CNN App for BlackBerry now available

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jun 2013 08:58 am EDT

I have been waiting on a great news app for BlackBerry 10 so I was happy to see CNN App for BlackBerry available today. Available for both the Z10 and Q10, the Android-ported CNN app gives headlines and stories from all over the world including breaking news, weather and entertainment stories. It has a simple, easy to use layout and makes it easy to check out the new as it happens.

Features include:

  • Get breaking news and follow stories as they develop.
  • Watch video clips and coverage of live events as they unfold. 
  • Go beyond the surface with international, politics, opinion, tech and entertainment stories and more.
  • Contribute your story or opinion to CNN iReport by uploading photos and video directly from your app. Follow other iReporters and see stories from their point of view. 

Unfortunately this one is US only for now and you'll have to be running OS 10.1, but it is available for the low price of free!

More information/Download CNN App for BlackBerry

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CNN App for BlackBerry now available


Skype, Whatsapp, Soundhound, At Bat, PGA Tour, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, USA Today.... are you telling me you cannot download any of these apps?

I can DL all of those in Canada... except this new CNN app!!!
Why, CNN, why?!?

This is how you CB10, son!

Unfortunately this one is US only for now and you'll have to be running OS 10.1, but it is available for the low price of free!

The very last line of the article. The fact that the app is usable by a tiny fraction of BlackBerry owners warrants a mention in the article TITLE IMO.

It is unavailable on Verizon since they can't seem to issue an OS update in a timely manner. There needs to be a change that allows OEMs to push the updates. I am tired of waiting on Verizon.

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It would be great if they didn't just present one side of a story. They have low ratings because of that...

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Yawn... Old and worn out argument. Sure they generally cover from the conservative perspective (there's a mkt so at least one news outlet should, since it makes good business sense) but Fox actually has programs that offer real life liberals the opportunity to express their side. More than what can be said of the others.

hahaha yeah, the ones that Fox News knows their main anchors can steamroll and make look weak. Weird how they never seem to be able to land anyone from the left who they know can debate...

Unavailable for my z10. Bizarre ....I'll circle back later. sometimes takes a while to come through

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:( It says it is unavailable for my device when I click the link for it in BB World. I'm on Verizon stock OS. Bummer!

and as usual is not available outside the US, good going again BlackBerry. Try to remember that there are many users outside of the USA and Europe regards, the Caribbean

Because on other platforms, it's available outside the States. It looks bad on BlackBerry for allowing that and not acknowledging their worldwide customer base.

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When a developer submits an app, the developer chooses where they would like availability. Not BlackBerry. If you have a problem, contact CNN.

It's BlackBerry's responsibility to deliver the appropriate product in a proper manner. At this stage in the game, every decision should be for the growth of the platform and the satisfaction of the worldwide user base, no matter the developer's directions that come with the submission.

LOL - I love how people take the opportunity to blame BlackBerry for every little thing. CNN is the owner and developer of the app. CNN posted the app in App World and CNN determined in App World what regions and devices it was to be available for. BlackBerry did not develop the app, nor post the app, nor determine it's availability settings in App World.

Complain, complain, complain, complain, complain, complain, complain, complain ...

You too can provide your feedback. From CNN's description, for the CNN app, programmed for the BlackBerry by CNN and placed in App World by CNN. Note the email address:

"Have questions or feedback on the CNN App? E-mail us at . We are always looking for suggestions on how to provide the best experience possible for you."

Not available, but just as well. CNN has so much "noise" and not enough "news".

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I have had bad luck with Android ported apps running my battery to the ground.
I have to pass on this. Hate to sound negative but I want BlackBerry apps on my BlackBerry. Already have Android apps running on my Android. If we keep accepting Android ports, which were supposed to be an interim solution, we will never get native apps.

Apologies, folks. That's my opinion.

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I agree.. it just doesn't run the same... i hope BlackBerry makes a CNN app for BlackBerry. that would be awesome!

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Like Pete said... I hope CNN makes a CNN app for BB10.

Wonder why 10.1 required too for an Android port?
CNN was announced as coming to BB10 on Jan 30th, iirc. Why did it take 5 months if they were just porting their Android app? Unless there's a valid reason for the 10.1 minimum... (I'm doubtful, personally.)

This is how you CB10, son!

You know, as much as I hate to agree, I think that we really are starting to see a trend. I actually don't believe that many of these Android ports will ever be converted to native. Why? Incentive, where is it and what is it? As far as I can see the only benefit of native is the performance on the platform. If even a lesser performance Android app guarantees the developer and uptake of X and that uptake would not increase by making X native, then there is absolutely no incentive to go native.

I'm afraid that we may be more Android, now and in the future, than we think.

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Would work on Verizon Q10. Ditto for AT&T Q10 which releases in 2 days, iirc.

This is how you CB10, son!

Not available for us still in 10.0 thanks to at&t in US...

Not a happy camper!!

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Not really available any where. Needs 10.1 and US only. Haha, too funny.

