CNN Weighs In On Last Weeks BlackBerry Outage

By Adam Zeis on 30 Dec 2009 02:50 pm EST
Just yesterday we got a great video from CNN on the BlackBerry Boom in Indonesia, and today we came across this one courtesy of @impalass96 regarding last week's data outage. The video makes some good points that we can all relate to ("a stressful period for some") and gives a brief description of what happened to cause the outage. While it doesn't reveal anything terribly detailed, they did quote Kevin's original blog post about the outage (but managed to steal my BBM title to throw on top of it?). I wonder if anyone in the video is a CrackBerry user? :-)
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CNN Weighs In On Last Weeks BlackBerry Outage


"All this has happened before, and all this will happen again" unfortunately...and hopefully not as bad as that one

This should teach me to read subjects of posts... I was wracking my head wondering were that quote came from... saying it over and over until finally I said "you are the harbringer of death Kara Thrace".

I really should have read your title... subject

funny... first time i saw that video and i saw the quotes i was like, "who the heck said that? wonder where they pulled that quote from?"... then later i realized i wrote it. ergg. :)

second. for a bb outage video, there are a LOT of iphones in it. watch it again and take note. kind of funny.

Over the christmas holidays I got a chance to experience a droid and iphone first hand. I use a 8330 BB and enjoyed teasing those in my family who didn't own one. Well, I'm here to say good bye BB...We had contest to seeing who's phone could obtain the information the quickest useing several different applications. I got beat every time. Their applications loaded way before mine and sometimes 3 to 4 mins. ahead of mine. Their content was better and it looked just like the screen on my lap top without the jiberish. I can not wait for my upgrade to become available!!! It's time to get back on board with real time capabilities.

You are using an older BB. They might have been using wifi which is definately faster and all the new BB's have wifi now. They are using the most current phones and your not. Give the newer BB's a try with your test and see what happens.

I have a droid, and my battery makes it all day. It's slightly worse than my 8330 was, but the phone makes it totally worth it. Night and day difference.

Now, my friend and his Droid Eris, that's a whole different story...

hahaha yea I saw that. She may have been the only one that lost contacts due to a server outage. Human error?

Also, Allan has a really annoying voice.

She was probably thinking of that Sidekick outage. Or she completely did not know what she was talking about.

She was probably referring to BBM and not being able to contact anyone. It's still very odd what she said, but I'm not surprised. People that aren't true "CrackBerry" people aren't any smarter on their BBs than your average Joe.

The BB was sold to me in April '09. My neice has an older Samsung without wifi that's thru AT&T that's much faster than my 8330. Just not impressed with BB's anymore.

It wasn't a bad video, but I do wish they didn't show so many iPhones in it. I'm sure they have enough footage of just BBs, but instead they throw in the colorful iPhones.

I really wish they had told people to upgrade their BBM though. They made a good point about the fault coming from the newer BBM versions, but didn't mention that RIM really needs everyone to upgrade.

Two months ago I purchased the BB Storm 2. Added a line on 12/23 and chose the HTC Eris (the Motorola is just hideous) I wanted to keep my Storm because I still liked the BB. After 1 week of playing around with this phone, I'm over the BB. I'm going to put the Storm 2 on eBay and pay the early termination.

True.. too many iPhones in that video! Oh well, i must say that day was horrible, no data for so long lol! To me, the best part of the video was when they featured Kevin's posts on the outage!

Hands down I would take my BB 8350i over a Droid.
Besides having Direct Connect, not even a Droid
Can effectively push POP3/IMAP email to its
Devices like a BB. ;-)