Click's Picks! BlackBerry Media Roundup 026

Click's Media Picks
By Click on 21 Mar 2009 09:36 am EDT

Hello everyone! It's time once again for your roundup of top BlackBerry media picks of the week made by yours truly, Click! Now if you tuned into last week's Click's Picks you read that I had a little surpise for you this week...well Keep reading and I'll tell ya what it is. HINT: Leaving a comment to this post will be giving you a chance to win! :-)


Now for my top wallpapers, I have gone through our database and picked 5 Wallpapers for each of the 6 big devices.

Storm 95xx:


Curve 89xx:


Bold 90xx:



Curve, 83xx, 88xx, 87xx:



Pearl Flip 82xx:


Pearl 81xx:


There are More Wallpapers in's Wallpaper Gallery or Use the Wallpaper Maker to Create your own AND share them with the Community


Here are 5 of my favorite Ringtones from the site. 

There are many more ringtones for your BlackBerry in's user-contributed Ringtone Gallery. Have some to share? Submit them! 


This week we have 3 new episodes of the smash hit 24! Enjoy!! 

                         24 Wall

To download, right mouse click on the links and click Save Target/Save Link as and choose where on your computer to save the file. Once downloaded, you can transfer the files over onto your BlackBerry's media card via usb from there.

Want videos on your BlackBerry but don't know where to start? Read this BlackBerry 101 Lecture!And for more videos check out Videos4BlackBerry.


After a long hiatus from doing up our weekly Click's Picks, it's great to be back. To celebrate, we're doing up a little CrackBerry contest. Just leave a comment to this blog post and you'll be entered to win a $50 coupon for your choice of either Software or Accessories from!

Want something to comment on? Why not tell us what kind of a BlackBerry media junky you are. Are you a ringtone lover? Wallpaper changing machine? Music at the gym? Do you always have your media card packed with movies? All of the above? Let us know! Contest open until this coming Friday, midnight PST. We'll announce the winner in next week's Click's Picks!

Thanks again for tuning in!

- Click Out! 

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Click's Picks! BlackBerry Media Roundup 026



I can't help my self. I'm addicted to themes. I even recently downloaded the theme creator software so I can save some money but after looking it over, I realize that those developers deserve the money. :-) So I would love the cheese so I can continue to give back to my beloved comunity. puh-puh-puh-pleaseeee! :-)

I am a wallpaper fiend. I love science but can't seem to find any good ones on here. Hey CB community, make more science wallpapers!

I agree that the Smoke wallpaper is tres cool. I also like Distant LIght.

I would like to see more themes for the 8900, however.


Just registered and first time entering any contest although I'm a long time reader, thanks for the opportunity! :)

$50 dollars in credits!? SWEET!!!

Well let me tell you, I'm addicted to wallpapers! I'm constantly on every site I can find with 95** wallpapers, just looking for a new one! My 8gb card is stocked with over 150 walls and I can't stop looking for more! I love Click's Media Picks just cuz it means I get a chance to see what kind of cool pics he's dug up :D
Hope to see some more fresh content soon!

ill tell you what im big on, my blackberries camera, it may not go far but it excels in the most quality and qualified pictures in what I would say is the end all be all of camera phones. The lustrious 3.2 mega pixels makes meager work of most 1.3 or 2.0 mega pixel cameras and with multiple resolutions and an onboard fiddly wink to do some black and whites, blackberry cameras produce a flash bright enough to replace a car head light, heck, it makes flashlight apps crawl away in shame.

Honestly that would be a great App for the storm, not so much focus on LED MAKE SO MUCH BRIGHTA AN BETTA KUNGFU PANDA!!!

just whip out that there camera light

It's like I have a present waiting for me every day when I wake up. I have had my Curve 8900 for 3 weeks now and there is no way I can pick a favorite thing yet; unless I can pick everything.
Pick me!

I like to push my storm to the limit and keep it updated with the coolest apps,wallpapers, movies and ringtones and that is why is my homepage. The Death Card wallpaper is cool and having 24 on my media card is a great way to pass time on my lunch breaks. When having has your homepage it is like playing the slot machines and you never loose!

I would love to get the $50 of course who wouldnt, I would spend it all on apps. now that I upgraded to .119 and installed the 8gb card i have lots of space for it.

My Storm gets the opportunity to experience some of everything. I am rather a gadget junky and the Storm benefits from my endless addiction. Keep up the great work.

I love themes and backgrounds I am constantly changing them out and looking for new ones. I am very tempted to learn how to make my own themes but I afraid that I will allow it to be a vacuum of my time. My wife has already taged me as a major crackberry offender.

If I only had the money to buy themes and support those hard working developers. Due to my constant need for a new theme, I downloaded Plazmic CDK, and I've been making my own crappy themes. If I won, I would definitely buy atleast two themes! And the two programs that I've been to stingy to buy... :X

I enjoy the wallpapers - for something different than the pictures I take. Not much on changing themes - I kinda have mine the way I like it. Always interested in software, and love accessories. And, winning is always great!

