A closer look at the BlackBerry 6 home screen

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jul 2010 10:34 am EDT

BlackBerry 6 home screenBlackBerry 6 home screen

With the release of BlackBerry 6 getting closer, everyone is curious to see more of what makes it tick. This morning Inside BlackBerry posted up some more screens as well as a short interview with Joey Benedek, Director of UX Research at RIM. We can see here (as we knew already) that the home screen is totally redesigned, but as noted is still familiar - meaning you won't have trouble finding things or getting around. The home screen will have 5 different views to scroll between, including Favorites, All, Frequent, Media and Downloads. Another cool feature is the "quick access areas" that will allow you to select different items such as the clock or signal meter to be taken right to the app or settings. Overall a much better experience that is definitely worth looking forward to.

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A closer look at the BlackBerry 6 home screen


Too bad BB6 won't run on any of our phones. Too little too late if you ask me, but at least they are moving in the right direction, however slowly that may be :)

I'm sure it will be nice when it comes time for everyone to renew their contract. I'll have to change my nickname to Storm3Cool.

...that's a fair assessment, seeing as iOS4 has been released and you can use it, and not just look at screen shots. Maybe having a little patience and waiting for an actual phone with an actual release of BB OS6 before passing judgment?

ya cause you can easily compare the two

of course iOS is better. they've targeted a completely different userbase

As long as I have a full physical keyboard, my OS will still be better than any Apple OS.

Anyone else annoyed at hearing the new Apple OS called iOS? I'm waiting for Cisco to come over and tell them to knock it off.

Never though you'd say it, ya right...

"I like the iOS4 because when you push the icon the program opens." WOW what an innovation!!!!!!!

When you really look look at the iPhone there is really nothing I repeat nothing to get excited about. And yes I do know because I owned an iPhone.

There may be nothing too exciting here either but let's be realistic a phone won't change you life, you just want it to work and look nice. I think this OS does that, just hope it'll be out soon.

Why? The ONLY good thing about iOS4 was the ability to create folders as 'multi-tasking' is a joke. And, don't get me wrong, I do like the folder creation... but:

1) Blackberry has folders too (and way before iPhone)...
2) You can hide any icon you wish (can't do that with the iPhone) which is great when you want to hide the crap of which there is loads on the iPhone (I create an "Apple Crap" folder on my iPod).
3) You can change the amount of icon rows you want on your home screen (can't do that on the iPhone)
4) Notification options screen they are showing is something iPhone doesn't have at all...
5) The feature they show in the previews where you touch an icon and it pops up a screen for custom functions for that icon (think it relates to contact) is sweet...
6) Most of all... you can customize your Blackberry with options instead of having Apple tell you how you should want your iPhone.

As you can tell, I'm not a fan of iOS (crappy name BTW) and I think people are wayyyy to hard on Blackberry software when more often than not it can do the same stuff if not more but maybe without as much useless eye-candy.

Agree with everything you say, except I actually like the blackberry icons better than iPhone's. Some of the apple programs like calendar do seem better, but maybe it will look nicer on OS 6.

1) what do you put in BB folders?!
2) correct, Apple's closed nature crap is getting old for power users,especially after trying a jailbreak (e.g. iOS4 features and more a year or two ago)
3) But it looks awful
4) Yes, iphone notifications suck, I had no idea until I played with a droid for a while
5) yeah, that also makes functionality clumsier at the same time
6) True, too bad BBOS6 at best will be a first crack at catching up to where Apple was 2 or 3 years ago and where Android was a year ago.

I am curious how the podcast app will work. I am a devout PodTrapper supporter, but I am still curious nonetheless.....

It seems likely that the first device to show up with os6 will be the 9800, so it isn't a huge surprise that there have been more leaks about that one than others.

it looks nice and all but if it doesnt come out for 9700 i'm not going to have a heart attack. im good with the way everything is now. i dont need my phone to do fancy things.

Hope you are not with AT&T

I have a Bold 9000 and AT&T has not released the upgrade to OS5 yet. I don't think you are going to get this for your 9700 until you buy a new 9700 phone when your contract runs out. All of this applies only to AT&T though.

