CNBC Borrows BlackBerry BOLD Video

By James Falconer on 12 May 2008 11:49 am EDT
- BlackBerry BOLD Vid on CNBC

Looks like CNBC, while reporting on the launch of the new BlackBerry BOLD, have actually pulled one of Kevin's BOLD videos for use in the background of a telephone interview with Jim Suva of Citi Investment Research.

As you'll see in the video you can see Kevin's logo on his lovely green table. Would have been nice to receive some sort of mention, especially if they're simply going to lift the video! At any rate... Kinda cool I thought.

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CNBC Borrows BlackBerry BOLD Video


That was mighty BOLD of them to use your video without prior permission! Good coverage though I guess.

I saw the interview this morning and they did mention the hands on review at and the video available on YouTube, again crediting I thought it was great advertising for them to show this and mention your site's name.

I always thought BlackBerry models that lacked a camera were the ones aimed towards enterprise users? The Bold 9000 has a camera but in the CNBC video, they said that the Bold was aimed towards the suits? We all know the restrictions of offices that don't allow phones with cameras, so I just wanted to see what all you think. I figured when Kevin first introduced the device, it was aimed to the consumers especially with all the talks about competing with Apple's iPhone.

Meanwhile, if you were to use CNBC footage on this site, you would no doubt be served with a C&D as fast as they could draft it.

Nice to know that the IP door swings both ways, eh? ;)

Oh well, it's still kind of cool, right?

I think the web video is very misleading. Is that Kevin in the video or not? I believe it is. Why else would there be a CrackBerry logo showing up.

Yet, CNBC misleads "everyone" into thinking that the guy (Jim Suva) is the one holding the Blackberry and going through it... Misleading!

Or, was it mentioned that Kevin, Founder of, is actually holding the phone?


I think that they could have at least acknowledged that the guy talking is not the one using the phone in the video. he's just some corporate monkey that probably doesn't really know anything about the phone or what all of it's capabilities are.
Typical corporate mouthpiece...ugh