CMO of Vodafone Talks BlackBerry Storm 9500!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Oct 2008 08:54 am EDT

Excellent Video! Above you can watch Vodafone's Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Rovekamp, weigh in with his two cents (more like £3!!) on Rearch in Motion's new BlackBerry Storm. Clarification: by "launched today" he doesn't meaned "available today," so don't get too excited (this was posted on October 8th at the Vodafone Labs site). Watch the vid!! Looking for more Storm coverage? Go Here!

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CMO of Vodafone Talks BlackBerry Storm 9500!


A little overly confused at this point.... why would he say today?

Is this video not supposed to be released today, like is it supposed to wait for the launch date?

Well I heard it as well at the very beginning. I guess my question to the experts like Kevin are, "What is the difference between a LAUNCH and a RELEASE"? I suppose we can all "want" to read way into what he said and would like it to be in stores yesterday. But I would much rather have a device in 30 day's thats "Right", not "BOLD, I mean buggy".

I agree (General?) Stonewall (Jackson?).... what IS the difference from a Launch and a Release...?

And if waiting another month or 3 weeks or however long (as long as it's not over a month) means a better not buggy phone, then I will wait.

Why was there a post up a little while ago about Lewis Hamilton with a video of his hands on usage and telling us he actually has one?!?!?!

there was a video, but the site that had it yanked it. trying to get it sorted and back up. was a good vid!

looks it was an official vodafone vid, but leaked..vodafone probably plans to release it soon.

Ummm... what's so great?

She has a Bold.... it's awesome.

But please elaborate why you need to keep looking at it?

I think that even if you're a female or gay, (not that there's anything wrong with that) you have to admit she's got a rockin' bod.

I watched this vid yesterday on Youtube, there is also another one, from another Vodafone exec, in that one he mentions that the Storm won't be out for a few more weeks. I think that confirms if not the date, than certainly the timeframe we are looking at.