Clearing Up The Confusion: VZW Storm OS Explained

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Nov 2008 01:28 pm EST

If you follow the BlackBerry blogs and forums, by now you're thinking the OS that shipped on your Storm was not the one originally intended to be shipped with the device and that the appearance of two stickers on your Storm's box helped confirm this story. I just received a statement from RIM 'clearing up' the confusion...

Explaining the presence of two stickers:

1) The official code shipping with the BlackBerry Storm from Verizon Wireless is "v4.7.0.65 (Platform" This information appears in the Options / About section on the handset. The first number (v4.7.0.65) is the software version that appears on the bar code sticker applied to the outside of the BlackBerry/Verizon Wireless box.

2) A limited batch of bar code stickers was initially printed with an incorrect software version number (the last two digits of the number was incorrectly listed as .82 instead of .65) and the stickers were applied to several thousand boxes. The error was detected early (and prior to launch) and new stickers with the correct software version number were printed and applied to the boxes over top of the incorrect stickers. Again, this only involved a relatively small batch of boxes.

3) There is not and never was a software version A blogger noticed the incorrect sticker (underneath the correct sticker) on a box provided to him by Verizon Wireless and posted a "theory" suggesting (as a potential explanation for the second sticker) that the software may have been "downgraded" at the last minute and the blogger further speculated that this may have been due to a "security vulnerability". It is very important to note that the blogger clearly and voluntarily stated upfront that it was only a theory. In fact, the blogger even described it as a "conspiracy theory" and wrote the following in his original post: "I want to preface this by saying that the following statements are my opinions and hypotheses, and have not be confirmed nor denied by any of sources of mine or official contacts at either corporation. It should serve as a nice little ‘conspiracy theory,' though."

4) The theory was incorrect. A software version has never existed and there was no such security vulnerability. Further, the software was not downgraded as incorrectly theorized. The simple explanation for the presence of two stickers on a relatively small batch of boxes is that a limited number of misprinted stickers were discovered on boxes prior to launch and were covered with new (correct) stickers.

So that's the official word. Leave your thoughts in the comments to this post!

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Clearing Up The Confusion: VZW Storm OS Explained


I dunno. I call BS on this one. Even CX seemed to agree with the original theory for BGR. How does this explain the "shortage" on stock and everything? When I got mine at the store Friday morning the tech told me they were there all Thursday night flashing the phone to the "current" OS. Anyway's here's hoping to the new OS very shortly

Exactly. Whether it was true or not, this theory gave RIM a great excuse for why the OS is sluggish (which hopefully WILL be corrected in a future OS upgrade) and the widespread shortages. Denying it, especially if it's the truth, is ridiculous. Now people will blame RIM for the shortages and slow OS instead of blaming the ghost in the machine (a bug that was caught at the last minute, which doesn't reflect too baldy on RIM). I'm not saying they should lie to their customers, but they shouldn't be so quick to "set the truth straight" when this theory works in their advantage.

If this were true then how come demo versions at stores are running a higher software than the phones released? Also how come the shipments were downsized and there was mass shortage? And my friend who works for RIM says that there is going to be a new software out soon, so i find this hard to beleive, especially since reps said there would be a new software out soon.

every single Storm out there has this sticker so a "relatively small batch" means every single one released on Friday and through the weekend?

Got mine at lunch on 11-21 and it only had the .65 sticker on it. There wasn't anything under it except the box.

Me too. I got 2 storms and both didn't have two stickers. They both run perfectly fine. I can type almost as fast on the storm as I can on my bold....very fast. One thing everyone has to remember is that you can set the type speed to fast and you can set the hover, tap interval, and sensitivity. Also there is a 250 page "User Guide" (not the one that came with the product. And this user guide has lots more tips and tricks, stuff that's not in the verizon guide. Things like selecting a specific point in your message where you want to edit. Without knowing the tip, it can make your frustrated. But the tips works great. You click to select a point, then point again somewhere around the selected point (don't click). The cursor will turn into a halo, then you drag the halo to the exact point where you want to edit and take your finger off...bamm!!! Great tip, get the full user guide at:
Furthermore, if your OS is really acting up I suggest you go to Verizon's site and they have the download for the OS....reload it.