Anyways, it's a crappy Android port.

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I will wait for BBC or another decent news service. CNN is terrible. Very amateurish news coverage. I have no problems with mobile websites.

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I'm usually good at translating from autocorrect to English, but you stumped me!

This is how you CB10, son!

Rotflmao. Auto correct certainly did a good job there. DROID and usa only. Can't be bothered. When native comes for Canada. I honestly don't know what I said so I'm hoping that's my translation of auto correct correctly hahaha. It's stumped me also now :). Bad bad autocorrect!

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I tried to download got a message from BlackBerry App World not. Available for this device. My BlackBerry is z10!

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A funny thing. It requires 10.1 and only in the USA. How many users in USA actually have had carriers give the 10.1 update! Hahaha. Lame on CNN part to be that silly

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Just checked when you post a comment it says posted by cnn for Android guess I'll stick with the home screen shortcut.

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KEVIN HELP US GET 10.1 IN THE US!!!! It's KILLING BlackBerry! Called Verizon and they had no release date. Said the last software submitted was found as buggy and needed fixed!

It is "Unavailable for this device" (my Z10), also. Any idea when Verizon is going to upgrade me to v10.1?

Uh, why does it NEED all of that security access? I can understand Internet access, but cam and device info? Sorry, I'll stick to my browser bookmark for the mobile website version.

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CNN is Crap news. 10.1 on AT&T. Very easy to put 10.1 on your phone. What are you doing waiting on the carriers to update. By the time they put it out 10.2 will be out.

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When I click on the link from the blog, it says unavailable for my drive. But when I go directly to BlackBerry App World, I search for CNN, it's there but not in the English version.

Tried it out. A bit sluggish. The layout is okay.

I don't know why it needs access to my camera. I understand the reason for the other permissions, but not the camera. I deleted it.

Maybe when they make a native app I'll try it, until then I'll just use the browser.

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With no 10.1 release date in site for majority of US, this US/10.1 ball drop is completely on the developer - not the carriers.

Who did they create it for??????

An app with conditions. Wait you must be in the continental united States. You must be using 10.1 OS and you must like android ported apps lastly you must appreciate CNN for its very biased news and once more you must be one of the few limited users in the USA that have gained access to 10.1. We consider you as our beta tester to ensure this app will actually function as it should. Please do not complain.

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Android post isn't considered as here!
Z10 running lower than 10.1 could port it over! Why not Native????

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Adam, as noted above many times this app is only available in US. It seems to me that if Crackberry is a truly worldwide portal for all things BB it would be good practice to note geographic limitations on the availability of an app and avoid pissing off a portion of your loyal readers.

Once again the article clearly states it's Only in the USA. So crackberry did advise. Is it their fault that the readers simply DONT read?

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Clearly stated in the very last sentence. After the bold headline trumpets the release of the app. The frequency of these missed details, article after article, would suggest the need for better presentation of the details.


No I think it calls for the individuals who lack the ability to read, to learn how to do so before wasting time. That is just sheer laziness on people's part. It is presented well enough. Are you suggesting that simply because people are lazy and don't read completely that we must all be treated like children and be babied every step of the way? If people are lazy they should go trade phones for an iPhone. That's for them. BlackBerry users should be much smarter in my opinion.


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They clearly read the bold headline, so you're wrong with that pointless insult. To suggest busy people scan CB (or any) articles out of sheer laziness is misguided at best - and certainly incorrect. That there are numerous similar complaints by the consumer (CB readers) would suggest its not presented well enough. Iphones are for the lazy? Well that's just asinine.
If you purchased your BlackBerry because of a promise of increased intelligence, your comments above suggest you've been betrayed. But perhaps that's a little harsh.

Edit: Nope! Re read your comments and my response is right on point.

Most of the rubbish comments made in any forum are usually from those who never read an entire article nor do they read the other comments first to see if their point has been addressed already.

I'm sure you have stats on that. Or are you proving your own point with your comment.

Many "Rubbish Comments" come from forum members who believe their views carry more validity because of the frequency of their comments. By your logic, an article/author/app/issue should also only be PRAISED once in any given string.

Again, what you protest is often for the sake of brevity - not out of stupidity or laziness.

Stand down.

Genghis2k3 lol. I own multiple BlackBerry as well as iPhones are owned in my family. I attended based on clear facts. If people read the article in its entirety they wouldn't have jumped on and started complaining that they couldn't get it. End of story. I don't state you are incorrect. There is validity in your statements however the simple fact is CB did provide the required information. Perhaps the failure to address the fact that the readers don't read articles ad well as they should may require a rethought in how articles are headlined. That being said clearly in these replies I am not the only one to comment on people's clear disregard to reading articles in its entirety.

Epic fail belongs to them not CB. Minor fail belong to those who support the ones who don't read :). No fails belong to those who agree that people just don't pay attention but the worst offender mark goes to the carriers who have yet to pish 10.1 and of course to CNN for being so asinine in not realising that their ported app is useless to the market they chose to introduce it for since not everyone has 10.1 in usa yet! Congratulations goes to CB for just


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Downloaded.......wait, cant turn off the location service or deny access to camera or files.......delete.