I usually have mind filled with movies and tones galore. One can never know what time of mood you will be and need a tone to suit it.

I have about 10 favorite wallpapers saved on my Media card and I change to a different one each day. I am always looking for good ones to download to my BOLD.

I love Click...I love Crackberry...I love media...I love free!
I wanted to pass along that Audacity is the best program for making MP3 ring tones for your berry and its free.
Just do a google search its easy and did I mention free?

I def. listen to music a lot more on my Storm than anything else! Wallpapers and themes would come in second lol.

I'm a wallpaper junkie!! And I love my apps! CrackBerrry Smash, Opera Mini, Picture Dial, CrackBerry Apps. Store, Quick Pull, WeatherBug, QuickLaunch, Google Maps, Capture It, AP Mobile News and about to hunt for some games! I look forward to your comments every week! Keep 'em coming!

Thanks for posting this. Nice to know what's tops for my device for the week. Hope you continue to produce it weekly !

can't go wrong with free money, i don't know about anyone else buy maybe an extended battery for the Storm sounds good

Good stuff! I havent been a CB member for long and this is the first "weekly" media roundup I've seen. Now I'll never be bored with my 8900!

I only recently got my first Blackberry - the Storm, and thanks to mobile media, it is now renamed my Freak Defender 1.0. I was at work earlier,this week when the team secretary and her friend were chatting. Doesn't sound awful, right? WRONG! Her friend, who sounds like Ellie Mae Clampett was telling the secretary about some book she read that taught her human beings evolved from dinosaurs. Yeah - I said it. This freak moron thinks dinosaurs were our grand-pappies, to put it in her terms. Not to be swayed, the secretary explained to her that was not correct. She spoke a long time about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. At work. Suddenly, we've got Dino-girl and Focus on the Family Femme debating the emergence of the human race on planet Earth.

What's a guy to do? Sure, I could have engaged in workplace violence, but I resisted. And I could have just ignored it and pitied them. Instead, I did the only mature thing I could think of to defend myself from these freaks. I immediately used my Storm to instant message my friends and a coworker to let them know about the freak show. Then I used my Storm to post a message about it on Facebook. And when finished, I turned on my Slacker radio, stuck in some earphones and pretended none of it was real.

Since neither of those idiots have developed the plague and since freaks are everywhere, I am spending the whole weekend downloading games, music, videos, apps, and bookmarking great sites like and espn. Freak Defender 2.0 will be so much stronger, versatile and more robust. Who knows, maybe I'll record some of their conversations in the future and post them on the web. But, then that would be with Freak Offender 1.0.

Thank you, Blackberry and mobile media!!!

I change the wallpaper on my BOLD daily. Always looking for good ones.

Thanks for the chance to win something.

have to have my blackberry with me at the gym so I can listen to my tunes while I burn those calories!

Before you talk s*** about somebody you should walk a mile in their shoes so that when you do decide to talk s*** about're a mile away and you have their shoes...
-Storm 9530-.109

I love my new curve! the screen is so amazing i spent all day yesterday figuring out how to convert my dvds to it and i am now up to 5 movies! Keep on doing what your doing everybody, crackberry is my favorite site!

I just enjoy being able to go to one spot for the latest and greatest for my device. Thanks for a great site.

i am always changing themes and my 8 gig card in my storm still isnt big enough to hold the movies and music i would like this would be a great way to update to a bigger card :)

I would love to play videos on my new bb bold. so much to learn and explore on these phones. thanks for the help so i can do this myself

I love themes I'm always changing themes always need a new look... and I could really use a headset... driving with a phone is dangerous...

I want to win at least once. I never win with crackberry, and have been a daily visitor for like a year and entered all contests. Holla at ur bad luck bro.

I want to win at least once. I never win with crackberry, and have been a daily visitor for like a year and entered all contests. Holla at ur bad luck bro.

Crackberry has to be the best site for blackberry users. The info, the reviews, the products, etc.. are all top notch. The prizes aren't to shabby either ;).


I'm a media fanatic who is new to Blackberry(Storm) and new to Crackberry so it was very sweet when I got smacked by this media blitz of top picks right on the front page. I didn't have to search, I didn't have to scroll through(although I still will) 100's of posts, nope, right here on the front page. Thanks!!

16GB - full with movies, music, and pics
8GB - full of seinfeld episodes
4GB - full of stand up comedy

peek@who, quicktext, and a couple of trackballs. man, then i wouldn't have anything to worry about. oh and maybe that vibandring thing. oh man, now i getting excited.

Welcome back Click!! Glad to see this part of the site back up and going. I have missed the fresh selections of media that you present every week. I have gone through 4 memory cards in the last couple months because of the media I can put on my Berry!! I started out with a 2 GB, and filled it up too quickly, so I moved on to a 4 GB!! Then I started putting videos and movies on my Storm, so I had to switch to an 8 GB card. After putting all the music and wallpapers, and ring-tones and movies and videos I wanted, I realized I only had about a gig of memory left! So I then decided to go ahead and get the Big Boy 16 GB card!!! Now I have about 4 GB's of memory left thanks to all the great media selections offered on the site. I don't know what I will do once it gets filled up!!!! Thanks Click, glad your back, Keep up the great work, and remember to keep Berrying!!!