I agree is the :sluggish OS is going to stay sluggish"?... I was hoping that was the reason why my BB is slow.

They gave you all that info, but couldn't shed some light on if/when an OS update would be available to fix the many shortcomings of the Storm?

Ok fine, while it may be true that a version 0.82 doesn't exist, we do know that higher versions DO exist, and there are multiple accounts suggesting that the units were flashed with an older version the night before. Seems that the best thing for RIM and or Verizon to do would be to really come clean and assure consumers that the buggy, slow OS will not be the final word and that an update is coming soon.

That being said, hopefully getting mine tomorrow!

Also, note that although the RIM statement does deny the security flaw, it does not deny that the OS was downgraded...

i take back my last comment. wasn't reading carefully (too many things to do at the same time...)

When I picked up my phone on Friday (Eugene, OR), I was handed a slip of paper with upgrade instructions and was told by the service rep that I would be getting a text message later in the day notifying me that an upgraded operating system was available for download...still waiting. So don't give up, it is out there and will be coming in the near future.

You know why I believe this? Because it makes sense.
(ie. I'm not paranoid)

People were flashing the OS the night before because all those phones had to be shipped well ahead of the lauch date, which means the final OS was probably still in testing. If you have the tech to flash the phones last minute, why not use it!

There were people who reported having the correct version number on their box, so saying "they all had a 2nd sticker" is incorrect.

I mean, doesn't it seem like a huge coincidence that the platform number matched the supposed version number? Anyone?

funny you say that since i work for an indirect channel and all 800 units we got had the sticker, and all the Corporate stores, as well as Best buys in our area had it...o and not to mention the other indirects ahd the same problem, I ahve yet to hear of anyone with the correct sticker, not to say that it dosen't exist but out of all the units we had and disttibuted this was not true.

My Storm was a BestBuy pre-order and my box only has 1 sticker and it's the correct one. Picked it up on Saturday.

My store got their (11) Storms around 2PM on the 21st. Part of this whole ordeal is that the majority of phones were shipped the day before launched.

There is still some hope for the OS. My storm has platform, not as mentioned in the press release. That may explain some of the problems.

The one I played with in the store on Sat was slow as hell. I kept hearing the comments from EVERYONE it was slow and the iPhone is much quicker. So what RIM is trying to say is that they shipped the phone knowing it was so slow and terrible or they trying to cover up for a security flaw and emergency downgrade the few they seems to have had to sell. Either way the is all BS because both Verizon and RIM screwed up this launch soooo bad. I'm still waiting for my order to "process" from Friday at 2:30pm. If there is no fix to how slow the phone operates this phone will be going back in 30 days even though I had such high hopes and a crackberry desire for it. That is.. Whenever it finally gets here. >:-O

I tried one Friday at the local store. I was not impressed. i will take the wait and see approach rather than drink the punch.

I love blackberry's, but dont need the dog I saw at the store.

Can someone say the king has no clothes?

Yeah, I considered the Storm but after trying it out, I can't justify paying $100 price difference and a $35 restocking fee to exchange my 2 week old Curve. The Storm has a much better browser and he potential of the App Store/App Center, but I was very disappointed with the OS. My Curve is fast as lightening. But I'm sure OS updates will speed it up and hope my fellow Crackberrians love their Storms!

Would you have preferred they push it back like they did the Bold? I'm a proud Bold user and the phone works great but the wait sucked. I guess it was worth it at this point because I almost waited for the Storm.

It was a heck of a lot more fun blaming Verizon for the fact that I have to until "as late as" December 15th for my storm. Now it looks like it really is a supply / demand problem. I was hoping that the SW problem would be fixed more quickly and that I might get mine earlier - but if there really isn't enough to go around that's a bigger problem to deal with than fixing software on existing phones.

