A closer look at the beta Carbonite Pocket Case for BlackBerry Z30

By DJ Reyes on 27 Dec 2013 02:07 pm EST

Back in October, BlackBerry took Beta Zone in a different direction when it offered an accessory as a beta product, where we usually find apps. The beta program was aimed at BlackBerry Z30 owners and it was for a Carbonite Pocket Case, very similar to the leather pouch and micro fiber pouch. There has been a few people who managed to get into the beta to try it out. I did and we would have had this video for you a lot earlier, however, my pouch took a bit of a detour and only recently arrived. Better late than never, I guess.

As mentioned, it takes the form of a pouch or sleeve and is made of hard plastic that has a matte finish on it. The front of the case is textured very similarly to the battery door of the the BlackBerry Z10 and has the BlackBerry name and logo embossed on the bottom right, while the back of the pouch is a more smooth matt finish that isn't slippery. The inside of the pouch is lined with soft micro fiber like material to protect the screen and back of you device. And like all of BlackBerry's pouches and holsters, there is a sleep magnet too. 

The case on the whole, while light, feels chunky when your Z30 is inside and is not very pocket friendly if you're a female, at least not a jeans pocket. Since I've been wearing hoodies during the winter, carrying it in my hoodie pocket isn't so bad. The device is easy to slip in and out but not so much that your beloved Z30 could slip and and fall if you held it upside down. It's a lot easier to slip your Z30 out of the Carbonite Pocket than the Z30 Leather Pouch.

I have been using it since it arrived about a week ago and I am enjoying it very much. I had been using the Z30 Leather Pouch recenlty and prefer the Carbonite Pocket due to the ease of being able to remove my Z30 from it. I don't really have any complaints other than sometimes there's a creaking sound but it's not loud and that's me nitpicking.

There's no word on if and when this accessory will be released to the masses. It may stay the way it is or change slightly. We'll certainly keep you posted when we hear anything. For now, you can check out the video above for a quick hands-on with the Carbonite Pocket Case.



It should be something cool like a carbon weave. Or the glass weave.

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Can't access the video from my Z10. Wtf??

BlackBerry 4Life


Video option isn't working.

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Would love to see it for other Zs and Qs too.

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Q10 - Incipio Feather Case - Nite Ize Black Phone Clip

Keep The Faith


I was testing too...
Decent design offering great protection, loved the feel of the case but just couldn't get past the sound of the Z30 going in and out, sounded less premium than I would like. I also could not over look the suggested price as detailed in the survey, a tad high in my view.
That all said, fair product scoring 6.5 out of 10 and I'd buy one for the right price.

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DJ Reyes

I missed out on the survey as I didn't have it at the time

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Observation Junkie

Love the case, however more retailers here in the UK are pulling out of selling the Z30.

Carephone Warehouse - no
Tmobile- no
Orange- no
EE- no
Vodafone - yes, at £44 per month

Guess the case can be left for another time

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This is a big problem for BlackBerry in the UK, the carriers are abandoning BB10 phones, the Z30 has only been available a few months and now only one carrier has it with no sim free or pay as you go option.

I felt so compelled to get a Z30 quick before they are gone for good I ordered one new and sim free from Ebay for 340 UK pounds, better deal than Amazon UK.

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Same in US only VZW and online only.

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Mine creeks too!

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I just wanted to say in regards to the Leather case having difficulties with it for taking out the phone or putting it in. I experienced the same thing and couldn't figure out why sometimes it would insert easily and remove easily and other times it would be difficult.
Until I realized it was the position I put the phone in.
So in short for me anyway, as long as I make sure the face of the Z30 is facing in or towards me and not outwards, then it works fine. No insert or removal issues.
Give it a try, I think the problem may have been the battery cover was rubbing against the lining of the holster and causing friction. Whereas if you insure the glass did of the phone faces your body you won't have an issue. :}

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I had one in the beta and am still using it. It's great. Just the right feel.

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Xcellent! Is a matt finish better than a john finish ;)

I'll let you buy a vowel :p


Otherwise, good review. Seems like a decent case.


I prefer a Betty or Veronica :)

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It's always good when Betty or Veronica finish

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We need a cool pouch for the Q10. I've always had one for all my BB's before BB10.

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Dont get the point of a beta period...

Is there some sort of functionality were not aware of in relation to the z30??