There are some very nice wallpapers there. I'm more of a media guy, myself, as I have my media card loaded with music.

oh how i loves me some 24! i've always said that although i am not the man, i know him very well. his name is jack! lol

I. Love. Themes.
I can't help myself really... I have all the animated ones from BPlay and recently explored 3 free theme websites and got about 6 more.
And boy do I also love me some wallpaper. I have a very short attention span and I'm extremely picky so I'm constantly changing things up which means I LOVE the free wallpaper section of!
I regularly peruse around downloading things that I think I might use one day. And if that's not enough, I'll google image search for something vague and get a ton more.
Recently had to update to a 16g memory card cuz I was runnin out of room for my addictions...
I love my Bold and I love Crackberry!

I change wallpaper and my ringtones all the time and am glad this section is back it provides easy access to some of the best picks.

I love you crackberry. Always keeping me up to date on the BB news, and giving me the chance to win cool prizes. :-) <3

I don't have much media on my Curve, but I don't need to with Slacker Mobile and Pandora, why would I need to store it (aside from the caching)? :-)

I just switched this week and I have fallen in love with my storm and this site. I'm still learning (using the site as a tutorial) and have been really into themes, wallpapers, apps, and ringtones. I'm trying to do everything now, but i'm having alot of fun trying everything out.

I am totally a wallpaper junkie. I probably change my wallpaper 2 or 3 times a day. It's like I have wallpaper A.D.D.

There are so many things I'd love to get from the crackberry store! I think I'm going to find videos to put on my media card.

I've been trying and trying to win contests on, but I never won =(

Maybe I could win this one =)

I'm a total sucker for themes and apps. I constantly check the forums for new/updated themes or 3rd party apps (free ones of course). It'd be cool to have some free spending money to check out the premium versions!

I love everything about this site. I love my addiction to it too. Every 20 minutes I'm on here looking for something.
Thanks for the Media Picks and keep em coming.

I just love the apps.. Right now my favorite are my Bible app from OliveTree, Quickpull, and too many games to count!!

I can't wait until we have been here for a year and the App store is opened and the app population grows!!


This is rad.
I love always having new wallpapers for my phone and movies for when im bored. i'd love to win $50 ;]

I am new to this and want to know if there is just icon downloads??? I picked a theme with a layout and icons i liked then changed the wallpaper to what i wanted... is there a better way?

New to this whole Blackberry thing...and I see now what all the fuss is about. I totally understand why they call it a Crackberry.

Especially here, just replaced my curve with another and it would be nice to get my programs back for the new PIN and not have a dent in my wallet.

I'm an app junkie always looking for the next revolutionary blackberry app here and other places across the interwebs.

You know that you are an "Old Timey" Storm lover when you have Hee Haw's 10th Anniversary special on you phone for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for all of the great contests.


Newbie to BB community....LOVE MY CURVE!!! Can't wait for the Niagra though! OBTW.....CRACKBERRY IS THE BOMB!!! (A little old school verbage!) Rush and 24 ROCK! Keep up the great work Click!

Click, thank you thank you THANK YOU for the uploads of 24! if you can keep posting those up you'll become my new best friend. Finally, something to do on the bus up to class! =D

and I'd love to win!

Wallpaper, ringtones and videos, oh my!
Wallpaper, ringtones and videos, oh my!
Wallpaper, ringtones and videos, oh my!

Cant help but to buy the latest apps and games so i can slag my coworkers iphone. Im on the site every day at least a few times!

I need some more cool stuff for my Storm, but my wife won't let me spend any more money, so PLEASE pick me!!!

I must admit that i am not big on wallpapers and such but i think i have just been converted.

Thanks for having another great edition. I really enjoy your picks, especially the wallpaper. I try to change mine every week or so.

I am big with themes and wallpapers. I like to show of the screen on the storm with videos too but I don't watch them as much. $50 of themes would be nice :)

Still pretty new to the Bold. Love the music capabilities. I'm also becoming a wallpaper addict? Doctor, the cure is the $50 freebie!!!
BTW, the You Version Bible is amazing!!!

I love adding new ringtones. I usually try to do something that is funny, or goes great with the contact's personality. Everybody loves to hear my phone ring because they never know what comes next!

I use my BlackBerry mostly as a messaging tool (as it was made for) but I do need multimedia on it as well. I've normally got a few GB of music, a movie, my podcasts and some regular applications on my Berry. A $50 coupon would be great at the Store. Was looking to buy there but I think I'll hold off for a few more days now.

It's all about the games and theme's for me!
I would love some of the more expesive (read: movies) apps but since I had to pay full price for my storm they're a bit out of my price range at the moment. A $50 coupon would sure help ;)

I love downloading ands trying themes (although Appleberry is the best!). Also love making ringtones. Really want to win!

well i just finished watching seven pounds with will smith on my storm
i loove my storm for movies.
and i love listening to slacker radio on my storm