Cocky Culture 2-Day 50% Off Sale on All Themes

Cocky Culture
By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2009 11:57 am EDT

I got an email from Tony of Cocky Culture themes this morning that he is having a 2-day sale on all of his themes. This means you can grab awesome themes like Leatherberry, Robotika, Revolver and more for 50% off. Almost all of the themes are regularly priced at $4.95, so you get a great savings during this sale. Just visit from your device and pick out a Cocky Culture theme. Enter the coupon code 2d50off at checkout and you will receive 50% off. The sale runs today and tomorrow only, so don't miss out!

* Please Note: Coupon code will only work in our mobile app store ( or via our app store BlackBerry client (download from on your berry's browser). Coupon code will not work in our pc-optimized store. *

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Cocky Culture 2-Day 50% Off Sale on All Themes


this guy makes some pretty pimp themes. my girlfriend and i both work at an indirect verizon store, we both have stormms, i use the revolver theme, and she has that pink one thats very similar =D

revolver and conquest. both are great, look awesome, no available mem loss for me and tony's (dev) been responsive and helpful. highly recommended.

Maybe it would be a good idea know... actually DO something about these incompatibilities, crackberry

something about site maintenance? nahhh