Clicker - Take control of your network enabled media player!

By Bla1ze on 3 Dec 2013 12:10 pm EST

For folks who have been following CrackBerry for a while now, you may have caught the times where I've mentioned I never really watch a lot of television. It's just really not my thing to have a set schedule in order to watch the few TV shows that do interest me, so instead I have a few networked media players that I make use of such as a Roku along with XBMC installed on a computer that stays connected to my TV.

The problem with that set up though is that I can never really find the remotes, I'm not exactly the most organized person and those remotes are small and they tend to get lost fairly quickly. The one thing I always have around is my BlackBerry, making it the ideal remote when paired with a good app that can handle all of my networked players.

Now I've tried a lot of apps in the past the worked for sure but none of them offered me the sort of integration that the recent entrant Clicker offers. Rather than just sticking to one networked player, the Built for BlackBerry app Clicker ties them all into one app and from my own experience, does a great job of doing so. Here's all the systems it covers:

  • WD TV Live (running WDlxTV firmware)
  • WD TV Live Plus (running WDlxTV firmware)
  • WD TV Live Streaming Media Player
  • WD TV Live Hub
  • XBMC 12+
  • Roku 

Clicker even goes so far as to offer quick access links to the services you use the most such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora and more. Perhaps the best part of Clicker though is that it is fairly easy to set up.  Now, I say that as a person who has fought with other apps before in an effort to get them working right but Clicker came out on top in this area.

Just have your BlackBerry connected to the same WiFi network as your media player and you should be good to go as Clicker will find all the settings for you. Keep in mind if you have any firewalls or routers blocking access they'll need to be configured correctly for such things, you can't really fault the app for those problems.

Today is a good day to actually check out Clicker as well as it has just been updated with several bug fixes and performance enhancements. Additionally, you'll find support for dark and light themes with configurable background colors, text entry via the BlackBerry keyboard and even volume control on supported media players.

You'll find Clicker available in BlackBerry World right now for only $2.99 with support for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones plus, the developer has included support for the BlackBerry PlayBook as well. If you're in need of such an app, this is one you'll certainly want to check out.

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Clicker - Take control of your network enabled media player!


Looks nice if you have a WD or Roku device, but for XBMC, the one called XRMT is quite good with a lot more features / integration, highly recommended...

+1, i will check it out. I have just finished up my man cave, and the computer is sitting on the opposite wall as my stereo equipment, so I have been checking around looking for an easier way to navigate XMBC without getting to my computer every time I want to switch something like a setting or movie

Wierd I posted a comment with the word first, and is censored. CB no more free speech?.
"firstly , it is an awesome app,... secondly..."

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because here at CB they don't and I don't like people that just post "first".

Be mature and don't need to post first and you are good to go.

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BlackBerry Z30

i was also wondering about boxee, shouldn't be too bad, doesn't it run a version of XBMC i could be wrong

either way they are the best home streamer

That's awesome. Can you start a thread in the forums once it is added? I'll buy the app immediately once you get it working. Thanks!

Perfect! Our Roku recently started causing network interference because of the remote somehow. The modem would constantly lose connection until I took the batteries out of the remote. I had actually started using last night because of this. I'd much rather have an app. Built for BlackBerry is an added bonus!

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Does it support jail broken ATV2 using XBMC, Panasonic Viera Smart TV using youtube/netflix and Xbox 360 for youtube/netlfix.

Those are probably the 3 most popular systems per category.

If not it is much needed and will rack you in double the sales at leasst :P

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I couldn't test it on my Apple TV because I was dumb and updated it thus, losing my JB and I've never bothered to look if Fire Core can do it again on this version.

It should work on a jail broken ATV2 once XBMC is running. I'd be happy to set you up as a sandbox user so that you can test it out. Send me PM with your BBID.

I just beta tested XBMC Frodo v12 on a Jail broken ATV 2 (Apple TV 2) it is 100% functional. I will be making a thread later on with screen shots of what you need to do and to list the features. This app is amazing. Keyboard works, quick launch video add ons work, pause/play/volume/arrows/enter/back/prev/next/menu works.
Amazing Developerr

Please share link to your thread ASAP.
Much appreciated!

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Fantastic app, I use this also!  It has replaced my Roku remote.   It has features beyond the regular remote and is well worth the small price!  Get this app you will not be disappointed.

Will I be allowed to use the headphone jack on my phone like the Roku3 is set up to listen with them plugged into the remote?

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Just downloaded the app. Can't wait to give it a try at home tonight. This will be great to have in lieu of the OE remote on my Roku which goes through the batteries fairly quickly. Thank you, Bla1ze!

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All I get is Error 404 for my WD. It finds its it but when I click it, it says error 404 (cannot be found).

...we are all connected...

I'd be happy to help you troubleshoot the connection.

Follow us on Twitter (@BBClicker), Join the Clicker channel (C001A8BAC), Visit us at

I will contact you later in the week. Sick right now. My actual WD remote stopped working and I've been using the WD app on my daughters android. This would save me from stealing her phone or tablet all the time lol. Thx, I appreciate the help!

...we are all connected...

Just want to say I was an early beta tester for this app and it's great. The dev is top notch and a stand up guy. Great product and service!

Unfortunately you still need a remote to turn on the TV, the receiver and whatever else you use (openelec computer for me).
My harmony does it all at the press of a button. Then I guess I can whip my z10 out and navigate that way.

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Neo tv is not currently supported. I looked into the remote interface and it looks doable. I'll add it to the product roadmap.

Plex is not currently supported. I looked into the remote interface and it looks doable. I'll add it to the product roadmap.

Does the developer require separate purchases for BB10 and PlayBook or is it a package deal?

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Bought a WD TV Live Hub because of this app. Works great.

Brought to you by...My sweet Z10

Just waiting for list of functions for Jailbroken ATV2 using XBMC Frodo 12. I am seconds away from downloading this app!! I've been looking for this on a BlackBerry. Great job developer! (Fingers crossed) Please post list of functions. I can't remember the username of the guy that said he would post screenshots. .... but that will suffice. :) :)

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Got it working. Awesome App!!! Great job dev! Took a little bit to setup using ATV2 (jailbroken) with XBMC Frodo. ** For users trying to setup... go to XBMC--SYSTEM--SETTINGS--SERVICES. 1. Enable control of XBMC via UPNP. 2. Allow control of XBMC via HTTP.
**When setting up clicker use the Port information and username information in the Webserver screen (to get there follow steps above) For mine it was Port 8080 and Username: xbmc Password: (blank)< pretty sure these are default settings and should work for most people.

Done. :) Works instantly!!

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Thanks for posting! FYI - there is built in help on the app (swipe down from the top) that has links to the XBMC documentation.

I'll likely just add your steps so no need to visit the XBMC wiki.

Clicker works great on my WD Live Hub, downloaded the app, found the hub instantly. This is great as the hub is in an equipment room, not within view, so the WD remote didn't work. Best app I have bought in quite some time.