Click's Picks! BlackBerry Media Roundup 011

Click's Media Picks
By Click on 31 May 2008 03:56 pm EDT

Here we are, back with another great addition of Click's Picks! So sit down (if your not already), Buckle up, ease your lazyboy back and relax and enjoy the ride!!


Now for my top wallpapers, I have gone through our database and picked some new ones and old ones. I hope you enjoy my top picks for the week!



Green Light

Dark Frac

Above The Clouds

      There are More Wallpapers in's Wallpaper Gallery or Use the Wallpaper Maker to Create your own AND share them with the Community!


      Here's five tones I came across this week:

      And here are five of my favorites:

      There are many more ringtones for your BlackBerry in's user-contributed Ringtone Gallery. Have some to share? Submit them!


      Videos for this week are of course the Deadliest Catch and for the Second Bla1ze had a real sweet treat for us!!! Juno, The full movie!! So all the thanks go out to Bla1ze again for bringing us a great movie for our BB!



      To download, right mouse click on the images and click Save Target/Save Link as and choose where on your computer to save the file. Once downloaded, you can transfer the files over onto your BlackBerry's media card via usb from there. These videos courtesy of the always rock'n

      Want videos on your BlackBerry but don't know where to start? Read this BlackBerry 101 Lecture

      & MORE!!!!! 

      Again, not a lot in "& More" but I'll throw some of my favorite links of the past week's blogs:  

      So until next week, I thought it would be good to leave you with a couple of forum posts I think are worth checking out and leaving your two cents on:

      See You Next Week, CLICK OUT!

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      Click's Picks! BlackBerry Media Roundup 011


      Man I can't wait to get my own BB so that I can make full use of this site. This T-Mobile Dash that I'm using media and overall total quality sucks. Man I need a new phone.

      I downloaded Juno; hooked the Shure E2c with Seidio Audio Adapter to my Berry, and kicked back to enjoy that great movie.
      Thank you SOoo much..;)

      DMCA policies are in place here and at, any copyright holders can request their content taken down at any given time and being the owner of videos4blackberry, I can say I have yet to receive any complaints.

      Just because they haven't asked you to take them down doesn't mean that what you are doing is legal. You are knowingly breaking copyright law, and stating that you will take it down when asked doesn't change that fact.