A closer look at what's inside the BlackBerry Hub in BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 7 Dec 2012 09:18 am EST

The core of the BlackBerry 10 OS is the new BlackBerry Hub. Gone are the days of a separate Inbox or Messages app and instead we have the BlackBerry Hub to house all of our email, Tweets, BBMs, SMS and other messages. The Hub is always available with just a quick swipe no matter where you are in the OS. While we've seen it plenty of times before, we still haven't been able to get too much hands-on time with it just yet. We're certainly dying to try it all our for ourselves as it's definitely one of the features we're most looking forward to.

RIM has posted up a quick video with RIM director Patrick Murtha that shows off a closer look at the BlackBerry Hub. He takes us through the gesture and shows how you can sort by message type giving you just the information you need. The BlackBerry Hub houses everything you need and it always there no matter where you are in the OS. It has plenty of cool features like the ability to pull down to see your upcoming calendar entries. You can swipe up from the bottom bezel to see your notifications, then simply drag over to open the Hub and view your messages. Swipe again to filter message type for more specific results.

The more we see it, the more we want it. It's as simple as that. 

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A closer look at what's inside the BlackBerry Hub in BlackBerry 10


Nice. Easily one of the worst parts about the PB OS is that you have to open a messages app. This is a huge improvement, it's like a marriage between BB OS and the PB OS except that the sum exceeds the parts.

I think the PB Native Mail app is the best in market now.. Its great to use.. Just that its not an always run app I agree that's the worst part.. I just leave it running all day in minimized.. Looks funny but gets things done..

this will easily become the most used feature for me with all my IMS gtalk msn bbm emails all in one easy leap to see get to and even ignore if i want to. Never wanted something as badly as i do a bb10 in my hands cant waittttttttt.

I'm really not liking the move to gestures. I have enough on my mind already. I don't want to have to remember what swipes/gestures I need to do to perform different tasks. Why make things more complex?

Once you learn them, it shouldn't be an issue. It will save you a ton of time and make things easier in the long run. I don't even think twice about the gestures on my PB, I just do them.

I agree, I was unsure about the swiping gestures on my PlayBook. But once I got it, I learned the gestures very quickly. Now everything is much faster and easier because I'm not just looking for a button all the time.

More complex?? Please... I've seen children figure out a PB on their own. So good luck if you can't figure it out...

Children are a lot more malleable than the majority of adults who have to back to AT&T for a lesson on how to use their iPhone.

Complex? wow damn thats hard to hear my 6 yaer old baby sister uses my playbook smoother than she can use an iproduct or android. She actually asks why other things cant do what the PB does its so easy to do.

I hear ya! My 3 year old is a wiz on her PB. She uses bookmarks in the browser, knows how to turn on WiFi, swipes like nobody's business. She now wonders why everything, like her camera, doesn't swipe. LOL.
I just bought my absolute Luddite mom a PB and she was swiping around that thing, downloading apps, and playing games with hardly a lesson on how to use it.
I believe swiping on the PB and on BB10 is much more intuitive than anything else I've used. It feels natural to swipe up to minimize an app. Knowing the two gestures to get to the hub will be dead simple for the average person. The below-average people might need a few lessons.

Well, as it is now, I like to have my messages and notifications separated. I'm used to organisation like that. It just always makes more sense to me. I like buttons. I just do. To me, it's easier and faster. I love everything about my current 9930 - well, physically. Apps are another story. But I digress...

I played with the PB for a little bit a long time ago, and I was lost. Granted, the sales person had no clue on how to use it, either, so there's that. Either physical or software buttons are best for me.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'm not THAT old!

You can still separate them by category to make it seem less cluttered. I too use my individual email, BBM, text etc... icons on my dock as opposed to the all in one messages centre.

As for figuring out the swipes, I'm 36, got my PB a month ago, and figured it out pretty quick. Seems to be second nature now to swipe to get stuff done. I can't wait to have a phone where everythin is simply a swipe away.

I am 55 and got an ipod touch about 3 years ago. I thought the touch screen was cool but hated that stupid home button. I kept thinking there has to be a better way this is a touch screen for crying out loud. I bought my Playbook 1 year ago and have not touched my ipod since. To me this is how a touch screen should work. Touch it swipe it so easy to use. I had it figured out in a day. BlackBerry 10 will be so easy to use I am counting the days waiting to get a phone that is as easy to use as my PlayBook.

a) If you mean the minimize app gesture as seen on the playbook(swipe up). Why is this harder to do than pressing a button to minimize an app?(like on an iPhone).


b) If you think it's hard to remember swipe up and then go left to quickjump in to the inbox, simply don't do it and minimize the app the usual way and from there go to the hub?

I think it is awesome either way! \o\

Amen I find myself trying to use PB gestures all the time on other devices. I caught myself trying to do it to my desktop at work the other day. It is so natural and easy

Just got the iPad Mini and getting in and out of apps is a nightmare. No form of unity. I'm guessing it's the same on the iPhone.

