Clearing up the Built for BlackBerry and $10k Developer Commitment Program Questions

Clearing up the Built for BlackBerry and $10k Developer Commitment Program Questions
By DJ Reyes on 4 Mar 2013 10:01 am EST

We've talked about the Built for BlackBerry Program and the 10k Developer Commitment Program many times before and developers will know that app submission deadlines have been changing a bit lately due to the huge influx of app being submitted in the run up to the BlackBerry 10 Launch. You may have seen the Built for BlackBerry section in BlackBerry World already, where some apps have already been approved for the program. However, there have been many questions asked on Twitter and in the forums on these two programs and many different answers have been given. Thankfully, Alec Saunders has posted up some information in the BlackBerry Developers' Blog.

So, let's run through all the dates you need to note and remember. 

21st January 2013 - You must have submitted your app to BlackBerry World by this date. Your app doesn't have to have been approved by this date, just along as you submitted by this date, then you're in for being able to apply for the Built for BlackBerry Program.

March 4th 2013 - Your approved app must be on sale in BlackBerry World on or by this date. This is the date your earnings start for the 10k Commitment Program, whether you have been approved for the Built for BlackBerry Program or not.

March 3rd 2014 - This is the 10k Commitment Program sale end date. Your app must be approved for the Built for BlackBerry Program by this date to qualify for the 10k Commitment Program. 

Let's recap a few things too. The Built for BlackBerry Program is where apps have been developed specifically for the BlackBerry platform and have gone through extra testing to make sure the app meets high standards in quality and performance. Apps that get the Built for BlackBerry seal of approval have a Built for BlackBerry logo on them in BlackBerry World. The 10k Developer Commitment Program is where BlackBerry will guarantee a developer $10,000, provided the developer's app generates at least $1,000 in sales within a 12 month period (from March 4th 2013 to March 3rd 2014). Anything you make over $1000, BlackBerry will pay the difference up to $10,000. Your app must be approved for the Built for BlackBerry Program before it can be eligible for the 10k Developer Commitment Program.

There you have it developers. Note those dates. As long as you have submitted and done things within those dates, you can apply for these two programs.

Source: BlackBerry Developer Blog

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Clearing up the Built for BlackBerry and $10k Developer Commitment Program Questions


What exactly is the 'Built For Blackberry' Logo in App World?

Some apps have a little green 'G' and some have a blue 'T'. I would assume the G means it is an android port, while the T means it is one of these Built For Blackberry apps? But why the T, what does that stand for?!

those are age restrictions or something along the lines of pegi. G is for everyone and T is for teens.

Those are age ratings. G is general, T is teen, there's an M for mature and A for adult too.

The built for BlackBerry logo appears in the lower right corner of an app icon, it's an upwards curl with the 4 dot BlackBerry symbol (just like you see at the top right of the homescreen when you have BlackBerry data service).

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not geHuC.....I'm pretty sure those icons aren't age restrictions.

If they are, then they are truly baffling....why would AccuWeather and a Tube Map be rated a T for Teens, but Password Keeper, the Guardian news, Flightaware etc be rated G for everyone?!

Interesting. Thanks for clearing it up, still baffling though!

After another look through App World, I see what you mean about the icon with the bottom right corner curled up & the BB logo....disappointingly there aren't many apps that look like they were designed under this program...yet!