Clickfree SD Card Lets You Backup Your PC/Mac Through Your BlackBerry Smartphone

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jan 2010 12:50 pm EST


According to Venture Beat, this coming April Clickfree will release a micro-SD card that will allow for PC and Mac backups through your BlackBerry Smartphone. The 16GB Clickfree Traveler for BlackBerry will carry automatic backup software, allowing you to easily backup your computer data on the go. Simply plug your device into your PC or Mac via USB, and the data will be backed up without the need for an internet connection or another external device. This could be extremely handy for those who travel often and need a quick and painless backup method for their data. Granted some users will take up space on the card with pictures, videos or music, but 16GB is plenty to backup a good amount of data in addition to storing other media items. No word on price yet, but the card is set to ship April 5th. 


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Reader comments

Clickfree SD Card Lets You Backup Your PC/Mac Through Your BlackBerry Smartphone


neat idea but to me of limited use. If I have docs on the go that I need to backup, I know how to use Mass Storagemode and just copy stuff that way.

Good for users that may not know all the ins and outs of their BB.

Might sell more if they had come out in a 32GB card and been the first 32gb card. But at that point I suppose folks might just overwrite the backup software

you can setup windows to do this already. on connect you can have certain folders sync with the connect mass media device drive of your choice.

Very good point. Heck, there are SD cards with Wi-Fi built in for use in cameras and the like.

Why not do the same here....unless the physical space needed for a wi-fi radio just can't fit on a micro-SD card.........

What's the point of this if I have a 16gb card already and can just drag and drop stuff onto it? I don't see the reason for this thing...

i can drag and drop already to micro sd if i want. I dont trust my blackberry enough to use it as a true ptimary PC backup. would rather have a 16gb flash drive, drap and drop it and put the usb stick in the drawer and forget about it. they are like 20 bucks. when your pc crashes you put the flash drive in the usb computer and load the files. you would have to plug your blackberry into the computer to upload the files after a crash anyway so its the same thing, so i only see disadvantages to this device, that being the fact that you are carrying vital info around on a cell phone which could crash and/or is unstable compared to other file storage.

I see this as being a very bad idea for some people. Personally I would never practice backing up my data (sensitive or not) on a device that I carry around with me.