Clingo universal car phone mount for BlackBerry Everything, works with your phone - Leave a comment to win one!

By Joseph Holder on 9 Aug 2011 01:17 pm EDT

One lucky reader will win this Clingo universal mount! Read on for details. 

The Clingo universal car phone mount is one of those products that does what it says "on the tin." I admit, when I saw the Clingo products in the CrackBerry Store, I was skeptical. My personal Torch 9800 is a fairly heavy device. There was no way that sticky green goop was going to hold my phone. Oh, how wrong I was.

In some ways, this Clingo mount is like many others. The suction cup strongly, and I mean strongly, holds the mount to a windshield. Included is a puck that can be mounted to the dash if you prefer that mounting option. There is an arm that can be maneuvered and locked into several positions. It is there that the similarities end.

Attached at the end of the arm is what I call the "sticky pad." Once your smartphone is attached to this pad, it's not going anywhere. The stickiness was even strong enough to hold my BlackBerry PlayBook, considerably heavier than any smartphone. The car phone mount is not intended for that amount of weight, so I don't recommend you try it. The pad attaches to the arm via a ball joint, giving the mount a huge degree of freedom when positioning your phone "just right."

Allsop, the company that developed the technology, won't say just how the green pad remains sticky use after use after use. Even after the pad loses its stickiness, a quick cleaning brings it back to life. The manufacturer recommends mild soap and water, though I've read elsewhere that wet tissues and even disinfecting wipes may prove useful. Take care when using chemicals around these pads, some solvents will destroy the pad's effectiveness. Once cleaned and dried, the pad sticks just like new.

When removing the device from the pad, it is very important that you peel the device from the pad rather than attempt to pull it off. And that's a rather interesting tidbit. You see, that's one of the keys to how Geckos scale walls. Lately, Science has been learning amazing things about these creatures. Did you know that the hairs on the Gecko's feet actually form a molecular attraction (called van der Walls force) with the surface they're climbing? And did you know that scientists have managed to recreate this biological effect using man-made materials?

Now, I'm not saying the Clingo universal car phone mount is made from Gecko technology. I don't know that for sure. What I do know is that once attached to that sticky pad, your smartphone isn't going anywhere until you want it to.

Contest: Want to get one of these for free from Just leave a comment to this review and tell us just what would stick to your Clingo universal mount. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. One lucky winner will have this device shipped directly from

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Reader comments

Clingo universal car phone mount for BlackBerry Everything, works with your phone - Leave a comment to win one!



Oh, that would be great, I could stick it to the side of my monitor to be able to watch for incoming emails.

aww i was w8ing for this contest for long time :) it would be grate to spear a 45$ for something else to my lovely Blackberry form the

This would be perfect for work, I could mount it at eye level and be to see my incoming messages right away.

Count me in! One of these for the car, desk, monitor, kitchen cupboard even! Wow, where can't I use this?? 100% impressed. (will have to try the PB on it at some stage )

I have one of these already. They work great but the arm is a little long and amplifies any vibration you may get while going over some bumps. It's not a deal-breaker however. They are totally worth it..

I would love this - I wonder if you can put an iPod and a Blackberry on it at the same time (have the mount horizontal and stick them both vertically). That would be perfect for in my car!

I can use this with my current BlackBerry AND my new one that I'm waiting impatiently for.

My windshield. Haven't found an effective car mount where the suction cup to the windshield doesn't stop working after about 6 months.

Finally, a mount that will allow me to use any device without constantly switching plates, clamps, what-have-you..

Would love to win this. And while I'd like to stick my ever-reliable Stormy 9530 to this mount, I'll probably just end up using it to catch all the shattered hopes and dreams of all the lost contests of yesteryear.

I would definately use it to hold up my torch:) I'm at my PC often, picture this, putting it on my desk holding up my phone while I'm on crackberry;) on my pc, and need my phone infront of me readily available;) also to hold up my phone while driving, to use maps:)

Call me old school, but I would use this in my car to hold my BB. I use my BB for nav and streaming tunes to the headunit, so having my BB in a visable place is great and the mount I have now likes to break loose at random times (usually in traffic).

I'd stick the confiscated toys of my kids on it. Bonus points if it is mounted just out of their reach, taunting them.

My window mount just broke. Spent a pretty penny on it too and am not able to take it back. Would love a replacement.

