CNBC reporter confesses his preference for BlackBerry on air while hyping today's iPhone 5 event

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By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Sep 2012 10:37 am EDT

Following up yesterday's fun poll where 100% of CrackBerry Nation voted they couldn't give a rat's behind about the iPhone 5, CNBC reporter Jon Fortt gave us another CrackBerry laugh this morning while hyping up today's Apple announcement. At the end of his interview with host Becky Quick, Becky asked in regards to his on location event coverage today... are you going to be sending all that in via iPhone or BlackBerry?

His answer? BlackBerry. CNBC journalists still use BlackBerry for their internal emails, and they need to send emails fast, where Jon iterated BlackBerry still trumps the iPhone in that regard. Tools before Toys, right? During my recent interview with Research In Motion CMO Frank Boulben, when I asked about the hard time the media in North America has been giving BlackBerry, he pointed out that those same people still rely on BlackBerry to do their jobs effectively every single day. Clips like this are great evidence this is still the case. I have a feeling Jon Fortt will like BlackBerry 10 as much as we do once he gets his hands on it.

You can watch the clip over on CNBC's website. As for today's iPhone 5 event, if you want see what Apple announces, be sure to tune into for all the coverage. It ramps up at 1pm ET today.

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CNBC reporter confesses his preference for BlackBerry on air while hyping today's iPhone 5 event


Actually, I think everyone at Cupertino is insanely jealous of the luxurious conditions afforded to their Chinese counterparts. But I think Apple will ensure them that similar conditions are in-store for American workers very, very soon.

HAHAHA did you see the girls eyebrows when he said BLACKBERRY???

and she wanted to say something too but he cut her off!!! hilarious

but he might get fired now.. ; <

Most of the people on CNBC have wet dreams for Apple. But Becky Quick is also a blackberry user who has often stated that she has had the chance to switch to IPhone but couldn't do it because of the lack of physicalkeyboard

I also noticed I think it was last night on Leno, Katie Couric mentioned reading Poltico on her "PlayBook" wow. I took a double take. Haven't heard anyone on TV mention the PB. Its always ipad. Good for her! Lol

I can on my Playbook, I can't on my iPad... let me guess.. there is an app for that and I have to go all the way to the appstore to download it right? oh so I cannot use the link above and I have to look for the video myself between all the videos that cnbc has

The CNBCpro application for BlackBerry gives you access to videos and live streaming on a BlackBerry phone. It's not free though.

Oops. Maybe he hasn't read the "script". Everyone is supposed to hate BlackBerry nowadays, especially sheep that can't thinl for themselves.

Anyone who hates Blackberry are the iPad lemmings who are incapable of forming a cogent thought of their own.

It's been my experience people usually flock to the company which reflects their own personal philosophy.

Most iphone/iPad fanboys are arrogant lemmings with little self introspective and intelligence.
Tablets are incredible

Funny to listen. iPhone and droids are pretty neat in many ways but even though BlackBerry membership has dropped in the U.S., it is still, for various reasons a great communications device.
Fast, reliable, secure.

Ah, and the physical keyboard is just a dream. Awesome!

To each his own but for me it is BlackBerry and always will be.

Funny stuff. Its what we have been saying all along as the CrackBerry Nation. Gadgets are fun and all of that, but when you need to get things done, leave it to Blackberry.

CNBC is known for their anit-blackberry and pro-apple stance. CNBC always bashes RIM daily but in the end they all use it and sometimes they let it slip out that they are still blackberry users.

I doesn't seem to be his preference as the title suggest, but more of he is forced to because of their email systems. I, however prefer the BlackBerry compared to my Lumia. I miss my 9900 and miss visiting Crackberry 20 times a day. I'm the stalker ex-boyfriend.

I went to the iPhone because my wife and kids had them. I figured the iMessage would be a nice alternative to BBM, but I was wrong. It is unreliable, and sometimes takes a long time to send and recieve.

I miss my BlackBerry, and BBM. I too am a stalker ex-boyfriend.

We all have to go with the device that suits our needs, so I don't think anyone really needs to justify anything to anyone.

If your family prefers iPhones, then go for it. My wife and daughter are also on BB's. BBM and has proved its worth millions of times and I'm certain there's nothing else out there that can offer the speed and reliability, as you can atest to.

Who knows, their needs might change and they'll be the ones looking to go back to BB's.


