A closer look at the awesome QNX CAR 2 application platform

By Michelle Haag on 17 Mar 2012 03:16 pm EDT

It's no secret that the team at QNX Software Systems has been working on the development of their car platform. We've seen it in action a few times, most recently at CES in January, and I know many of you are anxious to see it come to your vehicle someday. In the video above, Kerry Johnson leads us through a quick tour of the QNX CAR 2 platform. Kerry is the automotive product manager at QNX, and he shows off some of the developments they've been working on including mobile device connectivity, the application area, HTML5 support, voice-enabled apps, and more. Check out the video, and head over to the forums at the link below to chat about it.

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A closer look at the awesome QNX CAR 2 application platform


Very cool!!! I've actually suggested someone should make a MAP/TRAFFIC/DIRECTIONS with MUSIC/MEDIA integrated APP for PlayBook, this really makes sense! Having also the recent messages show there is a huge plus!

Hope to see a portable version for us regular, NON-Porsche owners to use on our PlayBooks, hook it up on a car mount and good to go!

Very excited!! Go QNX! Go RIM!

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

i'm not being a jerk.. but i think i would be funny if the app crashed and you couldn't adjust your HVAC controls anymore :p

Good stuff Kerry, keep up the good work! I like QNX as a platform, I know it's being used as the OS platform on board trains, nuclear plants. Nice to see a hands-on demo of it in action. I would like to know if we could use our PlayBooks as car dashboards in the future. That would be the best integration of QNX platform, would be legendary.

Well I suppose QNX Software Systems is looking to out live its current owner. Otherwise, why am I hearing about them and not the RIM BLACKBERRY Car 2 Platform. There is no value in keeping all of these companies as independent subsidiaries that don't even mention BlackBerry SECOND When listing the supported platform when the whole damn system is a skinned playbook.

Seriously RIM, kevin already thinks it's a bad thing you have two names, so kill off all these other names that your subsidiaries used to go by before you bought them.

If you're going to show off the car in the BlackBerry booth at major trade shows then just call it RIM.

Yes, QNX should take all the name recognition they've built up over the years, in all the various industries they're involved in and throw it out the window. That would be smart. And while we're at it, all vehicles made by General Motors will now all be called GM, all companies owned by General Electric and all the products made by those companies will now be known as GE. Do you actually ever think about what you type, or are you in too much of a rush to start your RIM bashing?

Pretty much yes. The company that needs to be known for all the accomplishments of QNX is the company that owns them. RIM is the company who should be associated with the the bulletproof platform that powers everything from trains to nuclear power plants to servers. RIM is the company that needs the good PR and I would argue most of the reason its taking them so damn long to get the new platform done and why it looks like a whole bunch of different companies who barely have any connection with eachother made it is because that is exactly what is going on. They need to weave the threads together to form a beautiful tapestry and right now all they have is a bunch of pieces of a puzzle that they can't quite fit together right.

I am not bashing I love RIM but they need to get their act together because they have the greatest pool of talent in the world and they can create the best mobile computing platform ever. But they need to have one RIM.

It was rather glaring the he mentioned the iphone/ipod before BlackBerry. He needs to be told who he works for.

Seriously get over it... who cares whose name is said first! Remember that is a Blackberry company and whatever is said about Apple they are the #1 phone company.

I wonder how we can go about getting this installed in a vehicle. I would kill to have this in my Dodge Ram!

Gives a new definition to how Blackberry is good for working, playing, & getting info "on the go."

Speaking of which, the Globe & Mail's conducting a poll right now on the question: "Which phone is best for working on the go?" Answer so far: iPhone 65%, BB 28%, Android 6%.

it is very similar to playbook.

but i guess it will increase the chance of accident if this is on my car.

Can people not step away from their devices for more than it takes to drive some where? I mean I'm all for technology, but facebook or email or text messages in your car? No offense but my friends aren't that interesting that I need to check in on them and an email can wait until I'm parked and safely able to read/have it read to me. Claiming it is for work is hardly an excuse too, take the break you need to shut down your brain for a while and get back to work with a fresh mindset after your drive.

I question the direction that we are going with technology. From screens on the fridge to facebook in your car. Sometimes you just need to unplug and enjoy the world around you.