I'm beginning to realize this BB10 is not for everyone. But for the serious folks this HUB, PEAK & FLOW are god-sent.

I'm taking this seriously because I want to be connected really well to all my networks.

Just read a study that it takes around 15 mins to get back to serious work after posting an update on twitter or facebook. This new BB10 feature will surely cut that time drastically.

Anyways, my phone is all about communication and getting email, bbm & fb done faster is priceless.

Completely different platform. Completely different chipset and hardware. No upgrade path. This has been clearly stated by RIM for well over a year.

maybe its just me... but as it stands in bb os5-7 we can have an 'all integrated' inbox (bbm, bbm groups, IMs, emails, sms, twitter, fb and call logs) but its a huge mess and confusion. y have individual apps if app my messages from all these apps are in 'inbox'?
maybe its my OCD buti hate seeing bbm mixed with sms and emails. I turn off all app integration for inbox but work emails, and keep all other email separate. If i want fb i go to fb4bb, if i want twitter i go to t4bb, if personal email i go to that account.
this un-necessary grouping of messages is what makes ppl send 'casual' replies to work emails by mistake.

They better have a built-in option to select what gets integrated into the hub like they do now in os5-7. i hate this feature on playbook, once i add an email account it goes to the one inbox. and there is no way to turn it off.

On my OS7 device, even I leave out everything besides 5 e-mails on my main Messages but this is exactly the kind of problem RIM wants to address in all platforms.

- you will be able to choose all the items to be displayed in the HUB
- you will have option to view all together (read: current messages) or individually from the same place as tabbed options.

Sometimes you have a few emails, fb and bb to reply to.. So why navigate to different sections?

And if work mails is your priority, you can select that within the hub and it will remember your last visit and take you there when you do the gesture.. (This someone should confirm)

What I take from your post is that there should be groups within the hub - user added groups. Like I can add work mail group with 2 of my mails, personal mail group with 3 mails, social group for fb, tw, bbm.. And then one unified group for everything registered.. So I a case where I'm handling accounts for multiple companies, this can be easily segregated.

AGREE 100%. If BB10 does not provide a way to segregate messages from different email accounts, SMS, etc, into different Inboxes, then I may just be out of this BB world I've been in for 8 years. Adding this to my two other main beefs with BB10 -- the dearth of control-giving device settings and the replacement of full-featured native push sync with the relatively poorly-performing EAS (at the expense of Lotus Domino enterprises) -- and the platform has removed all that I loved about BB.

Please, RIM, don't take it all away!

I agree. I strongly dislike the "messages" app and I avoid using it. I make sure that any app that is configurable does not use messages. I find it very annoying - I don't want everything thrown into one big pile. I hope HUB is configurable because I don't plan on using it.

I agree, I keep text messages separate from BBM, Primary Email separate from other accounts. I don't like the messages app. When I want to look at my calendar, I press L and then concentrate on that function.

I agree that the hub at present seems like the same (albeit rebranded) message inbox we know. There must be an option to control what content we want to see in the inbox and how we are able deal with messages from other mediums if we do not have them reflected in our hub. For now we can speculate and go on the word of the lucky few who have been able to use the dev alpha devices but till we actually touch and feel our own bb10 devices we're always going to wonder.

The feature you are requesting is already there, its the easy to use filter option. Open the hub, bring in the menu from the left, choose your account and you're finished.

Filter by email address, app, sms, phone, etc.

Maybe a few more lessons and you might have gotten it, with OCD I'd assume you would compulsively watch the video multiple times... Guess everyones different :)

Also, on one of the latest videos with vivek, you can see an icon on his app pane that says "SMS messages" just like on BBOS7... So I think what your specifically asking for will be there, they just haven't shown it yet

any word of being able to change the dedicated buttons at the bottom? ya know the phone,search,and camera options.

I do like the BB10. But isnt the Blackberry HUB already a feature that exists in the older platform? I can have my work email, my personal hotmail, my bbm and msn messenger show in the "MESSAGES" icon. I don't use Facebook or Twitter so I don't know about those. I have google+ but everytime I get a message or notification I get an email.

The purpose of HUB is to speed things up.. Unify them clearly with options and choices for the user.

Yes it originated in the 'messages' form and so RIM is just building on their strong points.

HUB is super loaded with features and options + it's 'messages on steroids' like everything else on bb10.

3 dedicated icons the user chooses. I personaly do not use the search function on blackberrys..I barly use the camera..as for using my phone for voice calls rarely. There will be other ways to use these functions within the o.s

Aren't the app icons just above this bar? But remembering old Nokias, the left and right soft keys were always changeable. It would be a marginal change.. Why stress?

hmm..i wouldn't say im stressing by asking a question... i'm just saying by being able to access the camera through the lock screen..an app on the home screen plus a dadicated key at the bottom is excessive..

I'm patiently waiting for blackberry 10. I know my playbook will have it first, I'll have it on my blackberry 10 N-series soon, once I can afford it.