ClearView Premium Theme For Tour, Pearl, 8900 and 83xx Series Devices

By Bla1ze on 4 Oct 2009 10:27 am EDT
ClearView Premium Theme For Tour, Pearl, 8900 and 83xx Series Devices

Here is a nice new theme that just showed up earlier today. ClearView is a premium theme that has been designed for the BlackBerry Tour, Pearl, Curve 8900 and 83xx series devices that looks really sharp no matter which you own. The icons as shown above are more like tabs that pop up on the main screen and are all customizable to your liking when it comes to order.

ClearView is available with or without weather slot options so if you have no need for that icon slot just look at getting the basic version of this one. Overall it's a very minimalistic theme that is easy on the eyes and well priced as well as it rolls in at just $2.99 for any version you do choose. No Bold or Storm love as of yet for this one, but hopefully that'll be coming soon.

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ClearView Premium Theme For Tour, Pearl, 8900 and 83xx Series Devices


First. that's probably one of the nicest looking themes yet. not over done with crazy icons, weird fonts and colors. I may actually purchase this theme if its proven to be not buggy

can we pls get this for the 9000 Bold i love this theme and would be willing to pay more then just 2.99 for it. pls pm me if this is available.

I just downloaded it. I set a different image to my home screen image. That worked ok. Then when I locked my phone it still showed their default background of the city. If there is no way past this then I just wasted three dollars. I really enjoy personalizing my phone and want my image there when my phones locked.

Dude, you gotta make the fonts customizable. I hate small fonts!! is there anyway for you to release a version with larger fonts for message inbox??


great work, it`s a nice theme.
But I am missing the today function.
Is it possible to get this one with today function for unreadaed eMails, SMS and calendar?

Thank you,


Can anyone confirm? If not I'd be happy to purchase and then subsequently test if needed.



Good thing I read this post. I was on the verge of buying this theme, but the locked default wallpaper would have been a disappointment, as well as the missing hidden today function.

Thanks for the heads up, thorsten and kylegelliot!

i got an email about an update for it, on my tour, and i downloaded. the new V2 version has the locked background problem fixed. the only thing i dont like is on the defualt icon setting where in a full menu i have 6 icons, well when you are on your hidden menu you only have 5, not the top row of 6. this is not too big of a deal, just something to get used to.

also i created a new folder and titled it 'general'. when you scroll over the folder it says 'general' on the bottom but otherwise at the top it is always titled 'folder' but enough bitching. with the locked background it is a great theme. i love that my icons are hidden and my backgrounds look huge. also like how when i use the full menu my background image is still back there.

I must have this theme!!!! I have a 8520 where is the love?? If it's available let me know PIN 2124B966 and I'll purchase it as soon as I get a message.

Great theme!

Is this compatible with the leaked OS

Also, can the date/time fonts be changed?

Thanks! :)

Probably the stupidest question, but what application gives you that notification at the top like that??

very nice theme....
and thanks for working in the aging Pearls....
but a question?? the weather dock...and no premium them for the Pearls ?
any chance of working that in ?

I purchased the one with the weather slot, but I can't figure out how to get the weather to show up. It shows whatever application you have set on the right of your main menu. Can anyone help?

Hi..this is beautiful theme! I'm wondering what weather app you guys use, that works great with the Tour. So I can put it at the top for the theme. Also, how di dyou get your Social Scope invite??? I want one!!!

this theme is awesome, except for the fact that all the fonts are so small and not customizable! :(

Dear developer, please change this.

This may sound like a stupid question but i am a new user to the Blackberry and i just purchased this theme... I was wondering where i go to upload this on to my phone...
Thanks for the help

I really like the clean, uncluttered view and that a photo of my granddaughter can fill the background (yay!). However, the theme does not play nicely with the Facebook app. In most Facebook menus, the text displays as white on a very pale background and is essentially unreadable except when a menu item is selected and then has a darker field around it. In other menus, it's white text on a white background and is completely unreadable. I use FB a lot, so this is very disappointing. It's the only issue I've run into with this theme. It's a big enough issue, however, that I will be uninstalling it. :(

I have it on my 8330 and it is by far the best theme I have used. No bugs, fast and no memory leaks.

However, when I installed OS5 it became a bit buggy but I worked it out. I just doesn't run as well in OS5.

If you aren't running OS5 and don't plan to any time soon I HIGHLY recommend this theme. I wished they would update it for OS5 and give love to the 9700.

GREAT theme! Now I can display my photos w/o any distraction.
A small detail, however... I live on the Texas-Mexico border, and there is no indicator of what cel provider I'm connected to. I live in the mexican side, with Telefónica movistar as my cellular company, but in certain areas of the city the american company T-Mobile has a stronger signal, and becomes the provider, a very expensive, international provider.
I hope that in the next version, there will be in the main screen the name of the cel company.
Saludos desde Reynosa, Tamaulipas, México!