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Snugg pocket pouch looks pretty nice but no sleeper mode. Would be nice to have some other choices of case for my Z30 but none if the good manufacturers seem to be biting. The OEMS are nice but limited. Otterbox still to bulky.

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DJ Reyes

It does have a sleeper mode. I forgot to mention it in the video but I do mention it in the article

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LOVE the Carbonite Case for the Z30! It saved my Z30 from water death since it fits so snugly around the Z30! I rate it 9/10!!

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Any chance of it coming for the Z10?

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it works well for me. Highly recommend for anyone to purchase when available. Thanks BlackBerry.


I still don't see why this case has to go through beta testing. Did previous pouches for other models have to go to beta testing too? Thanks.

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I have the carbonite case and I really like it, period!

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Would like one if the price is right and they need get this out immediately before everyone has already bought another case first. I hate over paying for some of the more well known brand name cases only to find them way too bulky and I really hate slick cases that slide off my desk when I accidentally bump it. This one looks and sounds really nice to me, bring it on.

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I tested one of these. I think it's nice aesthetically, but totally dysfunctional. If you drop your phone while it's in this case the top front edge is still very much exposed. I assume most drops won't happen while it's in the case though, because you have to take it out to use it, and I don't know about you guys, but my drops tend to happen while I'm using my phone, rather than while it's stored. So basically, it doesn't offer any protection when I need it most, and it only offers partial protection while the phone is holstered. To go a step further, it actually makes the phone more vulnerable because if you want to use your phone the holster will occupy one hand while the phone is in the other. So, now, we have a completely unprotected phone and only one hand free to use it.


Testing it also. It feels solid. I want the brand name to be highlighted tho.

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garrett lajoie

This looks sweet! Would love one for my Q10

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Have enjoyed mine since it arrived a month or so ago. It's winter here in Alberta, so it's in one of the pockets of my winter jacket. Not so sure I'll use this once Spring and Summer arrive, might go back to the holster.

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looks great, I would buy it if available .


Hahah I noticed that creaking sound too, but I'm not sure if I'm glad that I'm not alone...
All in all I like the case, but I just wish I had access to the media keys so that I could change songs or adjust the volume without taking the phone out of my coat pocket and using two hands. :s
First-world problem, I know...


I have the same complaint about the leather pouch for the z10.

That, and no access to the charging port :/

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I love it. Thanks BlackBerry. With love from Singapore

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I'm sorry but I can't recommend this case if they put it into production as is. First it's not worth the $40 (approx) if that's what they ask for it. But hopefully it is just at beta and we see nicer material (carbon weave perhaps?) and build quality. Mine constantly splits apart when dropped either with or without phone. I do however like the form and fit. Plus it's super cool you can just set the phone on top of the case and still activate the sleep mode.

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Has anyone noticed that when you put the Carbonite case smooth side down on a smooth surface (glass, polished wood etc) it achieves a very slight suction effect, holding it down ever so slightly? Works with or without the phone inside. Awesome.

Overall, I like this case a lot. It has completely taken over from the leather pocket which I used previously. However, I do agree that as it stands, it can't go to market until the creaking is resolved and the proposed price point lowered.

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Carbonite, hey? Well I guess if it can protect Han Solo, it should be good enough protection for a phone!

graham bowers

I love my case, I didn't really notice the creaking noise. I liked the textured side, it always let me know which side the front of my phone should face, even in the dark. The front is low enough to see what color light is flashing if a notification comes in. It's snug, and I never felt like my phone was unprotected. The back has decent grip for smooth surfaces. It doesn't really look $40, but it has good protection for in your pocket or purse, it has shown no wear with a month of heavy use, in pockets with keys, change, etc., and a nice overall feel in your hand, and a slick but nicely weighted exit for your phone from the case. I'm really happy I have it and have no plans on replacing it.

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I have been using it since I got it a couple of months ago. It is a great case and I don't think anyone could get it away from me now.

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Video not working on my Z30...:/

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No video link.

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Meh, I'm holding out for a T-Mobile US Z30 or at least a direct sale on ShopBlackBerry. The case beta is a sweet idea and looks nice.

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Is this case available yet?? I'm from the UK and I just got a Z30 (what a mission). Not many accessories around I'm noticing and I'm getting the feeling this phone will be obsolete soon as no carriers are offering it?? Awesome phone though.

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I covet this. I'd buy yours if you would sell it?


Do you know where I can buy this case?

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Rossean Turla

I want it.

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I really would like this case. Anyone know if it ever came to be?