nothing more than to see BlackBerry fail. So they can pick over the bones. When Apple starts to get see their sales drop and it will, they will all do the same thing to Apple. That's the kind of society that we all now live in.

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Wish I cud lay ma hands on BlackBerry stocks ryt now.......such a large room 4 growth

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It's not in in the mainstream media because BlackBerry is dead remember?. "BlackBerry is still around?". Makes me laugh when idiot iSheep say that. Only the mindless followers say stupid shit like that. Keep up with the great news BlackBerry. Wooooo

Apple, The New Evil Empire

People only use what's "cool", regardless if it sucks or not. People that buy Iphones an Galaxy Phones wouldn't even consider a Blackberry simply because it's "not cool" (for right now).

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Old things are cool. Play on your gamers while others are doing great things! China graduates 1 million engineers yearly ; US and Canada- 0.1million! God help us to refocus.

I will buy a Passport and I'll feel cool :-) don't care what others consider or think about BB.

I need tools, not toys as they say. One day they realize.

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Best Enterprise Security (BES) with BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES). :D

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The most successful ppl are the ones behind the faces. Apple and Samsung can have the spot light but, the ppl behind all of the companies pushing them are using BlackBerry's. It's ok, we all really know here. Don't need all that attention.

Well the stars are starting to align for BlackBerry. BES has always been a strength and it is just getting the recognition it rightly deserves. This is a real cash cow. Further, the Handsets are competitive and show real signs of innovation.

What is nice to see is that BlackBerry fortunes are turning north just as Samsung's and Apple's are turning south. There was a real palpable weakness in iPhone sales this quarter despite a huge marketing effort by Apple to pump up sales. It will be interesting to see what happens with their product refresh in fall. If Apple continues to charge a premium price, I think they could really start to flounder as consumers are expecting to pay less. There is a real opening for BlackBerry handsets if they are properly priced. That is the key

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