I ordered mine Friday over the phone and was told it would ship that day. I exchanged messages with the sales person today who told me they are updating the OS before shipping, which is the reason mine still hasn't gone out yet. I'll guess we'll see later in the week what shows up... Good storm or bad storm.

i don't know what the deal is with mine. it was sluggish like everyone is saying. then i read to get rid of VZ navigator and that would speed it up. since i have no desire to pay vzw for that POSGPS i decided to remove it using the add/remove thing on the desktop software. apparently in doing so, the storm basically needed to be reformatted. i ran the program, removing VZ navigator and some system languages i knew i wouldn't as i only speak and spell american english. it said it was backing everything up (which it didn't, contacts and settings were lost) and it took about 30-45 minutes to complete. once it was done and i reset everything to how i had it, i check the about page. it now says i am running v4.7.0.65 (platform any ideas on what is up with that? it works just fine, maybe a little faster than before. nothing drastic. i had it crash on me a few times on friday and it hasn't crashed since i did all of that on saturday.

either way, verizon and rim botched the storm's release. the demo phone screwed it up for me. it was sooo laggy and unresponsive. The sureclick didn't feel right. i found the typing to be worse than the iphones. really disappointed -\. hopefully new software can fix all that is wrong with this phone. until then, at least i have the 8900 to look forward to

I'm glad that is all clear now. I thought it was getting a little confusing considering BGR said it was just a theory.

So I ordered my phone on Friday being 7 people away from the last storm so I got free overnight shipping yadayadayada. Fedex says my package is in San Diego now and will be here today. Some of you guys are saying that your phone orders also said they would arrive around now but a delay is happening for quick os flashes. So is it safe to say phone orders will arrive later yet updated and in store orders will arrive today-thurs with no updated os?

It was at my house an hour ago!! whatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoido?!?! Must.... stay ... at school.... can't.... resist....

No, Run Home Forrest... you must have it now! You cant wait for these classes you'll never use to get over... it is calling you, you must answer!

My new every two was up exactly on the 21st (if that's not destiny, I dont know what is). I ordered mine Friday from a store that a friend works at. He was gonna try to hold one for me so I wouldn't have to come in early, but they had such a huge response that they had no choice but to sell it off before I got there. But I got there and ordered it just an hour and a half shy of the dreaded 2pm ET cutoff point. It was overnighted for free, got an instant rebate instead of the mail in (I always forget to do those) and it arrived on Saturday morning to my delight.
I think it was Kevin that had blogged about re-installing the OS to get some performance boost, even though its the same OS version. So I did that and it did seem to help out a little for whatever reason. Overall I'm very happy with my Storm but am anxious to see what the updates will bring.

That there is no need for a software update at this point is kind of sad, as I was hoping some of the lagging would be fixed by the same software upgrade that took care of the debunked "security flaw". Now what motivation does RIM have to push down a new software? The Storm I used at a VZW store was distractingly slow..

My friend has Verizon and bought this phone on Friday and after I used it for a bit it is indeed sluggish. There has to be a software upgrade no matter if the "theory was incorrect."

"A huge number of Blackberry Storm's are now available at your local Verizon Store." Where did the new stock come from you ask? All those loyal followers who stood outside in the freezing cold for hours, returned them, as they were left with a great phone in need of some serious software upgrade loving..

This blows. Really - it does. The phone I love, the software does need some help though...CRAP!

did not think about that, got my phone last friday and loaded the new BB desktop software, and it got an update and when I plugged my device in, is now in process of updating. the story given by verizon may not be a lie, but it is not the WHOLE truth.

The Storm is horrible. Flat out failure to this point. Keep your curves people. Not Rimm's best work. Although I suspect Verizons mandates had something to do with it.