You can expect that with any Android port. It's "take it or leave it with" all permissions as the Runtime can't filter that stuff easily.

Do you really think CNN is planting malware on your device though? It might need to cache info temporarily for articles you're reading.

BB World really needs a Permissions tab in every app listing, and require devs to give 1 sentence explanation for each Permission so people stop freaking out.

This is how you CB10, son!

It's likely caching info in device mem. That counts as access to files.

Do you really think CNN is stealing your info?

This is how you CB10, son!

This is nothing but a bad Andriod port which I could have side loaded months ago. CNN should take some pointers on how to build an app from Wall Street Journal or New York Times. Regardless what you think of their news..... both of those apps are flawless.

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It's interesting how those two news outlets see the value of building a native app for BB10, but CNN doesn't have a clue.

One of my Favorites. Thanks for the heads up. App store is coming along a little at a time. Way to go BlackBerry 10

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Anyone else find it funny how this is a US only app for 10.1 OS yet most of the US does not have 10.1 as of yet. Not me I run a leak but most don't.

I cant install it because I am on Verizon and running 10..9.422 as the OS and they telling me they have no information on the upgrade.

To those who can't download this app. Don't be disappointed, you have to give away ridiculous permissions to use it.

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It is good to see more apps. But I would pass this time given the mobile website works better and feel more native. Plus I could access the website from anywhere in the world besides US.

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Ffs! 10.1. Seriously, AT&T, sort your shit out! (and no, I don't want to install a leak. Why should I gave to?)

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Not only is it an Android port, but it appends "Sent from the CNN app for Android." when sharing an article via SMS...that's just f'n lazy.

Wow that's the lazy cherry on top of the lazy pie that is their decision to take 5 months just to port the Android app.

This is how you CB10, son!

And it's also against the BBRY's rules for porting apps. Nowhere is the word Android allowed to appear in the app.

Actually i find it funny that it's only available in the US since 2 out of the current 3 carriers carrying BlackBerry is still on 10.0

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Well don't forget all Q10s run 10.1 too.

I still agree with your sentiment overall, but just saying.

This is how you CB10, son!

That means people don't read. The fact that it's there at the bottom and most people are complaining means they skim articles incorrectly. That's my opinion and that's what matters :D. Lol

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I fighting my inner voice that tells me I must have bought an android, please, noooo,, nooooo

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It's funny to see people excited over CNN! :)

On 10.1 (unofficial) with AT&T and now roaming in Europe, but cannot download it. Don't think I've missed much :)

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ok, i know this is unrelated. but im looking for a way to get to the crackberry team especially kevin. i made a video and this is the most complete blackberry 10 review you will ever least till when i do another *wink* anyway this is the link pls watch and share.
here is the link

When you try to send a story thru "Sms," all it says is Sent via CNN for Android."

Videos run alright, but the video advertisements of course run beautifully!

I call it making a U-turn with these Android apps. I download them, see that they're not very good, then delete them.

The early reviews aren't looking that great. Sounds like these ports just aren't cutting it, i'll pass.

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Not brilliant. Barely better than nothing. Which pretty much sums up all of these horrid Android apps. I bought my Q10 for BB10, not to run Android applications in a counter-intuitive fashion -- and slowly to boot. Honestly, use the CNN mobile site rather than this poorly executed app.

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Not available in Germany. Just need BlackBerry to remember that it's users are customers and need to be treated equally. While Cnn wrote the app, they didn't release it only for the US when it launched on Android. BlackBerry should ensure that these global apps are available globally same song that CrackBerry is telling BlackBerry about its OS rollout I can understand deutsche Bahn app being local to Germany but then If I am a visiting Germany with my Canadian Sim, does that mean I can't download the Dbahn app? Ridiculous, I am sure you agree Mr. Heins.

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That app wanted to much access to your information. I mean it wanted access to everything.

You can't check off what you don't want it to access before you download it.

So it says you can change the permissions settings once it's installed. I installed it and there's no way even in permissions to disconnect it from email data gps pictures SD card etc.

Deleted the app

When is BlackBerry News coming I'll even take Social Feeds at this point.

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Another leggy add Android port! Quickly deleted after only having on my device a few minutes.

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Disappointing move from cnn...

Hope BBC app rumored to come this week would be a global launch

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It requires access to your camera, all files on the phone, device identifying info and phone pin along with your GPS location. No thanks NSA.

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I think its because Android and apple are actually thinking about a full experience for their customers, BB is trying too hard to catch up on the teenage market and in doing so are forgetting how BB used to be a business phone and that CNN is not a priority for the tiny folk. For the same reason the BB contacts are a mess. skype, Facebook, business contacts all mixed up because thats how the kiddies like it. Does BB stand for Baby Boomer? BB have lost their identity as a business phone.