A closer look at the ELITE theme for BlackBerry by WJD Designs

By Michelle Haag on 3 Nov 2010 09:33 am EDT

In this week's theme roundup our featured contest is for one of 25 free copies of ELITE by WJD Designs. Wayne let us know that he has an awesome video that really showcases the features of ELITE, and we thought it only fair to go ahead and post it for you all to see.

From WJD Designs:

"Elite is one of those themes that you will keep on your BlackBerry as your default theme. Sure you will show off the other themes to your friends that has that gimmick approach but you will always go back to Elite.

This theme provides multiple icons with tab style clear glass tabs to change from sets of icons. No graphic was spared during the process of creation. With the transparent easy to read custom signal and battery displays to the rectangle visually stunning icons this theme invites you to make it your "go to" theme. Along with looks the function is amazing providing hot spots for clock, calendar, and messages all in an easy hots pot banner location. Try out Elite today and see why the name just fits."
Elite is available through the CrackBerry store for $3.99, or you can enter to win a free copy by leaving a comment on the Theme Roundup post from earlier this week. (Note: comments left on this post will not be entered in the drawing, make sure you leave your entries on the other post.)
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Let me have one! Look wicked!


Hello, Can I have one please?


Love to really get one


This looks like an amazing theme. I want it!!!


Wow people don't know how to read lol ... Can't win by leaving a post here!


Damn n00bs! XD
Bla1ze's lady friend clearly says "(Note: comments left on this post will not be entered in the drawing, make sure you leave your entries on the other post.)"

They see free/win/contest and they just start typing away :)


I would love to win!!


May I please have one ?:)


Always after the elusive "perfect" theme.


looks pretty awesome!


I watched the Elite video and that theme rocks! This is totally my go to theme as I love the clean styling and the great icons. I'm older so the novelty themes are cool but I like a tech savvy theme that I can use in business as well. Great job for taking care of both my needs WJD!


would love to see it on my 9700


The best theme I've seen. Nice job on it WJD. Hope I win a copy


looks awesome,would be awesome to win :) i smell a contest? lol


This would look awesome on my S2!


The graphics are great. I found two issues.

1) In landscape mode, the image is cropped so that it only fills half the screen.

2) The two clear buttons/boxes immediately above the docked row of icons do not appear to function.


Looks like a great theme!!


Theme looks great. By the way does anyone happen to know the title of the song used in this video?


looks real nice , smooth and classy


Awesome theme, i need one