COWARD!! Its funny new OS or not I love my Storm. It is everything I wanted and expected. So it is not lightning fast at the jump who gives a flying leap. Tell ya what I got my Storm from Best Buy used a family members upgrade, swapped my number and everything and I was out in 30 minutes. How long did the Apple huggers have to wait for their beloved Iphones??? 6 hourse in some instances. For those who don't want to give the Storm a chance, take the damn thing back so someone waiting patiently who was screwed by the ebayers can get one of them. AND ABOUT VERIZON'S MANDATE! kiss my a** punk getting sick of hearing about NO WIFI NO WIFI. I haven't had a problem with connection since I got it. Ya know what I like being able to DRIVE around with my Storm without having to stop at a FRIKIN MCDONALDS that has WIFI to get a signal.

I'm tired of defending RIM against iphone owners. I just give up after this release.

1. Who gives a flying leap that it's not fast? Just about everyone except you.

2. Takes a while to get an iphone? You should count the days you're waiting for the non-sucky OS, then count the days you spend fixing the little things that go wrong with it too.

3. I'm a T-Mobile customer, so wifi owns. Even so, I'd still prefer 3g AND wifi than 3g and no wifi. Why in the hell would you not put wifi in a phone dubbed "the iphone killer"?

Stupid and overrated.

What I don't understand is, if BlackBerry owners think the iphone sucks so bad, why's it ALWAYS BB vs. iphone? It's kind of a david vs. goliath concept, with the goliath being RIM. Except in this story, the idiot goliath hasn't learned and most likely will require a battery pull before he gets knocked on his ass again.

Honestly, "Valace2" is not exactly a name unto itself. But I digress...

No WIFI is kind of a big deal. It's not a make-it-or-break-it kind of thing, as VZW's network is very wide and anywhere that you would be able to pick up a free WIFI signal you'd probably be able to get 3G service as well. It's just that an alternative to 3G might be nice every once in a while. WIFI takes up less battery power and is in some cases faster than 3G.

Yes, Apple "huggers" had to wait 6 hours to get their phones, but after 6 hours of waiting they got a phone that works like a charm. Can't say the same for a lot of early Storm adopters.

but at the same time I do think that many people who have the storm in their possession may be in tad bit denial. I, like everyone else on this site, am a crackberry addict. The storm is my third blackberry but i must say im a bit disappointed. Yes some parts of the phone work fine, but other things like transitioning between the vertical and horizontal positions have literally taken 10+ seconds! Also the screen isn't always the most responsive. Thats ridiculous after so much hype for this phone. I expected some problems but not this many. I'm going to wait about 20 days as like many of you I'm PRAYING for a software update but if it doesn't ouhappen then I will be forced to take this beautiful piece of machinery back and either re-purchase it when the lagging is ironed t or wait till the Bold/Storm combo blackberry comes out :) as im more than content with my curve till then.

Went into one Verizon store on Friday evening, they were already sold out, and too many people by the store demos. The rep had her storm in her hand so I asked if I can see it. Played around with it for about 5 minutes - it was quick, applications came up quickly, orientation switched nicely, etc...

On Sunday, went to the Verizon store in the mall and tested out the demo model. This was definitely not the same Storm I played with on Friday. Very sluggish and unresponsive. I will wait for the SW fix to come out before buying mine, but definitely has potential from what I saw on Friday evening.

after the desktop software updated the device, is still version .65 but is now platform .82.

so like I said, maybe not a lie, but not quite the WHOLE truth either.

have not yet played with it any to see if it makes any difference,

here's hoping, or it goes back in 27 days.

I love it, it just needs to WORK

While I'm waiting for mine to come...the thought is to give it 30 days and see if RIM/VZW make good and roll out an awesome update. If they don't and it's looking like they never will, and the performance is really that bad, return it and pick up something else...but what? There's no way I'm switching from big red. I think I'll be holding onto my gen 1 Q (don't judge me) for a little while longer just in case. On the other hand, I'm pretty used to dealing with sluggishness and the occasional crash with my Q, so maybe I won't even notice it with the Storm haha.

I tested out my friend's demo Storm on Thursday night and it was horrible. If I remember right, the OS version was From what I understand, a lot of demos are running that version, which is ridiculous. Most people base their decision to buy on what they experience with those demos, you would think they would update them to give the buyer the best experience possible. My Storm running .65 is blazing compared to that one, here's hoping that the next update will give a similar leap.

