Clingo universal car phone mount for BlackBerry Everything, works with your phone - Leave a comment to win one!

By Joseph Holder on 9 Aug 2011 01:17 pm EDT

One lucky reader will win this Clingo universal mount! Read on for details. 

The Clingo universal car phone mount is one of those products that does what it says "on the tin." I admit, when I saw the Clingo products in the CrackBerry Store, I was skeptical. My personal Torch 9800 is a fairly heavy device. There was no way that sticky green goop was going to hold my phone. Oh, how wrong I was.

In some ways, this Clingo mount is like many others. The suction cup strongly, and I mean strongly, holds the mount to a windshield. Included is a puck that can be mounted to the dash if you prefer that mounting option. There is an arm that can be maneuvered and locked into several positions. It is there that the similarities end.

Attached at the end of the arm is what I call the "sticky pad." Once your smartphone is attached to this pad, it's not going anywhere. The stickiness was even strong enough to hold my BlackBerry PlayBook, considerably heavier than any smartphone. The car phone mount is not intended for that amount of weight, so I don't recommend you try it. The pad attaches to the arm via a ball joint, giving the mount a huge degree of freedom when positioning your phone "just right."

Allsop, the company that developed the technology, won't say just how the green pad remains sticky use after use after use. Even after the pad loses its stickiness, a quick cleaning brings it back to life. The manufacturer recommends mild soap and water, though I've read elsewhere that wet tissues and even disinfecting wipes may prove useful. Take care when using chemicals around these pads, some solvents will destroy the pad's effectiveness. Once cleaned and dried, the pad sticks just like new.

When removing the device from the pad, it is very important that you peel the device from the pad rather than attempt to pull it off. And that's a rather interesting tidbit. You see, that's one of the keys to how Geckos scale walls. Lately, Science has been learning amazing things about these creatures. Did you know that the hairs on the Gecko's feet actually form a molecular attraction (called van der Walls force) with the surface they're climbing? And did you know that scientists have managed to recreate this biological effect using man-made materials?

Now, I'm not saying the Clingo universal car phone mount is made from Gecko technology. I don't know that for sure. What I do know is that once attached to that sticky pad, your smartphone isn't going anywhere until you want it to.

Contest: Want to get one of these for free from Just leave a comment to this review and tell us just what would stick to your Clingo universal mount. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. One lucky winner will have this device shipped directly from

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I've had one of these for the last couple of months and am not too impressed so far.
The pad is WAY TOO STICKY in the hot summer weather. Over 26 degrees in my truck and I can barely get my Torch 9800 off the darn thing. Nearly break the back cover every time I pull it off. I have to pull the grip part from the arm so that I can remove my phone form the "sticky substance" with both hands.


I would use it for sure in my car, and for the time being it would be used with my 9700, but hopefully soon replaced by one of the Berries from the young generation :)


Would love one of these for my vdub :)


And put it in my car somewhere


I'd love one they should give you one when you get a smart phone. It could save a life


I want one!!!! Looks cool


I'd love to win, thanks!!


I'm planning on upgrading from 9800 to 9810 because I don't want to spend $ on another car mount as the one I have is made only for the Torch. But if I win this, I would get the all touch Torch or the Bold 9900 (I haven't decided which I like best yet).


Thank you in advance!


Pick me, I really need this!!!!


WOW its cool i wan ^^ i would stick it beside my com to make sure i dont miss any off my emails, sms, bbm, or my calls XP


Now this is what I need to keep my bold from constantly rolling around my cup holder or flying off the seat :)
This is something I need!


Don't remember if I signed up for this already :( but I'd love one of these for my car.


Exactly what I need....could I win for once please lol !


hey I want one ! I could stick my brand new bold 9900 ... when i get it... :-( )-: ???


I would stick my 9700 to it.


This device will allow hands free operation of my Torch. Also, I can place this anywhere in my vehicle so that I don't have to look down from the windshield are to see my Torch.


i would love to win one and stick it on my monitor :-)
i would be able to see what's going on AND have a little less clutter on the desk- YAY!


