A Close Video Look At The BlackBerry Bold 9700

AT&T Bold 9700 On Camera
By Bla1ze on 6 Oct 2009 08:55 am EDT
Just in case you have not gotten enough of a look at the 9700 recently, Tinhte.com is now showing off some splendid high res pictures of an AT&T branded 9700 placed up against its siblings. A nice video walkthrough is available after that jump, but be advised it is not in English so unless you speak Vietnamese you may wish to kill the volume. Also, Tinhte.com has a complete tear down of the 9700 for those of you who like to see devices stripped down to their nekkidness. I couldn't bear to go through it all, I was almost brought to tears even though it's an older revision.

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A Close Video Look At The BlackBerry Bold 9700


this phone is real slick, I like it a lot. I'd trade in my tour for that any day. I wish verizon got it, now I don't even know if I should get the storm 2 or wait for a next gen tour which would hopefully have the specs and better design of that of the bold

LOL, I was wondering why the post in the forum said "Since before she just "stomach turning" little children should return to life 88xx this slightly nervous."

I like it's overall look, but I would miss the red/burgundy numbers 0-9 as on the current Bold 9000. It's just my opinion the extra colors add to the overall look and feel of the design :p

YES!!! I totally agree,I love the red numbers on the bold 9000
it looks great when the keyboard lights up,with the red and white!!!
I miss that on the 9700!!!

As a Tour owner I may be a bit biased...but the back of the 9700 looks horrible! The vinyl (leatherette) or whatever they call it looks cheap in this application.

ok, the phone looks good, but WHY, WHY , WHY make it smaller? UGH!!!!Doesn't Rim know that the 9000 is the HOTTEST phone out? I know this has been said many times b4, but why not just enhance ( track pad, wi-fi, etc) the 9000? I don't want a small blackberry. If I did I'd get that lame pearl or some other lame device.

I want my Bold 9000 (design)with the trackpad and other enhancements. UGH!!! Frustrated!!

I disagree that the 9000 is the "hottest phone out" maybe a year ago...but you make an excellent point. Now they no longer have something like the 9000 with a big widescreen. Surely there is a place for that instead of a Tour clone?

i've been looking at other phones for the longest and i just keep coming back to the bold 9000. maybe i'm just fixacted, but nothing else grabs and hold my attention like the 9000. iphone, eh! palm, eh! tour, eh!, etc...

any suggestions?

the look (size in particular) and feel of the 9000 is what makes it so appealing, on a user level as well as design. it's sexy! why down play it?

I dont get why people cant see that the 9000 is by farr the best BB to date...why make it smaller?? sleeker?? its fine the way it is...but downgrading the size, how can it still be called a BOLD?? It would be the oposite of what they are calling it...why not name it shiny n skinny??? I want a bold that sticks to its name and all the things i love with some improvements....so yeah...BOLD 9000 in!!....Bold 9700...OUT!

Perhaps they made it smaller to accommodate us ladies! I am also a gadget freak and the bold 9000 was a brick in my hand so I had to give it to my husband. Perhaps you want BIG toys to compensate for smaller things...LOL!

The current Bold (9000) is the king Blackberry in my opinion. The 9700 is cool but it does not offer anything that would make me drop my 9000. Now if it had a touch screen .....I would be all over it!

The pearl is a good BB but as you stated yourself it's lame. It's fine for what my three teenage daughters want to use it for. I want options too! Besides bigger isn't always better. These phones will be getting smaller and smaller so get use to it.

you're right about future phones being smaller. i guess i should get over my 9000 fixation. not right now tho, lol! i want my enhanced bold 9000 like everyone wanted their mtv in the 80's.

I agree with the thought that the new "Bold" should of stayed the same size as the original but with new trackpad, etc.. I have been loving the Bold since it came out, patiently waiting for t-mobile to get it and snapping up quick the next best blackberry (8900) it offered until it did.....now that they will be getting (supposedly) the new 9700 Bold I will no doubt be there at dawn on launch day but wish it had the screen size and other characteristics of the 9000.

I just loved the look.. The leather is what attracts me.. It reminds me of the Tour more than a Bold. I think I will still keep my Bold also.

The phone looks nice but I wish they would have kept it the larger size. I will have to see it in action b4 I make the switch. I love the size of the current Bold.

I think the Bold lettering inbetween the camera and the flash is tacky.. love everything else about it though..

I dis like the large size of the Bold 9000, but I don't think it will be too hard for BB fanatics to get used to the size of this device. I like the battery cover to the 9700 better than the previous Bold. If I were in the market for a blackberry, this would be number two on my list behind the Storm 2. It really looks like a great device.

I love the Bold, but it's the most buggy electronic device I've ever owned. First one was replaced because it was overheating. Next one worked great but slowly and totally lost its sounds - ringer, message tones all went silent. Now I am on my 3rd device, which is reconstituted, and the back panel doesn't fit snugly, so that's annoying. And to top it off, the "most reliable 3G network is actually only really reliable in NYC when you throttle down to 2G.

yeah the numbers and speaker buttons on my Bold 9000's keyboard are in red and hell yes i love my Bold 9000 the size it is now irregardless that am a girl LOL. kinda have to agree on the "just upgrade" the Bold 9000's specs with that of the Bold 9700 rather than make it smaller. but i still like this Bold 9700 as a whole

I'd just die if they made a CDMA version of this..i want this or the essex so bad!! i love my storm (on .230 :D haha) but im in dire need of buttons...and i refuse to go to AT&T..im a very satisfied customer with Verizon.

Too bad I signed a 3 years contract for the Tour :(.

P.S. For those who want subtitles, don't worry, you're not missing much. If you understood what he's saying, you wouldn't be able to watch the video--I had to put it on mute even though I understood everything he's saying.

The back of 9700 has 4 different types of finish material. Moreover the leather-type material meant to give an exclusive look to the device looks awfully next to the rubber like edge finish. 9700 might be a great device but RIM should consult some real designers here!

they should also consult with crackberry.com to see what exactly the consumers want as far as design, especially when putting out a newer version of an existing device. i do however love the overall design ("leather" back and all) of the phone. its VERY attractive! again, i just wish it was the same size as the 9000. that's my only design concern.

Looks like it has the same charging contacts as the Bold so that the Power Station cradle can be used. Now I have to try and get it back from my friend whom I sold it to when it was clear that no cradle for the 8900 was forthcoming! LOL

It looks like a generic version of 9630.
No red keys and metal color- bezel hang over on top back gives gaudy look.
The Battery cover looks to be recessed thus bottom edge-camera area is going to get the lots of punishment when laying on hard surface.
I'm not digging speaker location either,
opening on back will give echo sound quality when laying on hard surface & muffed sound in holster.
I do love the tapered edges on screen though,
It melts into sides and Send-End keys giving a very smooth look.

I know that some BB lovers are sad that the new Bold is smaller but as technology rolls forward, items get smaller. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I hope it comes out soon. I am sure that there will be some Bold 9000 users that will switch over as time goes on but for now, the new Bold is here!

Tony Bolds (with an s)

true, "the new Bold is here!", unfortunately its not as BOLD as the original! that's the issue! the BOLD (9000) stood out, now it's just as small and timid as the rest.:(

in this case less(size)is NOT more.