Then can someone explain why the software on my phone is v4.7.0.65(Platform and also why it runs like poop. RIM? Anyone?

Well I almost wish there was a "downgrade" of software because I have a Storm and it's horrible. I was really excited to get it and the thing just freezes up on me. I can't look at pictures at all and the sensitivity of the screen is bad. Atleast if it was a "downgraded software due to the security issues" then I would know what is going on. Now I just think RIM has no idea what they are doing because the phone should have never been released with the OS being so bad. Shame on RIM.

So, what are the chances of RIM coming out with an update for the storm within the next few weeks? The phone is very nice, it just seems to run a bit slow and I guess I was wondering if they are going to improve that in the near future.

Anyone else find it interesting that Verizon changed their return policy 2 weeks before the Storm release? They will now make $35 "restocking fee" for everyone who just had to have the Storm and now wants to return it because for whatever reason (and there sounds like plenty to chose from).
Also, will be interesting to see if they fix the OS before the 30-days or if you will either have to take your chances and keep it or return it without knowing if the update will help. I was so excited for the Storm..but I think I will wait..especially with the problems and the $35 charge.

That was actually in response to all the people who were buying Curves with the intention to use them for 2 weeks and then exchange them for the Storm.

Called Verizon for the second time today trying to get a tracking number for my order that I placed 830a on Friday. Still no tracking, so I asked what the hold up might be...are they waiting for new OS? Nope, the rep said that they are being shipped from the warehouse and then mumbled some standard party line about "update would be available if one was needed," to which I of course replied "and one is..." Alright, just hoping that I get mine before I stuff myself with triptophan. And if I don't...then it better have an updated OS on it to justify the delay.

I think they were better off not saying anything. This basically confirms that the storm is just laggy in general, not because of a downgrade. Doesn't give me much hope for a bright future with the storm. I was actually happier to hear that there was a downgrade. At least the issues would be fixed soon.

Also the story seems a bit phony to me. Why would they cause mass shortages in stores just to put another sticker on....

I think we should publicly stone the person who perpetrated this nonsense and anyone who further continued it.

Kevin should be lauded as a gentleman hero for printing the facts once again.

After using the demo device at my Verizon store I was UNIMPRESSED... the device seemed very slow and often unresponsive... then suddenly it would zoom thru six or seven screen updates at once. I was praying it was because of this "older rev" issue. With this comment from RIM am I now left to think the Storm just... well... sucks?

Just because the conspiracy theory about a security glitch got debunked doesn't mean that the software performance won't get better through updates. I'm using it and I'm happy with it but every phone issues software updates so I don't think this one will be any different. I think the iphone had worse problems and still hasn't fixed most of them.

Try the update with desktop manager it seemed to help the sluggistness. I have had no problems with my phone after the first day no restore no frezes nothing running great

I was told that there was a vulnerability from a rep. He said he had to "flash" the demo phone that his location received and it took 2 hours. He said that part of the lack of supply for the release was due to the fact that loads of units needed to be "updated" with the safer OS.

despite what everyone feels about storm(and I feel the same way about sluggish performance and also lack of fine font control), I still want one.

Problem is, I will be ordering sometime this week or next. What is the time frame I can expect my storm?(dec 15th or next year??

i LOVE conspiracy theories.. people believe what they want to believe, no matter what... even if RIM comes out and explains it :D

it IS also more fun thinking this device could get THAT MUCH BETTER in just a few days ;) whether RIM "lied" or not, i hope there is an update soon

If you remove VZNavigator from the storm it runs better. Transitions are faster when the phone is rotated and apps open faster. My phone hasn't had any freeze or major delay issues since I deleted it, whereas before the phone would frequently get stuck and not respond whatsoever to rotation.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want but I am not buying the "official RIM explanation". I think that they fell on the sword for Verizon. My box has two stickers on it and I doubt that the "relatively small batch of boxes" referenced by RIM would be spread out all over the country. Regardless of whether you believe the RIM story or the theory that there was a flawed OS and an emergency downgrade, the only thing that can save the collective RIM/Verizon butts now is a software update QUICK!