This *has* to go on a hardhat, to make a hands-free heads-up display out of my Torch. Second option: as a night table stand to keep the display visible.

I'd like one! Besides my phone, I'd attach a mirror to it because I don't have one of those swivel mirrors :(

Will- Im sure my Curve 3g would love this, but lets face Bold 9930 is gonna love driving front and center on the dash of my not so pimped out 97 Chevrolet Lumina ..please! my car needs some high tech class!

I could use (at least) one of these! mount my new Torch 2 TouchScreen (eventually) in my car and use it as GPS. heck, one in every car!

I would stick my Pearl to it in my car (my storm2 has problems and I'm holding out for some new devices before I upgrade), or whatever new device I get.

This would be SO cool. I would suction this to my windshield and use the green sticky end to stick my french fries to it for added convenience when eating on the go!

Cool mount, this would be great in my car either when listening to music/podcasts while in traffic from work...or when using google maps for directions.

What a great idea.

Most car mounts block access the charging ports nor put pressure on the side convenience keys. This would work perfect for my 9780.

Your reviewed rock! You sold me on this one already. I guess I have to wait to see if I win before buying this sticky pad ;)

I want one pleeeeeze. ( hmm i wonda if it will hold my blackberries - fruit that is while i'm drivin)

I would stick my BB and android from my wife, when we drive to watch movies not gps :p
Also a photo of me and her so she can see me when I'm alone lol. Good luck to all who enter.

Well if I win this item, the first thing I would stick to it would be my BlackBerry. But if you watch the Clingo video contest entry above, the possibilities are endless.

Yeah I said it!! I won't have to keep my BB in between my thighs while I drive to feel it vibrate when my 2yr old is asleep in car seat behind me!

This thing looks so cool. I so need one so I can more so I can more safely listen to the crackberry podcasts on my commutes to and from work. Also would be able to better use the gps navigation from my phone while driving since the wife has the garmin. She is a bold user and I a torch, so my screen is better suited for navigation. Oh yea and I am in one of those states that it is illegal to talk and drive without a handsfree device, although getting phone calls while I am driving is so annoying as it interupts my crackberry listening.

This would be a great item, I would stick whatever can't be tied down in the car, i.e. wife, kids, pets, hitchhikers, tickets, starbucks, breakfast croissants, etc., etc.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and Clingo!

I would put my BB Bold 9000 on it. It is too wide for all of the clamp mounts and they push the convenience keys. If one works as good as the reviewer claims, maybe I'll buy a pair and use them for my PlayBook

I would use it to stick my BlackBerry Torch 9800 to it - until I replace it with a BlackBerry 7 (ideally the 9900) that is!

in thanks
id use it for those trips to unknown places, my BB works pretty nice as a GPS, this will just make it must easier for me ;)

I have a cheap knock off version of this, but to have this and the clingo for my phone and playbook would be awesome :)

No hurt in entering the contest. What would I stick to it? Obvious choice would be my 8520 and 9700 (while running Waze). No more phone falling into my lap while driving !!

I have been using GPSLook on my BlackBerry as a GPS navigator for my last trip to BC's interiors, wouldn't mind the free upgrade to hold it in place.

I really would like one to try, but I admit to being nervous that in the heat of the day, this device would fail. My GPS device has fallen off my dash on the hottest SC days - and my Torch is more valuable than my GPS!!!

i work on the road in a bumpy rocky truck, i haven't found a mount that can hold my phone whenever i hit train tracks. i would live to give this sticky surface a shot. i think this may help my falling phone syndrome, lol

This is great over traditional (!) clamp style mounts. I would use it to hold both my Bold and GPS. My current mount is too narrow for my GPS.

I would love one of these!!! i would stick mines to my bedpost so I will never miss anything lol good luck everyone

Definitely use it for my PB on the desk if it can hold that weight on the acrylic.

As always I enjoy your video reviews Joseph, and you always have good things to add to the podcasts. Nice work.

this is one of the coolest car mounts I ever seen I would love to win one I would promote it to everyone.

well for the time being I would stick my 9700 phone to it until I upgrade! I might even stick one of my kids to it if the dont behave!

Not a big fan of the "sticky pad" concept. They eventually get "non-sticky" and you have to wash it to get some stickiness back. Pretty inconvenient if you ask me. But I'll try my luck and enter to win one anyway...