I love the statement "where 100% of CrackBerry Nation voted they couldn't give a rat's behind about the iPhone 5".... Looking at the pole, there were no other options!!!!! hehe!!

funny. question .... long pause ..... he is thinking can Apple sue me .... probably not.... blackberry priceless

Well, the bashing is mostly consumer related. Most of the times we see companies moving away from RIM it is because of BYOD and not what BlackBerry can or cannot do.

The thing is, on BIS there isn't much going on, but when you take the power of a BES server and add it to the equation, BlackBerry can do some neat tricks (and some are even things we, BIS users, complain about).

RIM would have lost far less market share should they have added a few features from BES into BIS 4.0.

So brother, report that Apple event from your Berry (I just hope it is at least on OS6. ><' )

That's awesome!

If Steve Jobs were alive, he'd make sure that reporter would never attend another Apple event. He might not get fired, but he'd never be welcome in Cupertino or at anything Apple ever again.

Glad BlackBerry got some free press! Woot!

The relevant quote "The iPhone is not that quick with email yet."

I think he is referring to sending, not the actual typing of them.

more so on RIMS PUSH email that they have patented that nobody else can use unless they wanna pay royalties. this is a fact that cant be fixed for the next 15+ years for the patents usual life span of 25 years lol.

He has both, only forced to use the BlackBerry to get instantaneous emails to his coworkers via BES. It would be used like a private twitter feed if such a thing was available.

Hey, I am getting the follwing when I try to access the video link. Is it just my network or did someone actaully take down the vid? Woudn't that be funny!!??

"The video you have requested is not available."

The news piece didn't meet Apple's requirement of "Apple invented everything, Apple owns everything and Apple does everything." The reporter in this piece has since been taken away to Apple's "Enlightenment and Re-education Centre" in northern China where he is said to be responding favourably to his treatments.

You're probably trying to access it from Canada, which we can't because its a US network. I'm in Canada too but our server is in the US so I can access it.

Not that I'm watching videos on the job. ;-)

"Following up yesterday's fun poll where 100% of CrackBerry Nation voted they couldn't give a rat's behind about the iPhone 5"

I laughed out loud..

This is awesome. Regardless of how he said it, he just promoted BlackBerry immediacy when it comes to email and messaging.

That's exactly the point. When I talk to others about BlackBerry, I tell them I have one because it is unsurpassed for emails and messaging, which is 90% of what I do. I always acknowledge that BlackBerry is not the best for content viewing and apps (BB10 should fix that!) and always advise others to pick iOS or Android if their primary activities are apps, games or videos. But when it comes to content creation and doing something productive, I'm happy that I have a BlackBerry. Somehow I'm always the first to reply to emails and with a physical keyboard, I am at liberty to write more than a few words.

Wow, Isn't that amazing to discover one person who loves his BlackBerry & on the other hand Millions who have already shifted from the platform :P

... In the US.

There are many places, with many numbers, who are more relevant and have a louder voice (maybe not in the media, but the media is bogus anyway). Maybe once the pride thing is taken down a notch, people will realize they can't actually speak on behalf of "millions".

A similar thing happened on the Global BC Morning News today. They had a "tech expert" on to talk about the new iPhone, and Sophie Lui, the anchor, mentioned she still likes her Blackberry. I smiled and nodded to nobody in particular.

And Wall Street will be where RIM begins to make a comeback. I hope RIM really prices the BB10 phone attractively for enterprises.

With BB10 RIM beings again and starting with a base of users that are as a group the wealthiest people in the wrold isn't too bad. Add to that All the Hollywood celebs who will still be on BB and will get the new phones ASAP RIM should really be able to market that. Hope they do.

No guys you got it wrong , The Girl " Becky Quick " is a BB supporter , she loves her BB
Fortt on air hypes AAPL for his next reporting jobs but is a Crackberry on the inside !!

This is hilarious. Just one more truth about BB spontaneously bursting through the droid/iphone fanboy parade. Gotta love anyone raining on the 'iParade'!

After today, Blackberry 10 and the reboot of the brand has a change in 2013. The overall consensus is "meh" and I can definitely say that out of my circles of people that have iPhone 4/4S's and have seen the iPhone 5 are all saying, "Not upgrading".

Blackberry, PLEASE bring your A-Game in 2013! Everyone is rooting now, even from the other platforms!!

i like that deep sigh he did before he said "blackberry". its like that feeling you have when someone asks you if you still love your ex-girlfriend... and you do.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

This CNBC reporter Mr Fortt also said last RIM earnings report " why are we waiting for the BB10 QNX "
QNX is out dated ?

Real in-depth tech reporting from Mr Fortt