I had my hands on a storm almost a month and a half before launch. It was the worst experience with a " smart phone " I have ever had.

As a blackberry user and advocate for many a year. Frankly, I could not believe they put their trusted name on a peice of garbage.

The OS issues were known long before launch. If anything, launch should have been postponed. But it's guranteed recognition for a smartphone manufacter desperate to create an alternate idenity asap, and a carrier who is desperate for anything they can say is an iphone.

It's utterly amazing the panic apple has put the whole industry in. Especially when RIM sells out ...

Honestly I'm not very tech savvy so don't really care as long as my phone does what I want it to but this is good info so I can say to anyone talking smack about my storm with confidence they are stupid. Cause I LOVE LOVE MY STORM. Its the best thing I paid $100 for!!

You are stupid. And for the record.. your misleading. Given your stupidity, all is forgiven for you not comprehending that you flushed $100 down the flusher and why. Not to mention your locked in to flushing at least $30 monthly (data access a month - thats your internet - no? okay thats your myspace..There ya go!)

The phone is a failure. Until otherwise .. no one should waste $$$ especially given the current state of economic times

I ordered early AM on Friday...promised that it would ship same day. Today (after two phone calls; Sunday and again, Monday), I finally got a shipping confirmation at 5 PM. It will arrive Wednesday when I will be 2000 miles away. Thanks for that.

I asked the sales rep twice if it would ship on Friday as it was going to be free two-day shipping. Yes, absolutely. It didn't. What really gets me is that the Verizon corporate store was giving free overnight. When I asked the Verizon rep on the phone today about that she told me that not all Verizon stores were the same. I don't care! If there was a OS problem, then at least I could understand. If not, then how dumb are the people at Verizon and RIM; didn't they see this coming?

Okay, it's just a phone. I can accept that and wait. The issue for me is that I won't be there to receive it. Now, I will have to rearrange my schedule and drive to the FedEx location, which is bound to be a half hour out of my way, to get the damn thing. Had I known, I would have either waited or had them ship it to a different address where someone could be there to accept it.

I don't get it... Mine works pretty quickly. RIM never really put out a lightning fast device that i've used, and even though this phone has a bit of lag time, it seems that there is less hourglass than my Worldnet edition. The screen widget is kind of weak. other than that, apps load fairly quick, google maps is beautiful, and my xls docs can be edited, no matter how complex. Would like to see a good mp3 app that lets me organize music by folders, not the artist/album/song format...

also, a VZ tech did tell me that new OS updates should be expected early December to address sensitivity and speed issues.

fact is, this is the easiest touch screen to adapt to from full qwerty. compared to iphone, behold, dare, and instinct.

Finally we get some clarification on this. It has been driving me nuts since the launch day when I got my Storm. I was thinking that the lag was because of software bugs, which is partly true. After removing the "VZ Lag" application it was quite a bit more reactive. I sincerely hope to see an update soon to address the issues with the initial software loaded.

Just browsing the net with all the negative reviews on this particular issue and ironically and what irony, none of the reviews are true about the security vulnerabilities. I am still unclear about the WiFi issues, and wonder if there's a workaround this alleged great misgiving. I just wished it was there so I can stop reading about the negative press in the fanboi ChiCKPhone reviews vs CrackBerry Storm. So much attention focused on the faults, what about the good stuff?

Kudos for reporting the discrepancies between the software numbers but it still doesn’t let VZW or RIM off the hook for releasing sub-standard code into the wild or the extreme lack of availability. Ok, I guess I should have expected this from VZW, with their history of mucking up every piece of hardware that they’ve sold, locking out basic functionality and the recent Glyde issues, but RIM?