Looks great. Thanks for the contest.

mig 007

I could definitely use one or more of the Clingo universal car phone mount lol. I would use this with my new Bold 9900 and maybe perhaps my PlayBook ;)


I have a truck that would love to try this out.....and keep it.....forever....or until i switch to another type of phone

Digital Dave

My false teeth at my bed side would look good on this device.

Blackberry Storm 2 9550


I could really make use of one when i drive :)


This looks cool, can I have one?


I'll find a way to stick this to my bike, along with my gps app I can know see my progress.


One for my phone, and another for the lips of backseat drivers sitting in the front!


omg yesssssssssss! I'd love this!!!!!!!! Thanks CB!


Nice solution. Would be happy to use it.


I would attach my car to it. Then I could drive handsfree while I held and talked on my blackberry


My old 9700 would look nice stuck to this!

Crude Berry

Would like to have one of those.


I think this looks like a great way for me to stick my car to my Blackberry, and you may think that is backwards, but my Blackberry is the more important item in the pair.

Hope I win...

Allan in T.Dot

Ho yah! I just picked up my 9900 20 minutes ago and would love to have this!


for any one of the 3 company blackberries :D


Would be awesome for holding my phone while trucking, which I do only EVERYDAY


It would sit right on my dash or on my desk, one or the other


On my windshield it's RIM the forcefield!


Awesome!! I'm so curious how the sticky thing is


wow, i have been looking for an in car option for mounting .


I would stick it on my bathroom wall and near the head of my bed.


Yes, this is cool. Thanks for the contest.


I'd love one of these!


Everyone needs somethng like this in their vehicle, including me.


This looks and would be very useful for driving in Chicago traffic!

Delirious D

My blackberry bold 9650..

i use my sprint navigation ALOT!!!!! and i get scared of getting pulled over if a cop thinks i'm texting instead of looking at the map.


Ooooo, I want this, please.


I would stick a lighted magnified mirror so when I'm on my way 2 do a drag show I can save time and put my make up on the way whoo hoo multi tasking lol


Oooooh! I need this!!! Hook me up, CB! I want to win!!!


wow, this would be great in the car for my Torch or even Playbook!!!


excellent! I'm a Torch user too with few options to mount to my car. Pick me! :)


My 9650 would find use of this. Great idea.


Could really use this to replace my broken one. Will use it for my bold 9700


You mean I don't have to let my storm slide all over my dash? What a novel idea.


Desperately need one for my car! Need to drive safe. :)


Yes please ! I have tried every possile car mount out there... This one looks like it would take the cake!!! Thanks CB and Clingo !!!


I would use it for my new Bold 9900


I would use it for my BB so as not to lose the BB down the side of the passenger seat!


Would love this for my Torch :)


OMFG! this is a must have, it would make my life so much easier!



grazie,pls pick me....


For my bedroom amigos so I can see the picture of my wife every morning when I have to wake up without her! Crackberry-loce


my berry would love to be stuck to this!


I don't have a bluetooth in my car. I get lot of calls while driving, this would be ideal for me to keep in touch with every one on the go.


I would probably just mount it to my car dash, make It much easier to travel!


since i have a bunk bed i would mount it to the ceiling so when i wake up @ 3am for my morning soda i know what time it is or when its time to get up at 630 my blackberry can annoying yell at me to get up and i would easily know what time it is by opening my eyes rather than reaching over and looking for the snooze button on my phone


I promise to still keep my eye on the road. :)


would stick a 9930 to it


This'd be great in the car, please pick me!


Well since you jerkfaces didn't pick me I had to go buy my own. :-P Just wanted to post back and say, firstly, thank you very much for this article Joseph! I was very skeptical of these pads and your thoughts on it convinced me to give it a try. I also wanted to say that this thing works wonderfully. It puts my old "universal" mount to shame. That thing blocked the USB port and was scratching up the side of my Torch. Plus I knew that when I (eventually) get a new Torch 9850 (hurry the hell up, Verizon!!) my "universal" mount sure as hell won't work for it. The Clingo makes a perfect solution. All sides of the phone are completely exposed so I can plug in whatever I need, I can rotate it in any direction I want and even the pad surface itself can be adjusted in all sorts of directions to let me get the phone exactly where I want it. I am SO glad I picked this up.