I insist, this should not even be called a major upgrade. It should be OS5.1 since it is just a theme change + a few minor addons.
A cheap attempt to copy iOS... is this the new Microsoft?

get over yourself. As I said earlier the iPhone OS is basically push icon and start program. That's it. And recall iPhone didn't have multitasking until OS4 so I think you are bitching too much here.

I hope the real innovation is faster OS that doesn't get hung up as often. That is all the innovation one really needs.

Apparently none of the current phones will. Not enough memory to run properly. Which is cool for me cause I'm 1) happy with 5.0 n 2) I'm debating switching to an Andriod phone anyway. I'm lovin the new SE Xperia X1.

I don't the media will still be as good as iPhone.... but from the ACID3 test, we know WEBKIT will kick iPhone out of the playing field.

Who wants to buy my 4 month old Bold 9700? It is factory unbranded and unlocked.
Excellent phone, but feels like a century old.

How much and where are you in the worldwise, plus I really hope that there'll be something for storm one with all this anticipation ill hang myself of my wait is for nothing

Who wants to buy my iPhone 4 it's a month old feels like the same phone/ OS as my original iPhone, plus I can't make phone calls on it LOL!

Really Crackberry

We know what it looks like know up close. But can we see what it looks like from on our ceiling or far away? One cool view also would be from on 45 degree angle. Wonder what that would look like? Its the same thing! Seriously what would be the coolest is if it was on our phones. Oh but wait RIM decided to not give us that. Stop showing us what we cant have!

(the touch-screen or trackpad, depending on your BlackBerry smartphone model)

So we know that non-touch models are getting it..

I thought widgets were to be supported? guess we'll have to wait for OS7 and the Bold 9783, Storm 9551, Bold/Tour 9652, Curve 9301 and Slider 9804 refresh devices.

Looking good so far! If it runs as good as it looks, I would do anything to get my hands on the 9800 running this! Hopefully it'll come out for T-Mobile by the time my contract expires!

Does anyone know if this will be available to the Storm 9530? I've read many different things, some saying it won't due to it needing 512mb and then others saying it will be offered and work but may be slow and not work as well with the older models.

If it's been said to have difficulty running on the Storm 2, then 9530 users shouldn't even bother dreaming about seeing this OS.

Seems like everyone will be forced to: A) get a brand new BB to run OS6, B) keep running OS5 on their current phones, or C) jump off the RIM fail boat all together.

so with this new OS 6.0 and the re-make of Bold 9700 a.k.a. Bold 9780.. what future is their for the bold 9700?? i'm thinking selling your phone and getting this huh??

Riddle me this: Who is going to willingly buy a current or older model from someone knowing they can't get the newer OS? I think all current BB users are more or less screwed.

I have a Storm 2. This device can barely run 5.0 efficiently so why would you want BB6 on the device? If you have the Storm 1, you should definitely consider an upgrade. From what I understand, the Storm 2 will be refreshed to have 512mb in order to run bb6 and so will a few other devices. If it cost me money to get the refreshed phone, I may not do it. My contract is not up til jul 2011. I'm screwed as far as upgrading is concerned.

I'm waiting for the storm 3!!! My upgrade isn't till may 2011 hopefully it will be out by then. I'm currently using the storm 9530 the best phone I've ever owned!!!! Iphuck OS4 is a joke!!! I don't care for the hemroid.... Oops! I mean android os either!!! Keep up the good work RIM!

Did anyone notice that the calendar is updated with the actual date. Maybe I've just been sleeping in a cave, but that is a nice touch that you won't have to pay for in the future. Of course you'll need a new phone to get it, but hey, it's not like you weren't going to buy one anyway. :-)

Looks totally boring and lame to me. I dont see what the hype is about this. The icons are boring and dull.

there's just no pleasing some people. OS6 looks really good no it is not just a theme it adds real functionality to the bb like the webkit and its addons. the whole apple an android had better browsers b4 is great for them. bb has caught up just like ios4 caught up wen they allowed it to multitask. they're both good in their own right

I was at an event (www.liveboldbebold.com tour)over the weekend that had RIM officials at it. i asked about the new OS6 and they said that it will be making its first appearance in early August and should be to all devices by the end of August. So now i guess we will wait and see.

is the ability to add short cut to a contact or webpage, etc. on the home screen favorites area.

Just curious on another note, we know the 9800 is going to have a 5MP still camera. Any word on video? Will it be 720p HD like IP4 or DX or EVO?