Cocky Culture releases Pocket Ninjas for the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10

Pocket Ninjas By Cocky Culture
By Bla1ze on 22 Jan 2013 10:27 pm EST

If you dig some finger swiping action, Cocky Culture has now released their addictive Pocket Ninjas game for both the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10. Slash your way to glory and victory by attacking your enemies while while dodging shurikens and avoiding bad sushi. Once you battle your way through, go ahead and upgrade your Pocket Ninja Pocket Ninja with new looks, weapons, and abilities! You can hit the trailer below for more details or jump on into BlackBerry World where you'll find it available for a reasonably priced $0.99.

Purchase Pocket Ninjas from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Cocky Culture releases Pocket Ninjas for the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10


You people enjoy it. Nothing like a good "chop off their heads and limbs" game for our devices. Oh look, +1000 bonus for slashing their head and legs! Disgusting.

oh, PLEASE don't go crying to Biden about the 'violence' in this game...Blackberry needs ALL the (app) help it can get for the BB10 launch!

I'm entitled to my opinion and will post it when I feel like it. The game is disgusting and got the mature rating from BB as it should - kudos to them for doing the right thing. And to your comment, BB10 needs no help from a mature rated game at launch.

You're absolutely right, as am I...and it's people like you, who can't see ENTERTAINMENT for what it is, that are pulling this society apart - but enough political-BS (because that's exactly what THAT is).

To point out another flaw in your thinking, BB10 DOES need EVERY bit of support it can garner from any/all app developers that are willing - maybe YOU don't care for 'mature' content, but the fact remains, the mobile world is converging with the gaming world...don't fight it, learn to embrace it, and we (BB) will survive and thrive.

Both of you are entitled to your opinions, both of you are right, let's move on.

No matter how long this thread gets, you will not get each other to see eye to eye.


Calling a stupid slasher game repulsive is "pulling society apart"? That's moronic. And you're the one that brought politics into this meaningless comment thread. Nice use of caps too. Really made your rant pop.

wow - you're really taking this to a whole new level of stupidity, huh? Ok, 'I'll be your Huckleberry'...because THAT'S the kind of mood I'm in.

When people like YOU take offense to a FICTIONAL VIDEO GAME, then go a step further and 'cry' that GAMES are the reason/cause for the violence in our society (true, I assumed you were that type, since you thought enough to leave a comment on a 'meaningless comment thread' to begin with), forcing politicians to feel like they need to DO something about it...YES - THAT is 'pulling society apart' - when, in actuality, all YOU, and the rest of the 'whiners' out there, simply need to look in the mirror for the cause (read: bad parents), rather then blaming everything/everyone else in the world.

It's just a freaking game - ENTERTAINMENT...get over it, and yourself.

Speaking of 'entertainment' - I can't wait to see what I may have stirred up in you next...THIS is good stuff right here...carry on.


@jcbrunson don't ruin it for others. If you don't like it, don't download AND gtfo. Simple as that. Got it? Two things:
1. don't download
2. gtfo.

1. Been clear about it, I won't be dnloading the grotesque game.
2. I think I'll stick around since I know it's under your skin. I love the haters.

Um, don't really care about any of that. But here's something from the game: "deflect shurikens and feed your bloodlust! +1 coin for every 1000lb of limb" Oh yes, you are right - BB10 really needs the help of this gem of a game. Pure entertainment. Like I said from the beginning and still on topic: you go right ahead and enjoy.

the rating system was created by "progressive/socialist" principles...a means of the Gov to say what you can see/do at what age...debate over...

Great too see a good game come to BlackBerry 10. I was just wondering is it native and does it have scoreloop integration.

Downloaded this earlier today for my PlayBook and every free minute I have had I have been playing. Very good game, very addicting! Good Job!!!

I don't understand why we have to pay $0.99 for this game when it's a free download on iPhone. I know it's only a dollar but if blackberry 10 is to try and take on iPhone and android, why would people want to have to pay for apps that they can get free on those other platforms. Doesn't make sense to me? Maybe I'm wrong though.

The reason its a free download for iOS vs $0.99 on BB10 is in the iOS version I utilizes a popup advertisement when the game initially loads to monetize it, at this time there aren't any services that I know of that have the same quality and return on BB so I had to charge for it. I kept it as cheap as I could though.

I would not pay to much attention to those complaining about pricing, after all its your business and that is how you make money and how you make a living, great job, great game, well done!!...would you share your experience developing for BB10?

Sure, I originally developed this a year ago for iOS using a software development package call Multimedia Fusion. I initially tried to port it over using the dev software's Flash runtime but was having trouble getting it to run smoothly due to using Adobe Air, but in the year of updating the iOS version I had optimized to the point that it was feasible. It took about 2 weeks of tweaking it to get it working to the level it is :) It was actually pretty easy experience and it should be much quicker for future games.

I wasn't complaining at paying at all. I think it's great that you can offer it for as little as 0.99c but my comment was more directed at if all developers will charge for apps that are free on iPhone, it is going to hurt the bb10 uptake. If bb10 are trying to get more "consumers" they need to model their app world on iPhones success (lots of free apps for kids/teens and everyone else to download. Maybe someone needs to look into banner advertising for bb10 so developers can get on board with that. Developers aren't going to get a true indication of how successful their app on bb10 vs iPhone when one is free and one costs money. A free app will be downloaded 100times more than an app that costs money. Will be interested to hear other people's input. I just want B10 to be a huge success :)

So you suggest developers build apps and give it a way for free or should be subsidize by device makers? The bottom line is someone should not pay for it? How else does one encourage apps to be develop if there's no reward in developing? And why complicate a simple commerce. RIM already invest in developers guaranteed $10K and given all the tech support they can. How much more should the company subsidize? Developers are rightly charged for the work they have created. As a consumer it's up to you if you willing to purchase it or not. You don't go to Walmart and expect get something for free because the labor is cheap in China. Besides when it comes to Playbook the apps are relatively few because of the number of users. If it reaches the level of popularity like Apple or Samsung, it will attract more developers and perhaps more free apps. It's a catch 22 situation. The market has to be large enough to sustain an eco system that can afford to give away free apps.