A closer look at NFC payments with Telefonica's Digital Wallet

By DJ Reyes on 14 Mar 2012 01:18 pm EDT

Have you made use of the NFC feature on your BlackBerry smartphone yet? I haven't yet but Adam certainly has  -- and very soon I'll probably get around to trying it out with NFC tags as well. I've seen some stores in the UK equipped with payment points that are NFC ready and would like to see these enable soon.

Recently, we saw Orange UK and EAT, the restaurant chain bring NFC features to the store giving you daily treats. Back in November 2011, it was announced that RIM and partner Telefonica Digital would bring NFC payments to BlackBerry smartphones. The solution is brought about by Telefonica's BlackBerry Wallet, where you keep all your virtual credit cards and make payments using an NFC-enabled BlackBerry device.

It certainly is a great start to making use of NFC-enabled devices and hopefully we will see more and more businesses adopt the technology to allow us to make payments faster. Check out the video above to see the Telefonica Digital Wallet in action.

Would you use the NFC feature of you BlackBerry smartphone if more stores activate NFC payments? Sound off in the comments!

Reader comments

A closer look at NFC payments with Telefonica's Digital Wallet


I'm looking forward to VISA & Mastercard releasing apps that use NFC.
What would be better than being able to pull put my phone, tap it to pay, type in my PIN number ON my own phone making it MUCH harder for people to hack the system.
Then have the app track my payment history.

Also bad news for those new BlackBerry owners with new BBs that have no NFC capability thanks to RIM's stupidity.

Not sure how NFC works exactly, but EXISTING PHONES could probably make use of an "NFC-like" simulated feature using existing built-in technologies and some clever algorithm "MAGIC". Here it goes (and I take dibs on the patent) :-)

Most phones already have built-in accelerometers. Therefore, they can detect a sudden "jolt" or "bump". They also have bluetooth. When two people bang their phones together, the time-signature of the jolt can be sent to a server which matches up jolts that occur at the same time.

Any phones that seem to be very "close" in their time-signature can then be further compared by looking at GPS information or cell-tower info, to see if they were in close proximity. Even the bluetooth can be incorporated to "listen" to surrounding phones all the time.

With some clever use of these existing technologies (GPS, time-stamp, Bluetooth, data connection, in some combination or other), the fact that two phones are close by and HIT
EACH OTHER physically can be determined by a server. This will be like a type of NFC simulation of the "bump and share" feature.

So existing phones can all use this.

I would definitely be using NFC payments for the apps were available and stores offered it. I hate having a bloated wallet of all of the different cards: debit, credit, memberships, reward programs...

It would be brilliant if BlackBerry/RIM can roll out NFC payments for local transport companies such as bus/underground, then branch out from there.

Here in Asia, we have already been using NFC for micro-transactions for 15+ years already (Octopus card, which is similar to London's Oyster Card), for payment in public bus/underground, and also for over the counter-payments (McDonalds, convenience stores, parking fees, etc.).

BlackBerry/RIM really need to hurry up in rolling out this NFC function, otherwise it would squander yet another potential lead that could reverse its market position (or lack thereof).

Its competitor, iPh*ne, just filed a patent for its iWallet...

This x a million.

We in the West are soooo behind when it comes to NFC. The only reason it still hasn't been rolled out is because everyone was fighting over who will get a cut of the money, they couldn't agree on one system and obviously money is the issue.

Only just last year did Mastercard and Visa agree to jump on the ISIS payment system bandwagon which was started by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Hopefully this will speed things up now.

Some dumb-dumb at RIM didn't see the need to put NFC in the Torch (9850/60). I get to wait for BB10. I knew it wasn't in there when I bought it so I am not angry at RIM. It is embarrassing though.

Using BlackBerry to pay instead of cards would be ideal considering BlackBerry has the strongest encryption. Mobile payments are completely reliant on how strong the encryption technology is. Google Wallet beat them to it, but because of security issues, it has yet to see mass adoption rates. RIM can easily be the leader in this area with top notch security that matches or betters current cards.

Oh yeah, I'll be looking forward to paying with my NFC-enabled PlayBook. lol

zzzzzzzz no app for it on my phone yet so this is worthless. Oh and zinio is coming mid march, caome on RIM! zzzzzzzzzzz