I feel that both companies have used the general public, or those who were able to get a phone, as beta testers. While some of us will do almost anything to get the latest gadget and accept the pains associated with life on the bleeding edge, most of the public trusts that a product will work out of the box as described. In this case, the hardware seems to be solid (yet lacking wi-fi) and is merely a software issue. We all know that when software is released, there are unforeseen bugs that need fixing thus the creation of patches but this is like Microsoft releasing Word without the ability to change font sizes. Certain levels of testing MUST be completed before products are shipped!

I’ve lost faith in both companies (not that I’ve had much with VZW lately). While the storm represents a significant departure from past offerings for both companies, it still does not excuse either of them for meeting an artificial deadline and releasing a product that was not ready for general use. In my estimation, the code still at a beta level. I will be watching the posts over the next couple of weeks to see if they can do right by their customers and get this wonderful piece of hardware the solid OS that it and we deserve!

With all of the focus on the firmware revisions, nobody has sufficiently explained the extreme lack of availability when VZW was touting that they will have plenty of phones. Is this marketing ploy by VZW to artificially keep supply low and demand high through the hollidays(think Wii, Xbox360, Playstation3,…)? And people, remember it’s only a phone! I read stories about people lining up at 6:00am to get a phone then getting hostile when they couldn’t get one. Get the phone then get a life!

The above rant and conspiracy theory is mine alone and is certainly not representative of this site, VZW or RIM.

lol @ the paranoid peeps.

1. an update is comming soon.

2. doesn't exist.

3. Platform VS OS. Think MAC OSX, which under the hood is the FreeBSD (or open BSD i forget) OS. Which is probably NOT considered version 10.x. So the REAL OPERATING SYSTEM has a version, and all the fancy graphical applications package that the public calls the OS has it's own, separate version number.

That works out nicely for RIM. While there never was a version, there was a version beyond that received technical acceptance and that same version was flashed onto several hundred thousand devices.

This "Gold Code" version was later determined to be un-launchable for reasons not know outside of Verizon and RIM.

The truth will be known when we see the version shipped on the next series of devices.

This version number debacle still does not explain why so few units were available on release day.. I cannot imagine why the wrong sticker would prevent Rim from shipping out the appropriate quantities.. Software revisions can be pushed out later, and VZW employees could have been instructed to explain the sticker problem as the units were being sold....

My opinion is that this was all hype/publicity to draw attention to the long lines... then blame the shortage on a sticker.. hahah

There you go again, inserting logic and facts into a perfectly good conspiracy theory and thus rendering it mute. I hope you are happy with yourself! :P

Who really cares about the OS? The phone is garbage and anyone who says it's not is in complete denial. No software update will change that crappy plastic screen.

I don't KNOW the answer to this question, but I do know I've worked in a VZW call center for over a year. I checked the warehouse inventory last night and between our 3 national warehouse locations there are over 211,000 (yes, nearly a quarter-million!) Storm units sitting on the shelves waiting to ship. To put things in perspective, even the Dare which was a highly anticipated phone when it launched this summer, never had more then 45,000 units in the inventory.

I can think of only 2 reasons to see that kind of inventory and STILL have shipping delays of over a week.

1. Over 300,000 units have been pre-ordered and all the Mexicans at New Breed can't put labels on the boxes fast enough to ship them in the next 10 days.

2. Inventory is being deliberately held at the warehouse in anticipation of a very, very near software release so that the devices can be flashed and ship out with a better end-user experience from the word go in early December.

#2 is far more likely then #1, IMHO.

Is it possible that Verizon is simply trying to create the illusion of demand?

Apple did the same thing with the iPhone when the last version was launched.

They shipped product on a day by day basis to create a buzz in the media around the device.


they really could have played this out but it leaves the question why is everything running so slow on this device

Like most tech companies RIM is developing enhancements to software all the time.

I've already upgraded my 8820 a couple of times for example.

While they no doubt have extensive beta testing, there is no test environment more broad than use by millions of consumers.

Naturally, after release of a product there are often upgrades. The Storm was released in the UK a couple of weeks ago, no doubt RIM staff are already working on issues identified since the release and I believe already have updates ready.

