Clockwork - A Premium Animated Theme for your BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 21 May 2010 12:11 pm EDT

I've always like the idea behind animated BlackBerry themes, but the problem that I have found with many of them was the fact some feel rather basic. By basic I mean after a 3-5 day stretch, the animation really just isn't all that cool any more and I just want to move on to the next one. WJD Designs has managed to blow that idea out of the water with the latest creation to come from them. Clockwork, is a visually amazing piece of work that has challenged me to re-think what BlackBerry theme developers are capable of when creating themes. The video tells its own tale of functionality built into the theme - check it out. For those of you wondering about which devices it will run on, Clockwork is available for all Storm, 96xx, 97xx and 8530 series devices and sells for $2.99. Hit the link for the full features list.

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Clockwork - A Premium Animated Theme for your BlackBerry


After waiting approx. 10 mins. for the download link, the look is really nice on my 8530. This is my first animated app, but maybe not the last.

...will say that 3-5 days from now. haha! Need to work on your salesmanship a bit...

"By basic I mean after a 3-5 day stretch, the animation really just isn't all that cool any more and I just want to move on to the next one."

Theme does look cool though. Nice job WJD Designs. :)

yea, not sure about this. It looks cool but I might have just wasted the cash.....
On my 9630, it's hard to move around the circle. I'll overdo it and miss the icon. I thought I'd have a pointer to select the icon, not have roll around. I also can't tell where it is half the time, especially when it's on the clock/calendar.
So, pretty but not functional (for me).

I played with a different 'circular' type theme before on my 9630 and found the same thing. Hard to tell where you are and easy to go past the icon you want. Sure looks nice, but I like quick and easy access to things.

yep, that's how it stands. I just spent $5 to learn that lesson. Lasted a couple hours before I got frustrated and now back to my old theme.

Well I got the notification so I updated. This is better, but to hit the icons better I had to reduce vertical scoll sensitivity to 40. It seems I lost the jump to calendar though. The graphics are very cool and I like the battery and signal meters. I think the video showed the apps names at the bottom but it doesn't on my Tour.

Infact, Im actually disappointed @ WJD on this one. Navigation on the homescreen is HORRIBLE! Ive have many of his other themes and am completely satisfied. This one? He dropped the ball so bad, I'd like my money back :(

I had some issues with the theme - contacted customer service and they promptly said they would refund. Thats all I can ask. Thanks.

we had tech difficulties on our end and now the new update makes it work great... hope everyone is happy :) Im just here to make sure our berries are rockin!

I like the music in the video, wouldn't it be awesome if it played while you were scrolling through your icons just like in the video. I would feel like I was on some epic quest everytime I hit my homescreen! ha ha. I have a feeling I would start self narrating my moves, "In todays quest I must first open the magical folder of Applications and seek the almighty Pandora...." Just a thought. Maybe I took it too far. I may never buy or use your theme, but I can at lest give you props for the dramtic video WJD.

i ordered it a while ago and still haven't received the link....i know it says to allow up to 24 hrs, but i've never had to wait for more than a few minutes...first time for everything i guess

I always had a thing for clocks and this theme is really good. What would make it really good is that if it had hands on the front that would move just like a regular clock. But in all i really like it.

cuz this theme looks awesome as is, but having the same HT functionality as the storm version would leave me no doubts in pulling the trigger...

I'm not sure which I like more, the theme itself or the fact that he put together such a slick video to market a $3 theme!

NICE on both counts. If I ever upgrade to a Storm 2 I'll try it out, there's simply NO ROOM on my Storm with its paltry memory to go installing animated themes.

Anyone use this on the Storm 1? I am concerned about memory usage and leakage. Looks great but would love some Storm specific feedback. Also, running Lyrical's latest 591 hybrid.

Anyone with a 9630 try this one yet? What do you think of it and how well does your Tour handle it? (On the 4.7 OS)

Hey WayneD,
Have any screen shots / video of this theme in action on the Tour? The Storm screen looks great, but its bigger than the Tour. And if you can answer this; Why the heck would RIM care if you themed the time? Its already on the phone.

I don't often pay for themes, rather enjoy the free ones. Every once in awhile one stands out that makes me say "I gotta have it" and this one did.

The only thing I don't care for is trying to figure out which spot to put my apps in so they show up in the order on the home screen. A little frustrating but not a deal breaker.

At $2.99 I am pleased with my investment. :)

The first item on the main screen is placed at the 1 o'clock position on the home screen...all the way to 12 o'clock. So, the item at the top is actually the last item.

OK, I don't care what any developer says. I only changed my theme from default Zen to Clockwork. No other change and a reboot. My memory had been at 36Mb for close to a week with no leakage. With Clockwork, it dropped to around 33.5 and in less than 24 hours, it was at 25Mb. I was also getting 2.5 days per battery charge and after 8 hours (1 phone call), I am at 50%.

Also, a lot of new icons started showing up once I upgraded to version 1.2. I had to reorganize my entire screen and all the folders to hide or move items that weren't there before.

I like the look of the theme but will need to keep an eye on battery and memory.

This is a very complex issue since it gets talked about by every customer to every theme developer. The Real truth is no one knows, and we know more about the moon then this question. Here at WJD Designs we export the theme on many devices and also in a simulator over night to test its battery and response under stress. These testings always end up to prove that the device (while running only the applications needed in the background) runs without any slow performance. Users may have slow performance when running our theme and multiple applications at the same time. We have contacted Research In Motion and they have told us that the Operating System doesn't do the best job at Memory Management which tells us that the problem is more in how the operating system deals with multiple applications and themes running together. The fact is we use software that RIM provides us to design themes. Themes are just an overlay environment that is meant to skin the default "Precision Zen" theme. It is true that we use code inside to bring forth advance animation and visuals but it still has the same method of exporting in the end through RIM's software which we have no end control on. Your best bet is to not look at the theme as the culprit but the other applications running in the background. These applications are using multiple device api's to function and the theme does not use any. If you are already scared a theme might drain your memory then you really shouldn't download it!