Click's Picks! BlackBerry Media Roundup 025

Click's Media Picks
By Click on 9 Mar 2009 01:57 am EDT

I'm BACK!!! I want to thank Bla1ze for stepping in while I was out. Like I said I'm back to bring you some Media to your berry to make you love it just a little more! Now I know there are new CrackBerry addicts out there so I'll give a quick run of what I do. Every week I bring you Wallpapers, Ringtones, and Movies for your beloved BlackBerry. Now with that out of the way, here is to my first pick in almost 8 months!


Now for my top wallpapers, I have gone through our database and picked 5 Wallpapers for each of the 6 big devices.

Storm 95xx:


Curve 89xx

Night Of Lights 

Bold 90xx:


Curve, 83xx, 88xx, 87xx:


Pearl Flip 82xx:

BB theme

Pearl 81xx:


There are More Wallpapers in's Wallpaper Gallery or Use the Wallpaper Maker to Create your own AND share them with the Community


There are many more ringtones for your BlackBerry in's user-contributed Ringtone Gallery. Have some to share? Submit them! 


This week we have the Ultimate Avengers Hope that you enjoy!


                                                  Ultimate Avengers  

                                                  Ultimate Avengers 2  

To download, right mouse click on the links and click Save Target/Save Link as and choose where on your computer to save the file. Once downloaded, you can transfer the files over onto your BlackBerry's media card via usb from there.

Want videos on your BlackBerry but don't know where to start? Read this BlackBerry 101 Lecture!And for more videos check out Videos4BlackBerry.

Thanks for tuning in! We're aiming to put up a Click's Picks every weekend from here on out, so we'll see you soon.  And you can look for an extra special treat in our next edition!

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Click's Picks! BlackBerry Media Roundup 025


if you guy's havent gone to the videos4blackberry site i highly reccomend you do you can get all kinds of sweet videos like the street fighter collection and FRINGE episodes!

I've been using Cosmic Sunrise on my Bold pretty much since the day I got it. Looks B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L on that screen. =)

Thanks for the stuff in your thread. The more useless the application, the better! That's what makes the BB craze enjoyable.

gS click thanks... do u bring movies for us?

lol sorry but something i got no time to do it...
n i love watching movies in my storm

thank you for all the hulk and avengers movies..they rock with great quality and not much on all the episodes but would LOVE some more super hero movies and also some comedies like friday,step brothers,pineapple express,superman,batman,hulk movies..thank you for all you do..

Going thru all of the files must have been fun. I made an earnest attempt of surfing as many as I could the first day my friend pointed me to this site. It was like the real world didn't exist for hours. LOL!