The idea that a BlackBerry would be released with a security issue seems a far fetched. You can never say never, but I'd be very surprised given their complete obsession with device security. Security was the foundation of the companies success when they started and is a core feature of the underlying firmware.

Scarey that the welfare of a corporation could be impacted by idle speculation. I hope whoever started the rumour has a good lawyer!



Like most tech companies RIM is developing enhancements to software all the time.

I've already upgraded my 8820 a couple of times for example.

While they no doubt have extensive beta testing, there is no test environment more broad than use by millions of consumers.

Naturally, after release of a product there are often upgrades. The Storm was released in the UK a couple of weeks ago, no doubt RIM staff are already working on issues identified since the release and I believe already have updates ready.

The idea that a BlackBerry would be released with a security issue seems a far fetched. You can never say never, but I'd be very surprised given their complete obsession with device security. Security was the foundation of the companies success when they started and is a core feature of the underlying firmware.

Scarey that the welfare of a corporation could be impacted by idle speculation. I hope whoever started the rumour has a good lawyer!

Interesting. The explanation that I have been given at three different Verizon stores for why the heck they only get a couple of phones each was because all of the Storms had to be reflashed with the downgraded software version.

I could handle that excuse. I am now thoroughly irritated that they're just dragging their butts in shipping them out. I hate when companies ship deliberately low numbers in order to "generate buzz." I don't know if this is Verizon's doing or RIM's, but that is ridiculous.

So, if its not a software issue, then WHAT IS THE FREAKING HOLD UP?

(Rant over. Thanks for the outlet.)

I went to and saw that there is a patch for the OS vs. Has anyone downloaded this yet??? immediate improvements.

Does anyone have a problem with the screen slowly fading into idle, but you click on it to get it out of idle, but its still dimmed? Closing/changing apps sometimes it comes back bright.

Or anyone watching a movie and the sucker jumps into VZNav?!

If I open explorer on my PC, I can't right click and search into my BB. Anyone else with this problem? Verizon proprietary crap!?

Installing the desktop app, i ran into errors for Roxio after the upgrade software. Anyone else?

Sounds like more problems than positives, but it is a great phone in many ways. Its not a Iphone killer, and wasn't meant to me. Its just a NEW BB. For someone who is coming from a clam shell motorola E816, a 3 step to dial out is now a 7 step process. Darn.

great for tips:

Anyone else pissed they didn't get a good manual?!

please pray during Thanksgiving for a firmware upgrade. Blessed.~

I brought my first Storm back for a refund because the signal would fade in and out while I am in five bars of coverage. The interesting thing is that it doesn't do it while onb speaker phone. I will return this one also. These phones were released to early with little testing obviously.

The speaker issue is a known software problem. THIS issue will be resolved with an early december software release. Other issues- who knows!

The slow mo demo units killed it for me. I've held out against iPhone 1 & 2 even though I am a Mac fanboy. The BB mail is that good on my 8830, but I want something that gives better media play and give me the Internet in a readable form.

Today I went hunting and found I liked the Bold and the iPhone over the Storm mainly due to OS speed. I didn't want to leave VZ or BB. It looks like I will have to jump ship to get something decent.

I don't know if I'll be kicking myself in a week or so for returning my NIB Storm should an OS upgrade make it an iPhone killer. I hope it does as the features of the Storm are compelling, but it is stuck it first gear as far as performance goes.

I also work for VZW and can verify the earlier post that there was (and still is) well over 200,000 in stock according to inventory. Is that a real number? Not sure, but I can tell you the early December OS upgrade mentioned here will be called .68

I have had about 60 minutes of "hands on" Storm time and it certainly is an amazing device. To do what it does impresses me, the ability to place your thumb over the letter you want and see the light to know you are pressing the correct button is impressive. The ability to pan in and out of the browser with a cursor is cool and flick around the page is wild. While not able to keep up with someone who wants to press every button and flick every which way at one time it is a very nice user experience.