A closer look at the development of Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Michelle Haag on 20 Jul 2011 06:02 pm EDT

Our friends over at the BlackBerry Blog posted a guest piece today from Dan and Minna from the RIM TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) team in Sweden. This is the team that worked on the Scrapbook application for the BlackBerry PlayBook, and they give you a little peek into what all went into developing this cool little app. As with some of the other applications we saw back at Mobile World Conference, Scrapbook was originally just a demo, used to showcase just what the BlackBerry PlayBook would be capable of.

Our intention was to create a fun, comprehensive and visually impressive demo that communicates the power and potential of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. As for all demos at large events, we looked for something that could be explained and demonstrated with an impact in less than a minute. The demo was a hit at MWC and many people who saw the demo wanted to see it become a real application for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Scrapbook was then handed over to a skilled app team within the Research In Motion TAT team, which faced the task of turning it into the real application that many of you enjoy today.

It's an interesting read with some neat pictures of early planning stages, and you can check it all out at the link below. I was especially happy to hear that they have more updates planned as well! Scrapbook was recently updated to v1.1, which brought with it a few new features such as new themes and sharing to Facebook from within the app. If you don't already have this app installed you can grab it from App World at the link below.

To read the full blog post from Inside BlackBerry
To download Scrapbook from BlackBerry App World

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A closer look at the development of Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Pretty cool, I might end up taking advantage of the $100 coupon posted for Staples and grab me a Playbook.

I've used this app a lot- it's great fun and friends enjoy the silly FB posts with their pics- nice job

Scrapbook is an awesome app, but since that and the calculator are about all RIM has gotten out of TAT to this point, I would have to say they spent to much.

TAT has amazing skills and potential to turn RIM's QNX superphone OS and Tablet OS platforms into something really amazing but they need to really start executing and pumping out the apps and shaping the Tablet OS into what we would all like to see it become.

Fantastic app. What's clever is the potential buzz this can generate if people share clever little pics on FB ("how did you DO that?")

This is easily the best app for the PlayBook to date and yet it's so simple. At the same time, this is by far the crappiest app that TAT could make (not an insult) the ideas within the minds of these guys is on another level, lets hope that RIM uses them more before it's too late.

Why don't we ever take a closer look at some sort of "ENTERPRISE!!!!" app? Fine that some ol' lady or hobbyist has this, doesn't work for business ENTERPRISE use.

Scrapbook is great! Was it made using Adobe Air or Webworks SDK? Can you make the next version of Scrapbook like a toDo list with local notifications? that would be awesome! Thanks. Bring on more cool apps.

This is great but what about working some well known app devlopers on other platforms. I mean spotify is gaining a lot of popularity but they doint have app for blackberry. They have one for nokia and palm!!!

How about get tat to work on some photo filters so that camera gets a work out? Even make the video calling funky by allowing overlays?

Instagram is something I think is missing badly right now. There's a huge amount of clones on ios/android and we've barely got a handful and they're not all that fast either.

It would be cool if they kept updating their twitter/facebook saying what they are working on and possibly when to expect it.

If we could search inside the "ALL PHOTOS" by forlder or name would be a greater app.

It's cool and funny!

If you want to email a photo, just make a screen capture in the playbook and you'll have the Scrapbook photo in your personal photos! :-D